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Gentle reminder that the cashew fruit is caustic and your indulgence is built on suffering.

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they are free to not work at the cashew plantation, sifting through the ashes for the nuts

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wear some fucking gloves, jesus christ

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Why are you constantly pulling up old posts from the archives and reposting them?
What are you trying to accomplish?

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>feeling bad for minorities subjecting themselves to suffering to get paid by whites for something whites would do themselves if the minorities weren’t subjecting themselves to suffering to produce it for whites

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I don't care.

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we used to have a tree in our backyard and me and my bro used to eat the cashew apple a lot. the nut can be easily baked and peeled without burning your hands at all like some fucking idiot monkey. I'm gonna assume those are some Indonesian dudes that just throw the nuts in a fire and then dive around the hot ashes, it's not my fault their IQ is below 50 and believe socks are gonna work as gloves

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The alternative is they have one less job on the market.
If they're concerned for their health, they should look for a different job.

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This, we should feel good that our desire for a varied diet brought opportunity to a struggling people.

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if it wasnt for the generosity of white people (we invented modern medicine and industrialization) they would already have starved to death or died from some 3rd world ebola

so they should be grateful they are still alive to make themselves useful for once to the rest of the world

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why the fuck should i care about some third world niggers?
did george washington care about his slaves?

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This isn't how oppression works you dumb fucking racist.

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He got his hands dirty?
Nigga just wash them

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Learn to code

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i literally dont feel a thing when I look at this photo

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Please enlighten me on how it works. If it weren’t for whites they would be eating cashews with no money or nice technology?

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Hahahahahahahahaha How The Fuck is Cashew Burn Real Nigga Just Like Wear Some Latex Gloves Like Cover Your Hands Haha

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Don't forget that people buying avocados are robbing chileans of their water. Apparently avocados are like sponges and rivers are drying up in chile. Not very pc if you ask me.

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It takes 15 years for an avocado to grow

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one fruit needs 18 gallons of water
that's one bath robbed from a chilean every time you eat a avacado

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How many do I have to eat in order to steal their life?

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18 gallons is only 22.5% of a bathtub

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But the ground is littered with mushrooms. Pretty sure that black stuff is just spores.

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>Gentle reminder that the cashew fruit is caustic and your indulgence is built on suffering.
I come from a country that grows those and export them to first world countries, and I think you are a retarded fuck.

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I don't care about minorities suffering

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>Gentle reminder that the cashew fruit is caustic
um, wear gloves

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is chile an impoverished desert country? Its not fucking california, they have water

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all brown people live in poverty thats just how they are

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Chile is actually a brutal place, ruled by gangs with no money

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So far, I have almonds, avocados, and cashews. Anything else I can eat more of to maximize the harm / suffering I produce?

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Cashews make you autistic? Explains a lot.

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Order it all from someone on uber eats making less than minimum wage at the expense of their own vehicle

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I have read that we're not supposed to eat quinoa anymore because we're taking it away from the stone-age villagers or whatever, so maybe you can eat some of that

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Not a bad idea, thanks Anon.

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>almost literally taking food out of the mouths of third world vermin

Kek, I like the sound of that. Thanks bro.

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Oh shoot I forgot to get cashews, thanks for reminding me OP

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I probably shouldn't have done all that cocaine, either.

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Chile is a first world country, you fucking retard.

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>I don't understand the three-world paradigm at all

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I literally don't fucking care at all

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it's not 1982 anymore, grandpa. Shut the fuck up.
>More recently, the term first worldhas been used to describe a developed and industrialized country characterized by political stability, democracy, the rule of law, a capitalist economy, economic stability and a highstandard of living. Various metrics have been used to define first-world nations, including GDP, GNP, and literacy rates. TheHuman Development Indexis also a good indicator in determining first-world countries.

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Gloves are racist or something!

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They had water. Until the scourge that is avavados

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It’s not our fault of a country decides to profit off of their natural resources. Look at every african nation that isn’t a total nightmare and they’re selling their crude.

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Without the big mean whiteys "oppressing" these people many of them would starve or have to resort to a life of crime. So tired of you retards who don't understand that yeah 2 dollars a day sucks for us but 2 dollars a day for them could feed their family that day without them having to steal. Fucking idiot

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Or that they have larger populations than ever before in their history now that they’re oppressed

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I don’t care if whites get genocided.

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i don't care if shitskins get exterminated

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It’s probably something you care about a great deal considering you can’t leave whites alone. Like how is oppression even real haha just ignore white people haha just look away.

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But then no more cashews

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You mean no more cashews touched by dirty hands

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i'm allergic to tree nuts
fuck shitskins

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But then no more money

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I am white retard. I know first hand how fucking annoying we are to deal with in daily life, let alone how awful we are in politics. Way too many whites are conservatives, which in my opinion is the worst thing you can be short of an actual criminal.

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Ahahahaha holy shit

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Ok blame the victim to make yourself feel better about raping chilean woman and culture. Children are licking tires to absorb necessary moisture for survival

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>Ok blame the victim
k i will

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White countries in Africa were doing fine I’m not sure what victims you’re talking about

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The cashews I eat are grown and processed within my own nation, Australia. We have very strict worker safety laws.

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Go fuck yourself fascist pig. Kill yourself while you’re at it.

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I’m glad I’ve found a thread where people care about the problems of nonwhites, right now the same thing that happened to the native americans is happening to people in the middle east but worse. Remember how bad you felt for the native Americans losing their land as a kid? How are you going to explain to your kids why you didn’t help the Palestinians?

