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Whats a good but really hot hot sauce?

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>Whats a good but really hot hot sauce?

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Pretty much everything over habanero tier hot no longer tastes good. That's around halfway through the hot ones line-up, for reference.

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Yucateco is pretty good, I also like onionator. But like that one guy said, there's a ceiling. It's not necessarily habanero, but if you've gotten into concentrates, then you've way overshot it. You need a balance between flavor and hotness, and I've had hatch green chilis and jalapeno varieties that gave me skin chemical burns, so your mileage may vary. Making your own is always rewarding.

Some of those asian garlic chili oils are good as fuck too, just be careful because when some brands are labeled really hot, they actually are.

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Da bomb Ground zero.
It's a lie there is no sweet

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Great flavor but my stomach can't handle it anymore

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i can only take a couple drops

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I love spicy food because not all that spicy food tastes good, and I have found that a good bit of hot sauce is good too. When I eat some hot sauce and some salad I tend to get cholera and diarrhea, which don't hurt, but make me want to die and not think about it. Since I'm really good at this stuff, it doesn't hurt so much, and I am very happy with the results. I think I am starting to get it, and it has helped me quite a bit lately.

What's the best kind of hot sauce? It's all about the hot sauce. Some hot sauces are good in salads, but I like them more when I eat them with something. One of my favorites is called ketchup, which I think is a perfect compliment to a salad such as lettuce and tomatoes. I have used ketchup with some great results, such as the chicken salad, and even the chicken

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if the word “extract” appears on the ingredient label, it is too hot for reasonable consumers and is not worth buying

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>When I eat some hot sauce and some salad I tend to get cholera
Must I say anything else?

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My personal favorite is Cholula, it's not that hot but in regards of taste, it's at the top. If you just want some heat, go for ajax cleaner, its pretty spicy.

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This is pretty fucking hot but it has such a nice flavor that I can’t stop using it on everything. Help me bros

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Is that the stuff that comes in the packet of their noodles? Could see that being good.

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medium heat but a flavor that makes my mouth water whenever I think about it.

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This is the best one I've found. Made with habaneros which have good heat but also a really nice flavor, and the other ingredients taste good too. Seems to go well with everything.

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You are gay and probably fat

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imagine being that insecure

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I think this video might help. I also think that black beer guy was really cool, and the asian wine girl and the whiskey girl were cool too.

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This. It’s not a meme, it’s great.

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Habanero sauces just don't cut it for me. While they certainly can be both tasty and hot, I would have to dump about a quarter of a bottle on my meal to reach my desired heat. That just overpowers any flavour of the meal and I could just as well be eating it by the spoonful.

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>60 seconds between posts
>shitposting without a shitposting license
Why even try?

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This shit is legit super fucking duper hot. Like lay on the couch saying “oh my god” hot

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>shitposting license
You misspelled loicense

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Homemade sauces with habaneros as the heat.
If you shitpost right, people who interrupt your chain will delete their own post.

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>tfw no chubby asian wine gf

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Yeah, I did that the first time, shit was great.

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sauce plz, whole vid was some s.o.i fag lispfagging. No chubby azn present

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Are you fucking serious? It's not 'medium' heat by any stretch of the imagination. It's a shitty bbq sauce with a kick. It tastes like watery roasted canned tomatoes with some apple cider vinegar and a small amount of habenero. Never buy this shit. It's a meme I couldn't believe people like it as a sauce let alone a hot sauce.

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Being this mad about a bretty good sauce. The absolute stare of /ck/.

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It cost me like $7 to get to delivered to me. I didn't have high expectations despite people spamming this sauce. It's so bad I can't help but think it's probably a forced meme. I can typically understand why people would like something even if it's not for me, but this sauce is trash.

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Unironically this. Their sriracha is garbage but this habanero sauce is fucking good and actually hot.

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Gringo Bandito Yellow or Extra Hot taste really good while still having enough spice to make most people sweat. Unless you're one of those da bomb 400 trillion scoville negroes, then I don't have anything for you

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Look for some that have scotch bonnet in them. Basically anything that comes from the Caribbean can't really go wrong.

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Like clockwork, every fucking thread.

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beast hot sauce ever made. perfect heat, perfect flavor

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I agree with anon.I bought it once and was kinda disappointed.

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I've had this mascot's noodles before they were really nice

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butthurt animefag (aka soy boy!!!) btfo!!! lmfao go cry back on reddit cuck

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Not just a punch in the face but carries a great strong taste. Goes perfect on a bit of cheese.

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I love their noodles. Stew type, curry, and cheese are all fantastic.

