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>tfw moved back to the US and can't find a place that makes Doner kebab

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go back to wherever you came from

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yeah, gyros are easier to find but don't have quite the right lineup of ingredients. here in Major Metro there's like one place I know that serves them specifically but it's not exactly common

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I'm from the US, Doner kebab is a top tier food anon.

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you can find gyros, and shawarma

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doner kebab is shawarma

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yeah i was thinking they were all bastardizations of each other. just go to a major city, and im sure you can find your fix.

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Gyros, shawarma and döner are pretty similar. Just make your own, this is the cooking board ffs

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But paying people to cook for us gives us more time to live our lives.

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>paying people to cook for us gives us more time to live our lives.
Live our lives discussing flip fast food with anonymous pedophiles

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OK, I'll just make my o--

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The only good DÖNER are in Germany. Nobody in america knows how to make a decent Döner, they're all trash.

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No one in America knows how to make a decent anything.

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It's a good thing literally everything else makes up for it.

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you don't need one of those things, you can do it with a grill, a spit, and a simple motor kit you can buy online

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lol yeah, true

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If it's horizontal, that's not a doner kebab mate

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You can literally have it made by the arabs in any major city

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>If it's horizontal, that's not a doner kebab mate
completely irrelevant to the flavor and texture of the product

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and they'll taste like total shit because it's not made in Germany by a greasy Turk who knows what he's doing: "Mit alles und schaaf".
You probably don't even have a passport, so how would you know?

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Look at this clueless mutt

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apples and oranges

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most döner in Germany are disgusting and people eat them anyway

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I enjoy cooking more than take out

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>completely irrelevant to the flavor and texture of the product
This. If anything you'll get better results at home.

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>Doner kebab is a top tier food anon.
Go back to were your parents came from.

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let me guess, you just eat hamburgers all day every day for everything?

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what i mean is tomato tomato

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>fries in the donair
I hate that. It tastes bad and it makes the shop look cheap.

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>he doesn't even kapsalon

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retarded tastelet

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Those fags in California are trying to convince me that putting fries in a burrito is a good idea but I know better

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Absolutely objectively wrong. A vertical doner lets the juices flow down from the top, keeping it moist. With horizontal the effect is diminished. Just think about it.

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missing me fave kebab places, like

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That actually depends on how long it takes you to cook, how much you get paid, and of course whether or not you enjoy cooking

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Try bacon, you gay Muslim faggot.

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We eat gyros in the States.

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>tfw kebab place near me does non-shitty meat plus fresh naan from a clay oven and delicious home made sauce
>they don't deliver
>40 minute round trip cause of traffic

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My parents are Black and from Texas and Calofornia ya dingus.

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Really? Doner is Schwarma? There's this place I've been ignoring because I thought Doner was different. Gonna hit it up today lads

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No, dumbass, horizontal prevents juices more juices from leaving the meat since it rotates against the force of gravity half of the time. Juices hang near the “bottom” of the meat but the bottom constantly changes and is replaced with new meat during rotation. You can’t say the same for vertical.

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No, the juices just have less time to travel and drip out into the coals. Can you at least learn cooking if you're going to post here?

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Go eat a burger and stop your bitching

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A Horizontal spit is called Cağ kebabı, and was the original form. The Vertical spit was an 1850's innovation as a GIMMICK. It has no actual effect upon the meat

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They are slightly different

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Döner is miles better...

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The only place here that makes doner is located inside a mall food court

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>doner kebab is shawarma
this poster can either be someone who's never had shawarma or got they got sold kebab by some shifty brownies claiming it to be shawarma
either way you couldn't be more wrong than by saying crab tastes like haddock

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It saves space you mongoloid retard

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it's all the fucking same
and has no effect upon the meat

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All food is the same

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>US based Donner kebab.
Only if your starving.
Best in the winter.

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All shwarma is doner, not all doner is shwarma.

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imagine being so insecure you resort to weak trolling when you lose an internet argument about grilling meat

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High IQ post

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Excited tonight guys. I'll be having some kebab for the 1st time in over 3 years. It's schawarma not Doner but at least I made the white garlic sauce already.

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>All food is the same
That's it, boys. Shut the board down. No sense in continuing this charade any longer.

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After doing some scholarly research on wikipedia, the only differences I can make out between doner, gyro, and shawarma are the ethnic groups making it, as well as the spice, vegetable, and condiment choices which are all very similar in nature.

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White Sauce recipe:

1 Cup Greek Yogurt
1 Cup Mayo
1 tbsp Lemon Juice
3 crushed garlic cloves
1 tbsp salt
1/2 tbsp black pepper

Mix well

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i would kill for a gyro

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you guys have any good recipes or techniques?

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If you're ever in Speicher Germany, City Grill has great Doner.

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You have nothing to live for.

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Tbf even if Doner is bad Doner it's still pretty damn delicious.

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Hala guys is a big chain and sells it, virtually any greek place has it. No clue why you must have DONER in the name for it to be better.

Also you are al wrong, best kebab is in Tokyo

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>best kebab is in Tokyo
Holy shit, you might be the wrongest person in /ck/ right now. Kebab in Japan is basic and practically bland. I just moved from Shizuoka to Boston. I can walk into any random shop serving shwarma or gyros and they're better than anything I had in Tokyo.
This one was from a place literally just named Shwarma And Falafel, it wasn't impressive, but it was still better than what I had in Japan.
Japanese takes on foreign foods are usually good, but kebab just falls on its ass.
Unless you mean a specific place, in which case name it.