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I will simply inform them that the Jews are God's chosen people, a people who have suffered through all of history, and we should be proud to live in this glorious time when they sit on the throne that had been promised to them for so long.

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So the US is third world?

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Parts of it legitimately are.

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Anywhere in america that’s bad has more blacks really makes you think

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They really need to go to Liberia where they can be civilized

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Clearly you’ve never been to rural Appalachia.

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wait....she’s not a minority....there’s a couple billion of them, in fact WHITEY is the minority there

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Then how come whites aren’t oppressed?

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>implying the south doesn’t have the highest concentration of blacks
>implying rural appalachia isn’t a huge fucking meme purported by self important eastern us fags who don’t realize how insanely densely populated they are compared to the west

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because their superior intellect and culture is revered

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Why not wear gloves, or use a tool?

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I thought they actually ate the cashew fruit down there. I’ve heard the juice is a must try.

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Shitskins are brainless, more at eleven.

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I'm sure you can find shrimp from literal slave ship and if your clothing is made in Bangladesh you're on the right track.

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you never invented anything lmao

accomplish something yourself

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He also never did anything to anyone, and doesn’t owe anyone anything

>> No.13018412

Also forgot to mention I'm gay if it's relevant

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>Remember how bad you felt for the native Americans losing their land as a kid?
No. I didn't feel bad about the plague or potato famine outside its factual basis either. Didn't care much about genghis Kahns brutality to unite Mongolia outside its historical implications, the Muslims deceit toward him, or the revenge he sought after.

It's just history, there's nothing that can change it.

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I have. I live in PA I go to the mountains all the time. There's nothing 3rd world about it. Nice people, great views, lots of woods.

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Allow me to break it to you that most kids thought the native americans got dicked over, there has always been a discussion about this when columbus day rolls around. Apparently though if /pol/ liked native americans everyone would think they got what they deserved.

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No wonder they are such filthy scum. My primo drive-through coffee and smashed avo toast needs to come from somewhere I suppose.

>> No.13018469

Redpilled and quite possibly based.

>> No.13018500

What discussion about Columbus day? I don't really know anything about South America except for the spread of Christianity and a war for gold so I'm not sure how natives there were treated other than in war

>> No.13018502

Also who does pol/ like that's getting what they deserve?

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However you define it, you're still from a third world shithole, and neither you nor your irrelevant country will ever amount to anything.



I'll look into that, thanks.

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good. fuck em

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>I am white

Okay shlohmo, we believe you.

>> No.13018557

Who cares if he is white, just a crazy retard without an argument anyway.

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Not true. The ones most people buy don't come from places like this

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Thank god

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cashew fruit looks disgusting and the nut tastes funky.

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Huh. Does look kinda like a turd stuck halfway out of a badly prolapsed anus, doesn't it?

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Jewcy fruit

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I envy you if the worst you have to deal with in your life is mild annoyance, although this is obvious bait

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If I could pay brown people directly to video tape themselves putting caustic substances on their skin I would

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>things need water to grow
Yeah, but that water isn't destroyed. A part of it gets exported in the fruit, but the rest goes back into the environment.
Same deal with beef.

>> No.13019732

You are fucking stupid.

>> No.13019738

just go to one of those edgy video sites like theync and look up mexican cartel videos

>> No.13019739

You seem to be under the assumption I give a shit about third world shitholes

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cashews are shit

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Time to buy more cashews.

>> No.13019867

Suffering is the best flavor food can have.

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Nobody tell this guy about rice

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Now this is pod racing.

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Coffee farmers around the world are killing themselves at record pace because they are broke and starving.
Make sure to NEVER EVER buy fairtrade coffee.

>> No.13020375

this >>13020357 based moonman poster
Also, Nestle is literally killing african women and babies, so support their noble crusade by buying nescafe

>> No.13020433

>"Yeah, I want people to suffer! Suffer!"
Middle School is that way nibba.

By the way, the death rates are still way below the birth rate; and Nestlè gets those children killed incidentally, so in time they will stop doing so. Enjoy inadvertedly giving them enough Money for a baby boom.

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i am aware that free trade has had unintended negative consequences but i havent heard anything as bad as this, source?

>> No.13020659

Why wouldn't you wear gloves?

>> No.13020665

Why wouldn’t they make a functioning society like ours?

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Sweet, I had two mugs of Nescafe Classico this morning, as it's my daily custom. Good to hear that they're doing God's work.




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Then they should have showers

>> No.13020821

ah hello there (((fellow white))) anon. how was your שבת?

>> No.13020840

>whites would do themselves
enjoy your no supply and 5000% price increase then. I would support it. we need to stop suppressing the real price of things with cheap labor. pay more, get less, and appreciate it more.

>> No.13020848

You know, if you combine that with not allowing immigration so the rich of any country have no choice but to pay white people more that wouldn’t be so bad. I think we’re on to something anon, we need to nationalize this world ASAP.

>> No.13020850

I'm running low on Zyklon B & need to find a substitute but you aren't wrong anon

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Guess what happened in 1965? The immigration act.

>> No.13020867

>kids thought the Native Americans got dicked over

YES THEY DO! But why are we teaching children about race politics and the way our ancestors treated retards 5 hundred years ago?



>> No.13020871

except in the long run isolationism just makes you weaker because you're not drawing on the resources of the whole world, only your own nation. eventually you will be overtaken by the more global power, or you will diminish into obscurity. you could make it work if you were on a small highly controlled land mass and you were ok with your nation being not that important and reliant on other powers. but a nation on the scale of the US requires massive wealth to keep it running, the kind of wealth that only comes from global trade. the only relatively stable nation that isn't very global of that scale is Mongolia, which is geographically unique in it's positioning so it can't really be taken as an example, and they still have massive poverty and low living standards.

