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I have the afternoon off so I figured I would make some dinner or some bread and made a dough but I havent decided what to make of it yet.

the ingredients so far is:
strong flour (vetemjöl special in swedish, extra gluten)
olive oil
dry yeast
a bit of sugar

I'm thinking maybe some simple dinner rolls, calzone or some pasties

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it hasnt started rising yet, only 5 mins since i made. will post progress and pics.

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make a pastie

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what should I put in it then? I never make pasties, just mainly regular white bread, hamburger buns or pizzas, but I'm a bit short on ideas atm

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the ones i usually get have potatoes onion rutabaga and beef or beef/pork mix sometimes. could probably put carrots in there too. meat potato and onion are probably the main things though

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Can you wrap it around your face and make a mask?

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I could but it would be a waste anon

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that's not a bad idea, I don't have any rutabaga at home though. I've got a fridge full of condiments though, maybe I should list some of them? Otherwise I'm thinking maybe minced meat somehow? Carrots, minced meat, onions, maybe garlic, maybe capers idk? As I said this pastie thing is pretty unknown to me

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it's growing but still a good while until it's ready

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i dont know how to make them either. minced meat is fine though. i just know whats in them. if you don't have potatoes dont bother though

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I ahve potatoes, forgot to mention them, do i fry them or boil them or what?

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you just cut them into small cubes i guess so they cook in the oven

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Make little raviolis stuffed with minced meat sautéed with garlic and onions. My mom makes a milk/Greek yogurt/garlic sauce and sprinkles feta cheese on top.

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like this.

i should also mention that they're best with gravy to put on top. otherwise they can get kinda dry. good luck op. i must go to work now

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You and OP should hook up. You go to work and can come home to OP and his delicious pasties.

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im not gay i have just never seen someone suggest a pastie before. as a yooper they're basically our only culinary culture unless meth is a food

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that sounds pretty good, but do i sautée the stuffing beforehand?

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I know you want me to wine and dine you anon, but I'm sorry, I'm already taken :) better luck next time

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it's growing

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Fet deg, neger

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haha till och med degen är vitare än vad du är kompis

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alright, the dough has finished rising and Ive decided to make pasties. here are the ingredients that im going to make into the stuffing, the mushrooms were starting to get some black spots on them so I decided that Id use them as well before they completely turned.

mince pork/beef

and then ill make a simple sauce based on sourcream, garlic and maybe some herbs and olive oil

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starting with the potatoes that I chopped into smaller pieces to decrease cooking time

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i put the carrots and potatoes in the pan first, just to give them a head start and just turned on the oven at 225 degrees celsius.

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Fuck it

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here what I got for sauce so far, just some sour cream, two clove of pressed garlic, some olive oil and a few drops of white wine vinegar, but i think Ill add some more to this but not quite sure yet. salt and pepper ofc

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i think youre looking for cm my friend :)

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>cooking the carrots before the mushroom/onion/garlic
What are you even doing

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>stem in garlic
>green outer layer on onion
Yeah, and this >>13107191

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just before wrapping it up and baking it. got three more equally big pieces of dough so i think i might make one into a regular piece of bread

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rdy to go into the oven

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haha I want the carrots pretty soft and I'm not about to throw away the garlic because it started to develop a stem dude. how long do you think they will need in the oven? im thinking a pretty short while, maybe 10-15 min?

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here we go...!

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monitoring this thread

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here's the end result, hope you enjoyed the cook along /ck/

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pretty good, they had to go a lot longer in the oven than I was expecting but they turned out alright. next time I'll put the oven on a higher temp I think. with the sauce it's actually really tasty.

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cut it into noodles THEN let it proof
fry the noodles
sauce and protein

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yooper anon here.
looks good. i'd eat it

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Yeah you do. But what you made looks super tasty. You should post your cooking more often anon. Would gladly tune in.

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I'm sure OP doesn't mind if you're straight.

Just moved to Ann Arbor. Really dreading the winter up here.

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Damn this is one of the tastier things I've seen o here. What would you do with leftover turkey? Any ideas?

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thanks for kind responses guys! i will probably do another thread sometime :)

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hmmm maybe some kind of sandwich? i never get to use turkey so i feel a bit lost of that hehe

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Bread dildo to fuck yourself with

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I can think of no greater purpose for this dough than for it to drag you to hell.

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Where did you get your knife holder thing

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Are you swede and do you look like William Nylander?

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Garlic should be cooked last or it burns and spoils the taste of the entire dish

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Or you could stop being a faggot and heat your pan at the right temperature.

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I'm erect.

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So due to a brainfart i bought barely flour instead of wholewheat, tried making some bread with it but damn, what is this flavor? its like grass and fishy, did it go rancid? Anyway trying to make stuff is a hassle as the dough is too fragile. Should I just toss it and buy some regular wholewheat flour tomorrow, don't like throwing stuff away.

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Holy shit how can you fuck up sweating garlic at the beginning of a dish

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OP, if you're still here, consider making pepperoni balls. They're the "town dish" of my home city, Erie. While most things in this city taste like shitty chain restaurant food, I have yet to encounter a bad pepperoni ball.
Basically, you take a chunk of your dough, flatten it, put some pepperoni and cheese in, then close it up and form it into a slightly-smaller-than-baseball sized ball. Throw in the oven for 15 minutes at 350 then brush with melted butter.
Most pictures you find online will be deep fried, but baked tastes better IMO

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Looks great, anon. I always love cook along threads.

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Pasties are better.

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I mentioned that I had one quarter of the dough left over, so I simply put it in the fridge in a bowl with some plastic wrap and saved it for today. This is what I made from that, freshly baked breakfast roll with cheese, ham, cucumber and salad. My gf didnt want ham so she just gets cheese and veggies.

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this and a glass of black filter coffee is a good breakfast I think

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always buy strong flour, I don't know what you call it in english though. I've tried multiple types of flour but the one with extra (it says "better gluten" on the bag? idk) is by far the best.

Yeah I'm swedish but who is W Nylander?

This looks good, I'll probably try this sometime!

Glad to hear it

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>Red onion and clementines together.
Is there any reason for this, does it give a different taste or something?

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I think it's aesthetics only, she thinks it looks good or something, definitely not a taste thing

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>I don't know what you call it in english though.
We tend to call it "bread flour". It's just a higher gluten flour.

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