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Sorry anon, can't help. I'm not into ethnic foods.

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For me, it's Tapatio. It's a strong flavor that's not over-bearing with vinegar like Tabasco. Chalula is a good one too

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for me, its nandos peri peri sauce.

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>ghost peppers don't taste good

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Nobody buys blu rays

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For me, it's Blis Blast. It's not "fuck your shit up" hot but it's got a nice punch and the flavor is fucking amazing.

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Tobasco sauce. I guess you could always home make your sauce though if you're wanting to try something new though.

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That brand is fucking terrible. Steer clear.

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Are these threads just a big meme? 90% of these sauces taste like mildewed dick cheese while maybe a couple are actually hot enough to feel like you opened wide in front of a brazilian brap. Just mix Tobasco with Chalula and call it a day you hopeless faggots.

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trips of truth.
i like the less hot ones though.

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Absolute patrician

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Somehow I destroyed my tastebuds and now super hot sauces like Mad Dog and the Bomb taste like nothing to me. I’m not sure how it happened.

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stop eating anything hot for 2 weeks, you just got desensitized

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Good flavor, I often put too much on my food.

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homosexuals have higher testosterone, it's true.

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The fact that you posted that shows how little you understand it. You truly are soy if you think hot sauce is increasing your test.

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>controlled for age by calculating partial correlations, significant associations remained between testosterone and
the number of spicy doses participants spontaneously placed in their
meals (r = .32, p = .001)











oh no no NO NO NO

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>he thinks increase in salivary test means his body is producing more
fucking kek, take this guy back to a science class

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>he thinks increase in salivary test means his body is producing more
>fucking kek, take this guy back to a science class

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>shitty argument disproven
>quick call them soy again
manbaby btfo

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What does your selfie have to do with anything?

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Tropical Pepper Co.

Fairly cheap and all of their sauces are tasty. I enjoy the only one that's super hot is their ghost pepper sauce. You can get a bottle for like $5.

They never use extracts which improves flavor.

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Dave's ghost pepper.

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Why is hot sauce like $15 a bottle now? Shit should never be more than 8 bucks tops.

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This one is good but will burn your asshole out if you over indulge.

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Primarily because people who weren't into hot sauce at all think it's "cool" now in the same way hipsters took over the beer industry. leading to a bunch of these bespoke, small batch bottles that aren't worth $15 but are being bought for $15 simply because of this weird pop industry that's formed.

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Stop trying to buy memed sauce. There are plenty of good sauces that are cheap, they just aren't in vogue.

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Anything carribbean made with scotch bonnets

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s o y

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I was honestly surprised how watery it was when I fell for that meme. It just runs off whatever you want to put it on, and it's really fucking expensive for what it is. If you're gonna spend $8 on a hot sauce, get something actually delicious and flavorful.

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What's a good hot sauce for pizza and /or pasta?

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>absolutely patrician taste
like pottery (but in a good way)

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Just do what i do and pretend wojack/ soy posting doesnt exist at all.

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Yes, you've already said you are. What does that have to do with anything?

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The red label Melinda's is good, as is both green pepper and chipotle cholula. Also look for Secret Aardvaark and Gringo Bandito.

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>Just do what i do and pretend wojack/ soy posting doesnt exist at all.

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Baste and çekked

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Doesn't clash with the flavors and adds a really nice kick. Haven't found a better hot sauce for that sort of thing.

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Just sprinkle some chili flakes.

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hi i'm shawn evans

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>Yes, you've already said you are. What does that have to do with anything?

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came here to post this. it's my favorite super hot sauce, but it can get to be too much real quick if you're not careful. it can feel like it's burning a hole in your gut if you use it like a tabasco-type sauce. i challenged myself with it one night and had to lay down for about a painful hour before i finally puked it up. a few drops in a pot of chili or something similar though definitely brightens things up well. dave's is well balanced, you get a bit of hab fruitiness and just the right amount of tang from the vinegar with that kick in the dick heat. much prefer it to blair's super hots.

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this right here. use sparingly at first as it's admittedly salty but it's a surprisingly complex flavor that goes great on pizza (especially hawaiian) and potatoes. garlic forward taste with a decent bit of heat on the back end. it's not for everyone, you definitely love it or hate it, but it's worth a try. they make a habanero sauce too if you're looking to go hotter

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>secret aardvark

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I see this a lot on here.
Is it a regional spelling?

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Having some right now

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Got too lazy to make your own shill threads eh?

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based, do you like Valentina too my fellow bro?

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holy based

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You wouldn't get it. It's a lifestyle.

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