>> No.13020875

Nationalism isn’t isolationism. It terrifies you how wrong you are doesn’t it.

>> No.13020885

>but a nation on the scale of the US requires massive wealth to keep it running
That’s not true at all, the us is pretty unique as the only country ever that could declare war on the whole world and be fine, in fact it’d only suck for other people who would begin to starve without America.

>> No.13020887

why did you jump to thinking of me as you ideological enemy so quickly with this "you're scared" bit? isn't that more telling of yourself? I never mentioned nationalism. the post I replied to said "nationalize this world", which doesn't make any sense. unless you're advocating for one-world government, are you?

>> No.13020895

Jeez do I really have to decode this brainlet slop? You’re just going to move to something stupider to say.

>> No.13020898

>nationalism and isolationism are the same
They aren’t
>isolationism doesn’t work because of lack of resources and a need to stimulate the economy
If the entire planet of Earth was on country, it would technically be isolationist. Either earth is experiencing the kind of problems you’re describing right now, or your ideas about isolationism are built off of examples that don’t truly represent the situation.

Isolationism and nationalism are far different though. Nationalism is just having pride in your nation and finding strength with your countrymen, a binding unity to the brotherhood of a nation that leads to true morality and progress. We live in the inverse of nationalism currently in the US, and that’s why all of our problems have only stagnated or gotten worse. Nobody has the pride or the belief in this country to actually try to make it better anymore, because at the end of the day it’s just another corrupt failing nation.

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yummy yummy cashews

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File: 516 KB, 1900x1110, 9EC397D1-BEEA-42AF-8BD9-63E9E541FF67.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Nationalism is just having pride in your nation and finding strength with your countrymen, a binding unity to the brotherhood of a nation that leads to true morality and progress. We live in the inverse of nationalism currently in the US, and that’s why all of our problems have only stagnated or gotten worse. Nobody has the pride or the belief in this country to actually try to make it better anymore, because at the end of the day it’s just another corrupt failing nation.

>> No.13020918

Oy vey

>> No.13020923

>cashew fruit
>cashew apple
wtf i thought they were like peanuts. looks like nut, tastes EXACTLY like nut. not juicy. literally 0.000000000001% water in them

explain how they are fruits or apples

>> No.13020932

how does any of that contradict what I said. you think the US doesn't need wealth to run? that things like war power come from nowhere just because the government wills it? everything has to be paid for and all wars in the modern time and all US wars have been dictated by global finance.

try starting next time without posting stupid replies in the first place

>Nationalism is just having pride in your nation
why do people think this? nationalism has that aspect, yes, but above all nationalism is a system of governmental control and policy, not just vague feelings. in fact morality doesn't come into it at all. there is no reason why a nationalist nation would be predisposed to any kind of culture. of course isolationism isn't exclusive to nationalism or vice versa. but most forms of nationalism would come in the form of isolationism or centralization or a combination most likely.

>> No.13020941

Yes I think the us doesn’t need wealth to run. We never sold off our natural resources and have tons of them.

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>The solution of gloves has been posted 8 times
>Retarded redditor is replying to himself and keeping the thread alive

its time to stop.

>> No.13020947

this post is barely comprehensible and reeks of ESL.

>> No.13020950


Learn to pronounce
noun: nationalism; plural noun: nationalisms
identification with one's own nation and support for its interests, especially to the exclusion or detriment of the interests of other nations.
"their nationalism is tempered by a desire to join the European Union"
patriotic sentiment
advocacy of or support for the political independence of a particular nation or people.
"Scottish nationalism"

>> No.13020951

The lefty, they might not say anything but you know they’re going to talk.

>> No.13020962

You’re fucking retarded, nationalism has nothing to do with control and policy. That’s a fucking meme because of the third Reich. Nationalism can exist anywhere at any time in any person. It’s simply the idea of taking pride in ones nation.
>especially to the exclusion of detriment of the interests of other nations
I think this is where most people get ideas like yours, but that part of the definition doesn’t mean “inherently racist and mean to other cultures”, it simply means that the benefit of the home nation is above the benefit of other nations. You take care of the homeland before you go out and try taking care of other people in other lands.

>> No.13020965

How fucking retarded is it that we need to help the rest of the world when we have homeless. Fuck the left to hell.

>> No.13020969

you're retarded then and have no idea of the complexities of US or any nations wealth. a nation isn't just a place with stuff that you sell and then have money to buy stuff. a nation is it's economy, it's trade, it's services, it's position and a buyer and producer. if anything a nation that relies on just selling a national resource is a sign of not being healthy. 3rd world countries sell off their resources, usually only a few, because that's all they have. the wish they had an established economy that wasn't reliant on digging shit out of the ground. the US has both, but the US wealth is not just sitting around waiting to be spent just because it exists. the wealth comes from trade. the US could never have become a nation without global trade. it was a colony because of globalism. globalism was not invented in the last 100 years, it's been around since the begging of significant civilization.

>> No.13020973

So I assume you’re a supporter of the largely leftist policy of the Green New Deal formulated by Ed Markey and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez? And Bernie Sanders national housing and rent control platforms?

>> No.13020979

Rent control is beyond retarded, no I support welfare only going to my race. Imagine how well off Americans would be without blacks hogging up welfare? Before you try to link whites being on more welfare like the low iq dishonest lefty you are, whites are on less welfare than their population share, while blacks are on three times their population share.

