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Who was in the wrong here?

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>hold pizza vertically and actually scrapes off the toppings

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Yeah not sure how to tell who is in the wrong between raw dough and behaving like a 5 year old

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>literally claiming you would put that pile of shit against any pizza in the country
If GR was American, he could probably have shot him and claimed self defense.

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Do you got any better clips for your bait threads? This is tiring.

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the only thing wrong here is the dough was a bit undercooked and the fact ill bever have my dick in that qt waitress, both could be fixed by cutting back on the dough.......

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I love how much the waitress is loving GR shitting on it all

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>There's like a baguette in there
>This is our thin crust pizza
Do? Flyovers? Even?

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Because everyone knows its shit, but the "chef" is too far up his ass.

He gies "best pizza"then gets 1 critique from a literal professional and goes "I don't want to hear it" like a 5 year old putting his fingers in his ears going "lalala best pizza lala".

That pizza has it's place if it's cooked more, but in no way would I pay for that if I asked for a "thin crust".

But that's just it, he's saying is "best" but it's fucking raw

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Enjoy getting robbed by a nigger coastie

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Gee I wonder.

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>retards still not getting that the problem was the bun was too small and the patty kept slipping and not the meat size

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>doesnt want oil on its pizza
>trusting a brit with food
fuck Ramsey, he's a hack

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Then why is he acting like it's too big to eat?

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He's not, he literally says outloud the bun is too small and continues bitching about it. Just watch the episode yourself

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I don't have to actually taste it to tell that it's obviously a garbage pizza. You can't thoroughly cook a pizza so thick without burning the shit out of the toppings, at least in a standard pizza oven. You could cook it a lower temperature for a much longer time, but no pizza place would do that. You are supposed to cook pizza in a very hot oven for a few minutes.

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Because he realized he's a hypocrite

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Gordon Ramsey is the shittiest celebrity chef with the shittiest gimmick .

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Gordon isn't a brit I'm a scot

>> No.13123288

fuck off Gordon

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The waitress for stealing my heart.

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>nice and hot

>> No.13123505

>Best pizza in Denver
>Isn't eating at BeauJos

>> No.13123543

You should get some browning on the cheese, though.

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You realize his burger video came out years after right?

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>turns slice upside down
>pokes at it with a fork
>tears the crust apart with his fingers
>throws it against the wall
>stomps on it
>runs it over with a car
>pisses on it
>ur pizza looks like shit, m8

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Thats still not thin crust.

>> No.13124019

Both. The chef for smothering the pizza with cheese and making the dough too thick, and Gordon for ordering thin-crust in the first place.

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The worst is when he makes fun of the restaurant for serving a grilled romaine salad, as if that isn't a tasty appetizer and fairly common in america. The restaurants are bad sure but he's so nitpicky and disingenuous with his complaints

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that's what chefs do. they emphasize problems to make them obvious. do you even cook?

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how do amerimutts what this generic garbage? it's literally the same episode over and over again. bewilders me how the clips on youtube have so many fucking views.

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Fuck off OP, they're BOTH wrong.
What that pizza needs is some Knorr Stockpot.

>> No.13124194

>fairly common in america.
Fuck you, no it isn't. It's weird as fuck to grill lettuce.

>> No.13124202

Who's watching this in October 2019?

>> No.13124352

Ramsay plays stuff up for the camera and acts like a shithead on his American shows. It's a pretty well-known thing. I say OP is wrong.

>> No.13124359

He was a shithead on English shows before he even attempted an American audience. The English just have a lower tolerance for shitheadedness than the Americans, so he had to tone it down for us. When he went to America, he was able to fully express his inner self.

>> No.13124370

Right, so now we're back to square one.
Ramsay plays stuff up for the camera and acts like a shithead on his American shows.
I say OP is wrong.
The owner's pizza clearly sucked and his staff hated him. Ramsay played his role as, well, Ramsay. Show's over, restaurant's closed, money's made, OP's a faggot.

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