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Have you ever fucked up a dish, /ck/?

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all the time and i dont even cook hard meals. two days ago i was going to microwave a cup ramen and it slipped from my hands and all the soup spilled onto the floor. i added water and some salt and red pepper flakes but it tasted flat

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why did he try to suplex it and not just flip it?

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Does mixing up heavy cream and whipping cream count? Turns out it does it does when you're making chicken pot pie.

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Why didn't he just flip t using a spatula

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poor fish, died to end up like that.

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>Worked at a group home after college
>Had to cook, because cook called off
>Had to make instant mashed potatoes
>there's 15 people to cook for, so I use the whole box
>mixing mashed potatoes, and it turns hard as concrete
>read box
>entire box is enough to feed 100+ people

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I followed the back of the box directions on a frozen pizza one time and put it directly on the oven rack like a fucking idiot. I should have known better, but I was drunk.

Also a couple of months ago, I cooked some stir fry veggies at my parent's house and the handle broke off mid toss. I don't understand how 50+ year old adults can still fall for buying shitty, cheap kitchenware.

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And it was Mahi Mahi too
bastard should have used a grill basket

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But you are supposed to put frozen pizzas directly on the rack. You must have done something else retarded to cause that.

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Like what? I don't eat a lot of frozen pizza, so it's entirely possible. The oven was properly preheated.

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to big

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You let it sit out too long and the dough softened enough that it fell through the grate. The cooking of the crust couldn't keep up with the weight of the toppings. Frozen pizza does go on the rack but you need to be put it in straight from the freezer

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I was drunk and decided to cook because i was hungry, the next morning i found out that my spatula melted on my pan

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No it wasn't he could've flipped it backwards the oven is big enough

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>try to make a loaf of fresh white bread
>follow directions exactly
>the whole loaf tastes like a bad southern biscuit
>just dry as shit

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this is why they say to never defrost the pizza. it comes out fine directly on the rack

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I've done it both ways and never had that thing happen.

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Because whites are notoriously retarded when it comes to cooking

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More like why didnt he get another grill partition and put it on top and flip it that way?

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This happens to me every time too anon.
I'm a pretty good cook but can't bake bread to save my life

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I think most bread recipes don't use enough liquid, especially if you use whole wheat. Try using 1/4 cup + 2 tablespoons of water for every cup of white flour, or 1/2 cup of water for every cup of whole wheat flour. The dough might seem a little too wet to knead at first, but let it sit for like 10-15 minutes before kneading and it'll have absorbed some liquid and gotten stiffer.

Also, baking higher than 350F just seems to dry out the bread unless you're actually steaming your oven with hot water or baking in something with a cover. Getting a scale can help too by letting your dough be more consistent, measuring stuff like flour with measuring cups won't always give you the same amount.

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Yeah that makes sense. Oh well, it was a frozen pizza, who gives a shit?

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Not really a dish, but I mixed the salt and sugar up when making kool aid once. Was the worst thing ever. I was so thirsty too and just guzzled like half a glass too and promptly threw up.

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when i was a kid i used masturbate with white bread.

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Did you eat it afterwards?

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>implying minorities don't cook bad food which is then overcompensated with spices
>implying the technology and production to make a variety of tools wasn't created by whites or Europeans
i think whites know more about food than you think

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*variety of tools used in cooking

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>replying to shitty b8
anon pls

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There's something hilarious about people accidentally dropping food they're about to eat. It always makes me laugh

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most of the time

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>Poltards just can't avoid the bait

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They are basically the same butterfat content, so as long as they aren't sweetened it would be a fine 1 to 1 substitute. What happened?

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i cooked a fish with bone in it for a girl I was dating and she still like it and we still fucked

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>have fucked up oven that gets way too hot
>cooks things in half the time at least
>make cupcakes
>come out perfectly fine, toothpick came out clean
>they cool
>tiny bit towards the surface raw

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Nope. Never once you'd have to be retarded to fuck up cooking. You think any pro chef ever has ever fucked up? Course not they're not retarded

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Me on the left.

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>that guy
Lol that was a spic you dumby

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Get ready
>be 13
>get into cooking, decide to make cupcakes for st patricks day
>fuck up cupcakes i'm making from scratch, icing too
heres the kicker
>icing is thin
>used powdered sugar, thought maybe flour will thicken it up
>mfw 24 now and remembering my stupidity

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not even a whitey?

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disrespectful desu

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It's pure schadenfreude, I still remember the time I was drunk and overloaded a taco with my dad's mango salsa and shredded chicken and it exploded, and in my attempt to contain the explosion i knocked my plate over and dumped it all on the floor.

I remember it in the same way I imagine people remember car wrecks where a dear friend died. Sometimes I just zone out and remember that delicious meal just wasted.

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You're a psycho then. Seeing that shit ruins my day.

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>sudaca monkey
pick one

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Should have just added more water and some sugar. Gatorade.

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what should it be called then

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>spics are white
hahaha tell me more

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haha that one get me every fucking time, that has to be one of the most retarded looks ever

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The guy cooking is clearly hispanic, anon

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Just today
>tried tempering chocolate
>room's ambient temp is 30+
fuck australia, it's not even summer yet

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Is winter in Australia like actual European winter or is it just always warm?

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Depends on where you are. Down south, especially Tasmania, it gets cold and even snows sometimes. In Queensland and the other northern regions there isn't really a winter, it just gets less hot and humid

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Everyone has, it’s part of learning. If you don’t learn from your mistakes though, stop cooking.

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That should’ve worked fine, you must’ve done something retarded. I’ve done that plenty of times to know it comes out better every time than using a pleb pan.

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I hope he has cats

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Shit b8 but you got a lot of (you)s so idk

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It's funny because he's fat

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Imagine being racist lol.

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Yesterday I accidentally my kidney beans. Left them simmering while I went for a motorcycle ride and came home to burning beans smell.

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The worst I've done is drop 2 of these packs of eggs

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It comes out way better directly on the rack, it only falls through if you let it thaw, has to be totally frozen when it goes in

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Sometimes overcook my stir frys. Pic related.

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Yes, I tried to make a "stir-fry" using the only ingredients I had on hand: mushrooms, alfalfa sprouts, one packet of soy sauce, and sun dried tomatoes.I would've been better off making a salad.

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It's too easy

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No but I've fucked a fish

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fuck off yeltsew

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>baking chicken breasts
>grab bottle of pam and spray the bottom of the glass dish
>check the chicken partway through
>wtf this smells weird
>look at the bottle of "pam" spray I put down on the counter top
>notice it says "pledge"

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