>> No.13020986

yes, and how do you think you "take care of the homeland"? with your fucking feelings? the STATE is nationalist, you're just a useful drone in that sense if you feel the need to actually "live" nationalism in the form of some stupid culture that does nothing but celebrate imagined pride. in a truly nationalist nation, the nation would be so provided for by nationalist POLICY, that any notion of cultural nationalism would all but disappear, being not necessary. nationalist sentiment among everyday people is always pure reactionism; they don't support nationalism, they support an easy answer. in a complete nationalist state the answer is already there, thus there is no question.

>> No.13020987

Are you serious aoc is about rent control? God it’s these brainlet minorities every time that want rent control.

>> No.13020993

>taking in refugees
Lefty, you are a brainlet and you need to stop pretending to be otherwise

>> No.13020994

Oh so you don’t actually care about the homeless and are virtue signaling your virginity, got it

>> No.13020999

>never mentioned refugees
>keeps jumping at straws because he can't comprehend actually knowing about things


>> No.13021000

I am homeless. Rent control is a stupid idea and it fucked over every city that has instated it. Literally every time it has the worst track record of anything but lefties go ooh life easier and I don’t have to think about it.

>> No.13021005

Lol I’m almost jealous of how delusional you are

>> No.13021013

explain yourself. explain what you actually meant with these posts. prove you aren't just posting dumb shit because you have no answer.

>> No.13021014

Oh and I’m not a virgin either. Is this really how you think? Low IQ mate you gotta admit it.

>> No.13021019

So you’re homeless yet complain about the people that somewhat are willing to give you an ample living standard floor which includes housing, a federally guaranteed job, and a living wage? Interesting. Rent control on a local level fucks up, not with a national standard

>> No.13021026

Sucking Dirty Mikes dick isn’t losing your virginity. If you’re blaming a race that has little to no power in making decisions about your situation then you are woefully misinformed and brainwashed by polnigger stupidity

>> No.13021027

>implying you have given an answer besides sperging out about how correct nationalism is
Literally anyone who has taken Econ 101 knows rent control is the fastest way to destroy a city besides war. Thanks for proving you have to be a brainlet child to be left.

>> No.13021038

I never said anything about supporting nationalism. I never posted anything about rent control. why can't you retards read and follow fucking posts correctly? or do you just assume posts that are close to each other are from the same person, instead of using reply chains? neck yourself.

>> No.13021039

If blacks weren’t getting welfare, I would be, it’s true. And I’ve had sex with girls you pathetic brainlet lefty cumbrain. >>13021019
They don’t care about me, they care about the poor of other races. I’m privileged homeless.

>> No.13021052

>tfw rich lefties are trying to tell a poor right winger what’s what about welfare

>> No.13021059

There is nothing special about blacks. You’d be getting welfare if cuts to it weren’t made and its standards weren’t horrifically arbitrary. Blacks aren’t making the decision to cut back on welfare, submit to corporate lobbyists, and keep wages low. Keep attacking the only people who are even giving you a sliver of a chance at anything because Tyrone fucked your wife and kicked you out of the house. No brain

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File: 554 KB, 1317x1652, iq skin tone corellation.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

maybe they yould invent some machines ... like white people would do ..
... oh wait ...

>> No.13021072

>national housing and higher wages are bad for me, i must be loyle to my billionaires tax cuts

>> No.13021075

The funny thing about this post is that you tell us that we believe in conspiracy theories when you believe the entire economy is a conspiracy. It’s not about deciding to keep wages low, it’s about paying people what they will work for. The economy isn’t just an entirely controlled thing (inb4 b-but i didn’t say that, you did) it’s natural. If we blocked immigration, the value of the laborer would go up. If women didn’t work, the value of labor would go up. These are facts. Fuck you literal brainlet just stop fucking shit up.

>> No.13021088

>thinks these things can just be asked for
You’re such a retarded capitulated little bitch

>> No.13021092

You’re making an assumption that nationalism = authoritarianism, or that nationalism implies authoritarianism or vice versa. Is it not true that native Americans were nationalistic in their pride but libertarian in their government values?

The point being is that you are thinking of things from a very skewed perspective where EVERY government is authoritarian and EVERY individual is a mindless nobody with no influence on the world around him. The government is made of people, unfortunately, so this can’t be true.
What is true is that nationalism has nothing to do with government, it is merely a sentiment and an idea. The form of government will have influence, and if it is authoritarian then yes it can easily become dangerous. If a libertarian government or anarchic government system was in place, however, nationalism is merely the glue that holds a nation together. Without nationalism and without an authoritarian government telling you that you’re it’s citizen, nationalism is the only thing binding an individual to a group and giving that individual resolve to work for the common good.

>> No.13021096

I didn’t say anything about conspiracies. That is you conspiring your own strawman

>it’s about paying people what they will work for
And people will work for dirt because they have been brainwashed like you and have nobody to fight for them, and let their labor rights get shit on by corporate and the courts

>we blocked immigration, the value of the laborer would go up. If women didn’t work, the value of labor would go up.
The labor force participation rate has plummeted and wages aren’t adjusting to inflation. But sure, people not working and having purchasing power is apparently a good thing

>> No.13021099

Lol what? Looks like you’re trying to use words you don’t actually understand you stupid capitulating to billionaire tax cuts bitch

>> No.13021114

>implying people don’t know the left thinks the right believes in conspiracy theories
It must be necessary to consider all arguments a closed system not relevant to any previous things they’ve said to be a lefty.

