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What the hell is this fag shit that some yuro tried to push on me? It's literally inedible

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>It's literally inedible
you failed the test.

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ajvar is fucking amazing. your taste buds are fucked from corn syrup and MacDoofus'

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Serbs are subhuman.
Probably the most hated country in Europe.
Utter barbarians.

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>mashed peppers

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Wh*te """people""" think that béchamel sauce is spicy. Of course a wh*toid couldn't eat pepper paste.

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They're not hot peppers though

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Where did ya get that from, bucko?

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Serbs are white

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>he finds ajvar inedible
How??? It's literally on the same level of tang and spice as cocktail sauce. Are you sure the corn syrup hasn't completely rotten your mind?
A ja pa ajvar je slovenski ko smo že pri tem :-)

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Do you even know what literally means you illiterate moron?

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if you tried the one from lidl then i guess it's a bit overwhelming, deroni is the fucking best tho

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Do americans really?

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>not sobrasada
there's your mistake

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Siege of Sarajevo.
Based British army had to blast the fucking roaches off mount igman.

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A Macedonian girl convinced me to try it. Shes cute, kinda had a crush, wanted to fuck her, so I tried it. The first few bites are pretty good, but then a weird off flavor, aftertaste set in. Hard to describe what it was, bitter, spoiled, just persistent and annoying bad taste. Next day, my shits were bright red.
Still want to fuck the girl, but I wont eat this again. It also wasn't cheap, imported jars are like five bucks.

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Cooked red bell peppers, absolutely disgusting. They sell it at yuro grocery stores in the states in a jar

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Ajvar is fucking delicious
Are you honestly scared of red pepper paste

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Red peppers are tasteless

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Is this similar to Ikra?

>> No.13153797

You dip chevapi in it you faggot. Bet you tried slathering that shit on your fucking wonder white.

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