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What did he mean by this?

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He has taken his meme status too seriously

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Why I'm famous for white wine, not cherry pie.

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Do you think this guy realizes how faggy he is on camera? He sounded much less so at the end of one of the videos when he was sort of being himself for a side thing.

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Can anybody tell me who the man is in OP picture and why I see him constantly on this thread? And why is his mouth permanently open in a :O expression? Is his jaw hinge broken? He's like a one trick pony with his face. Do you think he fucks his girlfriend with his mouth open like that? Jesus christ.

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Adam Ragusea. He does cooking videos on youtube. Dude is married, wife isn't hideous.

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cautionary tale for fame. good advice.

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Redpilling impressionable teenagers

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>already wealthy from his professor's salary
>uses his superior multimedia skills to accumulate even more wealth
>give people what they actually like and forget about your bullshit dreams
The guy is getting a little too based, ,might start rubbing his audience the wrong way.

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He probably made that expression once and the shot is used by seething incels on 4chan. Apparently, men are not allowed to express emotion, even if they are putting on a show.

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>already wealthy from his professor's salary
>professor's salary

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>wife isn't hideous
You are correct on everything but this

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Some obnoxious faggot who makes shitty cooking videos. His first video I ever saw was of him making chocolate chip cookies under the broiler for no reason at all. And what went into his cookie dough? Bread flour and melted butter. He also thinks he's some kind of genius for only using molasses + white sugar instead of brown sugar.

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Fuck I hate the jannies of this board. They leave up trash like this post, but then delete my YouTube channel advice threads before I had a chance to write down all the advice.

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