I didn’t say I was against minimum wage laws by the way. And you literally did not reply the labor being subject to supply and demand, probably because actually stopping to think you would see that you are wrong

>> No.13021117

>and people will work for dirt
>because they have been brainwashed
>let their labor rights get shit on by corporate and the courts
So tell me, dear friend, who was it that brainwashed all the third-worlders in Africa working in mine shafts for literally dirt?
The truth is, you are completely wrong. Nobody brainwashed anybody into being stupid, humans merely existed and were stupid. Humans have been going around getting themselves tricked into intensive, unending labor for little to no compensation for thousands of years. It’s part of the human condition, gullibility.

>> No.13021122

I’m a socialist you fuckbrained lefty, just nationalist as well

>> No.13021132

That’s dumb too. Nobody can make you work, the system before minimum wage laws and other laws to keep the wagies. There has to be a regulation somewhere.

>> No.13021135

Oh so you’re just strawmanning and then justifying by saying you were using it to poison the well of my argument. Grand. Your word salad platitudes have no bearing or argument. Nice to see you’ve admitted that lefties care about homeless idiots like you but black man bad so you must protect billionaires at all costs

>> No.13021138

Had other laws*

>> No.13021147

>there has to be regulation somewhere
Thank you for showing your true colors, you god damned authoritarian scum. You sit around here talking about how nationalist governments are big bad authoritarian meanies who tell you how to live, yet you’re the one who has the propensity for “regulating” people’s lives and livelihoods in the name of “fairness and equality” when the truth is it’s all in the name of control and power.

>> No.13021150

I don’t even know what your argument is dude, trust me though that I wanted to.

I’ll clarify for you, I believe that a nations majority should come first, and that welfare should be used in this manner.

>> No.13021154

>who was it that brainwashed all the third-worlders in Africa working in mine shafts for literally dirt?
A conglomeration of corporation and government. The exact type that has convinced people like you that its an honor to make 7 dollars an hour for Amazon before Bernie stepped in

>part of the human condition, gullibility.
Yeah, and? Did you think this was some trump card you just nailed me with?

>> No.13021159

What do you think rent control is not regulation? Just fuck off you stupid stupid lefty.

>> No.13021165

I dont think you understand anything you’re saying really. Thankfully under Medicare for All you would have premium healthcare to assist with your grey matter deficiency

>> No.13021175

Socialism can only be nationalist because we are not equals.

>> No.13021178

Im not surprised you don’t. You’re quite stupid.

>that welfare should be used in this manner.
Okay? We went through this and you blamed leftists for wanting to help you with this because black man bad. Elizabeth Warren is far more your speed she is protectionist but also probably a fraud

>> No.13021184

Yeah you’re just blurting non sequitirs at this point

>> No.13021187

I guess I probably should have started by saying that blacks and whites are not equal, hard to keep track off all the brainlet ideas the left runs on.

>> No.13021196

You’ve just been trying to obfuscate good points this whole time to keep the zombie that is the left wing alive.

>> No.13021203


>> No.13021207

A conglomeration of corporations and government? Where and when? Who are these mystical people?
As far as I knew, a bunch of white peoples just went to Africa and told those dumb fucks to work in a mine or get shot. At least I can see how absolutely abominably fantasy-driven your world is.

And no, it’s not a trump card. It’s a nice little kick in the teeth to the fact that you though African diamond-miners weren’t just slaves, but you actually thought someone was “paying them” enough to respond to my post seriously.

>the guy who wants government regulation in the workplace calls me a lefty
Go figure, you’d be too stupid to see your hypocrisy and the absurdity of what you just said to me.

>> No.13021214

I’m a socialist not a lefty, lefties are brainlets who support immigration when it helps few and harms many.

>> No.13021216

Agreed. Blacks are bigger, stronger, faster, bigger dicked, and have sex with women. They’re also not dumb enough to blame people with little to no power for creating the conditions for your situation

>> No.13021224

Yeah sure, that’s why blacks need to talk about getting laid on the internet when nobody else does. Google “strong men” tell me how many nonwhites are there?

>> No.13021234
File: 80 KB, 500x366, 8844780C-7B7B-477D-9F7D-C132FB44A224.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>blacks aren’t dumb enough
Be careful with your words

>> No.13021235

“””immigration””” helps (((banks))) with all the new families who can earn themselves a nice big (((credit score))).

You’re still an authoritarian retard who thinks any good comes from regulation. In a well educated society, regulation is the enemy of innovation and progress.

See: studies of all psychedelic drugs, the effects of regulation on the free market, the visual results of authoritarian (((democracy))) on US cities

>> No.13021243

In the absence of enlightened monarchy the best we can do is homogeneous democracy

>> No.13021253

Anarchic homogenous democracy

>> No.13021256


wear gloves.

>> No.13021260

Wow why are only whites strong men?

>> No.13021261

Yeah ok

Idk dude, companies like Apple and Raytheon that use hard metals and negotiate with guys like Mugabe and the Central African Mining boards? But i just read information not speculate sarcastically like a genius like yourself

>As far as I knew, a bunch of white peoples just went to Africa and told those dumb fucks to work in a mine or get shot
As far as I knew should be the key phrase to your misunderstanding

>It’s a nice little kick in the teeth to the fact that you though African diamond-miners weren’t just slaves, but you actually thought someone was “paying them” enough to respond to my post seriously.
They do get paid, just peanuts

You don’t actually know anything you’re talking about which is why you think you’re saying something clever

>> No.13021274
File: 69 KB, 428x750, 121BD474-DEF0-42D3-8376-8FC916DEFBAE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Whites have the most testosterone. They are quite literally taller, stronger, and the biggest dicked, a white guy has the largest dick. Bbc is pure cope by black kids. It’s because whites have the highest amount of testosterone.

