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What's your favorite cooking show?

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Can't find the vid where he shouted out /ck/ and the Broeys

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TV = Andrew Zimmerman
YT = Steve1989 and Matt Stonie

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All my favorites aren't on any more. I grew up on Yan Can Cook and then really enjoyed Urban Peasant. Martha Stewart Living used to have some great tips but I wouldn't really call it just a cooking show.

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he probably deleted it
he deleted a ton of his food challenge videos too

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Good Eats

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I only know BBQ Pit Boys, Pitmaster X, and Guga Foods. Meat-based channels are pretty hard to find, let alone good ones.

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Another blessed individual

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you mean andrew zimmern, the fat bald guy? yeah he makes decent content.

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scott rea project is pretty good

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>not jack

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helen rennie is the best


very pleasant filming too. plus she is a cooking teacher and knows her shit but most importantly doesn't give much of a fuck about uploading trendy shit or videos loaded with filler to satisfy youtube, so her content is almost always good

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this isn't good

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I miss ja/ck/ threads boys what do?

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Same here. At the very least we need a containment thread.

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if jack is the king of ck, does that make kay the queen?

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Lately been watching this new guy, Adam Ragusea, he's pretty cool. Like the kind of weird 4chan kid that grew up and got normal.

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French shows

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Iron chef japan. It will never be topped

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The queen is that lady with the tomato sauce. Or the cerebral palsy girl

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Keith Floyd, Rick Stein and Two Greedy Italians are all comfy cooking kino. Hairy Bikers can be good too, especially their earlier shows.

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Yeah she's the best.
I wanted to learn how to claw grip properly and found her.
Best knife skills tutorial on YouTube.

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best girl is REEEEEEE

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This is now a ja/ck/ thread post his best recipes

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How do I master the dual knives cooking style?

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she looks like her self esteem is just low enough to do ass to mouth with strangers

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Have two knives.

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