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Name a more cancerous food channel
>bunch of roasties shilling for hipster destinations that serve overpriced gimmicky garbage

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it makes me angry

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>watching television

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it's a youtube channel

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>youll NEVER BELIEVE what this Brooklyn spot does with Mac and cheese and avocados

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What's your beef with it? It looks good, but probably a "waste" of wagyu. It would make sense to use a cheaper cut for that. Wagyu you would want to eat it plain like a normal fried steak to fully appreciate it. But I mean, other than the price, there's nothing egregiously wrong with the recipe itself.

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The recipes are stupid and hipsters are faggots, but the rage these places and videos cause in flyover hamplanets makes me glad they exist.

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fuck you, claire is my waifu.

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There is always so yummy and 5 minute crafts.
Recipes don't actually work.
Tells you to soak strawberrys in bleach.
Constantly repeat video footage to save time.
Pour hot Carmel onto a spinning egg beater to get sugar burns.
The recipes don't work.

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