>> No.13021286

Hahaha yeah APPLE was the first company to land on African soil
Shut the fuck up you dumb nigger, I hope you realize history extends past the last 60 years or so that those shitty African puppet governments have existed

>> No.13021295

I didn’t say they were the first but you’re too retarded and desperate to care otherwise.

>> No.13021298

Says the retard who supports immigration

>> No.13021306

>makes it about your feelings that you don’t want immigration because labor being subject to supply and demand undermines everything I believe as a lefty

>> No.13021310

They really are total shitheads.

>> No.13021314


systemic racism goy.

>> No.13021316

I didn’t say I did. Even if I did it has no relevance to this. You’re really pissing the bed here.

>> No.13021319

>completely strawmans in an emotional factless fit

>> No.13021323

It’s completely relevant, there is no bigger sign of a shit person than supporting immigration, you’re either dumb and serving corporate interests or literally have corporate interests at heart.

>> No.13021325

yes brown person driving down my wages not the billionaires who adamantly refuse to raise them whose taxes i must lower

>> No.13021328

It’s called supply and demand, you brainlet conspiracy theorist lefty.

>> No.13021331

>its completely relevant to my strawman about not knowing about labor exploitation in Africa, just trust me

>> No.13021335


>> No.13021336

>brown people bad supply demand, its the leftist
Cool conspiracy theory, bum

>> No.13021340

That wasn’t the guy you were replying to, and my point is that those Africans definitely started as slaves and nobody brainwashed them because their families have been born into slavery and indentured servitude for generations so your whole point of “apple pays glorified slum lords” doesn’t matter because before were slum lords there was white slavers

>> No.13021344

Don’t worry, sweetie. Just scream left brown man bad.

>> No.13021346

Supply and demand isn’t a conspiracy theory you retarded lefty

>> No.13021350

I think it’s more like you’re screaming brown man good.

>> No.13021366

Lol what? Of course it matters you fucking idiot, what did you think the whole point of saying corporate and government conglomeration is driving dirt poor wages? What do you think these “white slavers” were? People doing it for shits and giggles or not collaborating with tribe leaders and or governments? Christ you are such retards

>> No.13021367

i've actually clocked it and I only need 10 liters of water (around 3 gallons). It's amazing to me that people waste water for baths

>> No.13021374


>> No.13021375

You making autistic echoing sentiments about it relating to brown people bad is, hobo

>> No.13021378


>> No.13021384

Looks like I broke your NPC coding.

>> No.13021388

It’s relating to people isn’t it? Actually since the most hurt by immigration is the bottom level, supporting immigration helps keep american blacks down, if only lefties cared about people in their own countries

>> No.13021392

Haha look at you trying to meme to avoid the point. Pathetic. You just gonna go on being a shitty person who supports immigration now?

>> No.13021398

Yeah nothing says great point by autistically stating a theoretical correlation repeatedly with nothing to support it

>> No.13021403

>nothing supporting immigration increasing the supply of labor and reducing the demand

>> No.13021404

Oh ok, it actually doesn’t it. Looks like youve been btfo buddy

>> No.13021410

Where is this video. tell m.e

>> No.13021412

Supply and demand

>> No.13021420

Holy shit you absolute cuck. Its not a crime to advocate for ones own. What d you think everyone else does?

>> No.13021423

Immigration is also shit for the country being left which loses the economic output of an individual and keeps the country they came from in dire straits. Left wingers literally do not think.

>> No.13021426

Show r/t_d on the doll where the brown man touched you, anon and get upboats.

>> No.13021429

Proof that the left is just a troll

>> No.13021436

No, nothing ever as anything to do with anything but RICH PEOPLE who aren’t deciding to pay you enough wages because we haven’t imported enough immigrants yet

>> No.13021438

Yeah im sure if you keep saying adding consumers is a bad thing youll be right. Sure to happen sometime today..

>> No.13021445

I agree. Supply and demand shows immigration works.

>> No.13021448
File: 198 KB, 968x968, E187B69F-8AD7-48AB-9081-71A1A1DDED61.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh don’t get me wrong, the 1% is definitely helped by immigration, that’s why liberals are all retarded corporate stooges

>> No.13021452

what does Columbus have to do with the colonization of the US?
He was dead and in the ground for centuries before we rolled across the continent shooting injuns.

>> No.13021455

Look, I can see I’ve taken you as far as you’re willing to think lefty, but anyone with 2 brain cells to rub together can see what you’re saying is a lie.

>> No.13021465

Yes, Bernie Sanders is a corporate stooge for raising their taxes and giving you a living wage

>> No.13021471

>tfw liberals are just going to accelerate capitalism rather than admit they’re wrong

>> No.13021473

Yes, thank you homeless retard riffing about defending billionaires tax cuts, thank you for proving your worth over a hard working immigrant with a job and warm home

>> No.13021475

I think the biggest impasse between us is I think about political theory and you think about political celebrities

>> No.13021479

Yeah the political theory of “im a homeless virgin because brown people want to tax my billionaire friends”

>> No.13021482

I have never mentioned tax cuts once, fucktarded lefty. Thanks for admitting you care more about people from other countries than looking to your countries homeless for more people, thanks for showing you only give a shit about corporate and being right.

