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Anyone remember these? I wonder if any locations are still running them.

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thats the mcchicken u fucking retard, of course they still have them and its only a doller still.... i swear u people get more dumber every damn day

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reminder that this is like 1/3 soy

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That's a big sandwich

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For me.

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>of course they still have them and its only a doller still
So you're saying that I would still be able to purchase one of these at any of my local McDonald's? And they're still offering them at such an affordable price? With value like that, it's practically a steal! Thanks, Anonymous, you've just made my day (and my dinner plans!)

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>a dollar
they're like $4 or 5. have been for years, my dude.

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maybe in canada

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The Chili Cheese burrito is discontinued where I live. I still maintain the eternal hunt.


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you guys are confusing the mcchicken and the junior chicken

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the food prices in canada are so fucked up I bet the mcchicken is a dozen dollars there

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>its only a doller still
But it isn't

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Oh no they're $1.39!!! What will we do!?!

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I'll tell you what we should do, we should all drive to our local McDonald's restaurants and buy out EVERY McChicken they have in stock. We can teach them all a lesson by piling them all together and brutalizing them one by one, metaphorically sinking our fangs of justice into their juicy always-fresh lightly breaded crispy chicken cuts cooked to perfection, then posting the video on social media. Maybe then McDonald's will get our message that we won't stand for this outrageous price increase!

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All I want from McDonalds is the CBO.
chicken, bacon, onion. it was fucking delicious.

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My local one only has Hot N Spicy McChickens, not that I'm complaining since they're better.

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but they have blenders

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Instead we should drive to our local McDonald's and buy out EVERY McChicken they have in stock. Then we should lift the top bun ever so slightly. We should observe the glistening of the mayonnaise then plop our cocks onto the lettuce bed letting the mayo splatter upon our manhood. We then rest the top bun back upon our penises as we commence to fucking the lightly breaded chicken patty, and surrounding lettuce. We enjoy ourselves, having our way with the innocent and questionably willing chicken sandwich. We moan and howl as we erupt in a mighty climax into the depths of the bun mixing our cum with the mayonnaise, becoming OUR secret sauce, then posting the video on social media. Maybe then McDonald's will get our message that we won't stand for this outrageous price increase!

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>kfc double down is gone
>chick fil a spicy chicken biscuit is gone
>popeyes delta sauce is gone
how much more will they take from me?

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>a dozen dollars

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What's wrong with that?

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its made out of processed chicken dicks and slopped together with two of mayo on bleached flower bread and cardboard lettuce. what a joke of a meal. how do you fucking eat this crap?

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Royal has been discontinued where I live. It was my favorite mcd sandwitch.

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Jr chicken still available in canada. Practically the only thing worth getting, since everything else is like 6$+ on its own here.

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For me

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it's the

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how many of mayo?

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In the UK you can got those for less than 1pound but they’re called “mayo chickens”

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Bong here, can literally not tell the difference between the McChicken, worth about $3 I'd guess, converting the currency, and the $1 chicken mayo.
They taste exactly the same, maybe even worse than the chicken mayo because they slather on more mayonnaise I've found

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the atmosphere at my local McDonald's is just so cool

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Let's be honest, the double down wasn't that good. You could just buy two fillets yourself and put bacon/cheese/sauce etc with it... I was super excited to try this until I realised I had been caught up by the marketing and that it was literally just a double fillet burger with bacon and no buns. Whoopee.

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or perhaps it had to do with the staff at the time. i've had different experiences at the same places all the time

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The McChicken is gone? Since when?

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wendys garden ranch chicken pita

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They used to have fried man and cheese ;-;

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how about $12

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McChicken is what i eat 90% of the few times i go to mcdonalds. I live in italy and they are always there. Are you saying that they got removed somewhere? Why would they do that? McChicken are the best sandwiches. Im sorry for you OP.

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Imagine paying over $1.07 for a mcchicken lmao

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For the millionth time

Left: burger McChicken
Right: leaf McChicken

Burger McChicken is called the Junior Chicken in Canada and costs $1.99.

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With and without makeup

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Imagine eating at McDonald’s.
Must suck to be poor.

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Big Mac beats everything else in the menu. At least in France anyway.

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How about a nice crispy fivah?

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Excellent bait.

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This should settle it

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They $1 there? Damn...

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does anyone like the classic chicken
>worse than mcchicken
>costs 3x
>nasty sauce
what were they thinking

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Where at? Here in upper Nevada they're no longer a dollar, so the dollar menu here is just barren as shit with only soda, coffee, and 4 piece nuggets

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make sure to ask for three (3) extra sauces!

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I still think about that taco bar...

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