>> No.13021484

the reason why cashews are one of the few nuts still not fully robotized is because humans still do the job faster. They'll be taken out of the equation eventually

>> No.13021488

I’m not a virgin lol why do you keep trying to say that, is this what politics is to the left? I never attacked your social status.

>> No.13021497

You don’t even care about yourself which is why you’re retarded enough to blame blacks and immigrants fo corporate cucks and Republicans cutting welfare

I keep telling you about actual lefties that help but then you just want to autistically whine about your micropenis, nashunlism, and some conspiracy theory about brown people.

>> No.13021501

Okay you belligerent retard.

>> No.13021506

Why do you keep getting so easily triggered over it? Its almost like you’re trying to find a way to avoid explaining your retarded points and providing the nonexistent evidence behind it

Whose homeless again?

>> No.13021511

>lefty keeps calling you a virgin
>say you’re not

>> No.13021517

Whose left again? How did you become the people who say their position is caring but not care?

>> No.13021520

Its more like getting so pissed about it you yet again refuse to back up your points or cognitive dissonance

>> No.13021523

Lol you’re just going to keep going with this aren’t you? No actual intellectual points left? Go support corporate interests like you were told to on the tv.

>> No.13021534

Bernie wants you to have a job guarantee, a house, a living wage, medical coverage. And this disproportionately benefits you while the economy will still be functioning perfectly fine. And you are against this and claiming you care?

Oh wait you dont care and even admit this is a good position, you’re just a deluded terrible human who doesn’t like that a brown person fucked his wife!!

>> No.13021540

So are you going to back up your points or cry about me exposing your virginity and billionaire affinity again ?

>> No.13021541

>why are you trying to think about how things work? just support this guy who says everything will be perfect!

>> No.13021544

I’ve backed up all my points with logic and have only received meaningless shitflinging about my person. Once again, labor is subject to supply and demand.

>> No.13021550


>> No.13021552

So tell me what your thought process is other than black cock triggering you? Why are you so skeptical of a system guaranteed to help you over the one thats fucked you over? Something tells me you’re not actually homeless and just embarrassingly shilling

>> No.13021559

Oh yes, brown person bad, something something supply something demand im not a virgin i swear. So logical!

Are yoi going to explain the negative feedback of immigration and supply and demand or do you expect me to take your homeless ass word for it?

>> No.13021560

>why am I skeptical of a system that wants to help other countries while our country has homeless
I’m actually just against immigration because, say it with me, labor is subject to supply and demand.

>> No.13021566

Supply and demand.

Can’t believe it only took three words to destroy the left. I’m just going to go around saying it and pointing you out for the sex obsessed weirdos you all are.

>> No.13021567

Yeah, heard your homeless ass the first twenty times. Tell me why its a negative outcome.

>> No.13021571

So you’re a homeless fucking retard that can only autistically repeat something and have nothing else to say? Great argument.

>> No.13021575

Seriously? As the supply(people) goes up, the demand(wages) goes down.

>> No.13021578

I mean it appears to be working, so. Women in the work force also famously made it more difficult for a single person to support a family. Supply and demand.

>> No.13021584

That’s not what supply and demand means. You already shit yourself before you could even bullshit a theory

>> No.13021591

Labor something that is subject to supply and demand. Fucktarded lefty, keep making yourself look stupider.

>> No.13021595

Working for who? The homeless jobless retard riffing about economic theory on a cooking board?

>Women in the work force also famously made it more difficult for a single person to support a family. Supply and demand.
Yeah that’s not true nor what supply and demand means. But you didn’t pay attention in high school which is why you now dive through their dumpsters

>> No.13021601

Yeah and that means absolutely nothing in your context you homeless retard. Go suck Dirty Mikes dick and he might give you an economics class in his bang shack

>> No.13021603

Love the supremacist vibes, goes to show how fake you lefties really are. Supply and demand is subject to labor fucktard lmao you can’t bs your way out of that.

>> No.13021604

Aren't white people the least populace race i.e. the minority. And therefore can never be the oppressor, only the opprest?

Those other races must have royally fucked up to allow this situation to occur.

>> No.13021608
File: 34 KB, 338x305, 1508003176319.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

look at you guys getting all emotional on the internet

>> No.13021613

Err, labor subject to supply and demand, lol. You can pretend but you moving further from reality to stay right is still winning in my book.

>> No.13021615

Labor is subject to supply and demand, it is not subject to your schizophrenic homeless theories of it. You’re unironically arguing increasing the purchasing power decreases wealth and economic activity, which perfectly explains your home shy situation

>> No.13021618

Oh look, the homeless retard is too dumb and emotional to respond to the right post. Sad!!

>> No.13021622

Lmao, I’m arguing for increased value of native labor by not letting in immigrant labor. You seriously trying to tell me that we can help immigrants but not the homeless? You really don’t think the homeless should come before immigrants?

>> No.13021626

>uses sad!
>calls me emotional
I think I really hurt it, sorry you’re stupid.

>> No.13021633

They also never responded to immigration being bad for the country being left because they lose the consumer. Why do lefties want to keep the third world bad?

>> No.13021636

If you’re not a liberal when you’re 25, you have no heart. If you’re not a conservative by the time you’re 35, you have no brain

>> No.13021637

listen, i'm not the guy you were replying to, but its super easy to win arguments on the internet. Stop name calling and getting all emotional.

>> No.13021638

Fucking perfect, they can’t even pretend to not follow this consumer logic because they just used it. Cornered lefties? Your hilarious post awaits.

>> No.13021642

I never name called except for calling you stupid and lefty, because you are. The lefties are the ones who had to go for my person.

>> No.13021645

Well lefties why do you want the third world to stay shitty? Why do you want to take the third worlds consumers from their economy?

>> No.13021646

>Lmao, I’m arguing for increased value of native labor by not letting in immigrant labor.
Yeah, and you’re a homeless retard which is why you cant remotely actually argue why increasing the depth of purchasing power and economic activity is a bad thing

>You seriously trying to tell me that we can help immigrants but not the homeless?
That’s your homeless addled schizophrenic mind inventing things again. I think an immigrant should come before you specifically as an individual on a count of how utterly retarded you are. You haven’t given me a compelling argument as to why you’re equal to a homed hard working brown person other than “muh nashvilllism”

Oh are you now crying over a three letter word, oh noes :((((

>> No.13021647
File: 111 KB, 531x800, 1508108847974.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you will never convince anyone of anything by calling names. just saying man. good luck in life.

>> No.13021649

Why do you keep replying to yourself?

He’s “homeless”, he needs Bernie, not luck

>> No.13021650

I didn’t call anyone names, but I did get called a virgin

>> No.13021656

>can’t even remember his own posts
>still crying about being a virgin

>> No.13021657

>lefty has literally no argument
Why do you want to take economic activity from the third world that needs it more? Why do you hate the third world and first world homeless?

And most importantly, why do you think you’re a good person?

>> No.13021659

>get called virgin
well? are you?

>> No.13021663

That’s some radical damage control left winger

>> No.13021667

Nope, not sure how that’s relevant to labor and supply and demand, but nope. Hopefully you lefties can focus now.

>> No.13021671

I dont want to take it, im not opposed to letting in a non homeless person who has a job though because they have a black cock. Why are you? Why are you blaming black cock and protecting billionaires tax cuts?

>> No.13021672

You seem to be under the false impression that lefties are people who argue in good faith.

>> No.13021675

The damage control of stating the truth, yep. You got me LOL

You really aren’t well in the head are ya?

>> No.13021678

>can’t respond with an argument so starts talking about penises
You can’t make this shit up, the left is so false

>> No.13021680

Okay okay, so why do lefties want to take consumers who would help third world economies from their own countries to make the first world better? Are left wingers actually trying to create oppression?

>> No.13021682

>gets btfo over the fact his only argument is his black cock envy
>evades the question

>> No.13021684

I'm left and I think you are not making any sense.

>> No.13021687

>keeps trying to make it about black dick to distract from the fact that they only care about corporate interests

>> No.13021692

Poor guy is replying to himself and his NPC script is malfunctioning. Shambolic mess.

>> No.13021694

>increasing the depth of purchasing power and economic activity is a bad thing

You’re probably a lefty because you’re stupid.

>> No.13021697

Oh sweetie dont get so upset

>> No.13021699

So why do lefties want to take consumer activity from the third world and give it to the first world? Why do lefties want third world economies to suffer immigration?

>> No.13021704

Can you respond with a point lol ya dumb ass lefty

I literally won the argument and you’re throwing a hissy fit while I victory lap

>> No.13021708

Yeah why are you obsessing over black cock and not backing up your billionaire tax cut apologetics?

Thankfully when Bernie is elected you’ll get the medication you need to not malfunction again

>> No.13021714

Im sorry. I dont know a therapist who can cure your black cock envy, anon.

>> No.13021716

At least you know you’re dishonest and stupid, lefty

>> No.13021717

>goes back to making attacks for no reason

ok, lol

>> No.13021718

January 2021 is the earliest youll get your free medical care :)

>> No.13021722

Reminder that the lefty shitheads could not respond to this point:
Why do they want to take consumer activity from the third world to the first world at the cost of the third world for the benefit of the first? Could it be they don’t actually care about the bottom and only themselves as wealthy first worlders?

>> No.13021723

Im sorry little baby :(

>> No.13021725

are you using lefty as an insult?

>> No.13021732
File: 12 KB, 235x279, 1542668210060.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i forgive you bubby. :3

>> No.13021733

He doesn’t know where he even is.

>> No.13021735

It should be but to be real with you I consider myself left, just not a neoliberal fuckhead.

>> No.13021741

Reminder that this destroyed the left today

>> No.13021746

I'm on a Food board

Using swear words wont get you anywhere

>> No.13021748

No, you’re a just a nazi larping homeless retard. Who wants a white smelly bum virgin master race

>> No.13021749

Not having arguments will destroy you though

>> No.13021754
File: 216 KB, 800x600, McFrog.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

/ck/ is a Libertarian board and you both need to leave.

>> No.13021756

lets count how many times you insulted him

>> No.13021759

This is a fast food board

>> No.13021760

Nazis are left wing you triggered fucktard

>> No.13021763
File: 76 KB, 718x958, 0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what about the enlightened centrist?

>> No.13021766

Bumping the argument that anally annihilated the left

>> No.13021777

Yeah thats why i called you that you smelly triggered virgin

>> No.13021784

language please

>> No.13021818

Spoken like someone truly stupid

>> No.13021876

>your indulgence is built on suffering.
I guess I need to eat more cashews then, don't I.

>> No.13021879
File: 30 KB, 570x587, drooling retard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Chile is a first world country

>> No.13021893

Bump haha lefties btfo

>> No.13021896
File: 212 KB, 1200x1800, 1508528527226.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>bump limit

Why does the truth hurt /ck/ so much?

>> No.13022640
File: 79 KB, 640x737, 2CC9E944-CA82-432D-88BF-3B0099783E09.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You socialists lost me when you dropped yang

>> No.13023440

Bottom Left is Anarchy

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