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Look for shawarma or Halal meats places, it's pretty much the same shit

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the perfect food for a drunken man lusting for some grease

>> No.12963137

Tokyo kebab is just an autistic forced meme, he usually talks about how it's too expensive and therefore Japan needs immigrants

>> No.12963149

I've never tried any of these I might go tomorrow to a place that sells them. Looks tempting.

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Swarma is so much better with pickles. Why would anyone make it without?

>> No.12963175

You probably need to go somewhere with a sizeable Turkish or Middle Eastern enclave. Glendale in Los Angeles, for example.

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Why the fuck would you leave Japan for America?

>> No.12963231

Halal guys is not the type of Doner im looking for

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you're literally retarded pls kys, you probably think pizza hut is real pizza too

>> No.12963303

Because Japan isn't better, it's just different. More importantly my job options were incredibly limited there, and the work culture is awful.
Now are you going to talk about food or question my life choices?

>> No.12963329

What's the difference between 2 and three?

>> No.12963402

They're all the same. It like calling a hamburger made out of pork something different because it isn't beef

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Move to the Detroit suburbs there’s one here on every corner

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>ordered Chicken Shawarma just now
>chicken was really dry and flavorless
>fries were rock solid

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the virgin shawarma
The Chad Kafta

>> No.12963581

Go to arbys and eat a fucking gyro

Also if you call it a "hero" you're a fucking faggot.

>> No.12963585

You talk like a redditor.

>> No.12963591

Okay fag

>> No.12963624

Stop trying so hard to fit in.

>> No.12963633

I've been here all my life. Reddit is cancer.

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Reminder that arabic Turks are a thing.

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>a shaved slab of extended mystery mince
this poster has to be a joke, but he's a little too committed, seen him in many threads

>> No.12964113

/pol/ is that way anon ->

>> No.12964601

is Turkey just the Eurasia U.S.?

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donair is best doner

>> No.12964713

>hear about this for years
>finally travel abroad more often
>try this shit
>it's shit
>ask what makes it so great UK friend LAD I'T LIKE 6 QUID FOR THIS THAT'S A BARGIN Mainland Europe slightly cheaper but still just as shit their "hot sauce" is bullshit levels of hot which I'd not even bother calling it hot
>explain I could get better munchies in america for about the same price or more for my dollar
>long winded shit about how it's garbage and kebab is way better than that trash in america

Never fucking understand the obsession with this food, I guess it's fine in terms of fast food prices in EU but it's not that good a deal. Just open later than some places

>> No.12964721

donner kebab is just a giant fucking hotdog made from lamb or beef and sliced off in strips

>> No.12964760

Would rather have a philly steak n cheese than this

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Tokoy Kebab is ultimately mediocre but it is good as a drunk comfort food. Sometimes as a westerner living in Japan you just get a craving for something like it. I actually do enjoy it though it is very different from a standard kebab. Definitely a Japanese take on it with the shredded cabbage.

Pic related may look terrible (and it kind of is) but I would devour one of these right now.

>> No.12964908

It is good comfort food especially when you've been overseas for a while, but it isn't a particularly good kebab and certainly not the best by any measure.
I would not eat a Star kebab out of nostalgia for them, there are so many better options if you're not in Japan.

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>this one food is just a fucking version of this other food made except made from different ingredients and prepared differently

>> No.12965041


that's because you're an asshole. The best food is greek pita, tornado meat, tomato, onion, tzatziki, feta, seasoning salt. All properly treated to a skillet and sundries.

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>rotates against the force of gravity
Anti gravity perpetual kabab machine

>> No.12965059

isn't donair/doner just a gyro but with a specific sauce instead of just tzatziki?

>> No.12965062

>I've been here all my life

>> No.12965071


It's nova scotia shitbox gyro. Get the real thing and stop eating garlic white sauce.

>> No.12965091

thought so. was wondering why i can't find doner in Ontario, just to try

>> No.12965112


Go to Toronto and get a shawarma. I was leaving TO and got the best food I've ever eaten with a twist of mint. Fuck I want to find the place on google. Just eat in TO. Best Portuguese chicken I've ever had, whatever, they do food their better than NYC.

>> No.12965126

nah Hamilton has a pretty big arab population too and we have some pretty insane shawarma
it's much closer to Stoney Creek than Toronto is

>> No.12965133


You're part of the golden horseshoe, I imagine Irontown is tasty.

>> No.12965152

The meat is a little different, it uses a different mixture of vegetables (and more of them), the bread that it comes in is different than a straight pita, it's different enough to make the distinction

>> No.12965168

Meat is more oily a tad cooked slightly different but overall it's the same shit. No clue why euros constantly want it when they visit, someone told me we don't have it in the US and I know like 4 greek/mediterainian food places that server it the same style as in europe. It's not hard to get by any means, just compared to the vast amount of other dishes available something I rarely go out of the way for.

Then again european food is so fucking bland and middle of the road in taste I can see why kebab with it's amount of seasoning is seen like something amazing

>> No.12965183

>Then again european food is so fucking bland and middle of the road in taste I can see why kebab with it's amount of seasoning is seen like something amazing

That's the fucking dumbest thing I've read here today. Tell me Mediterranean food is boring you stupid stupid stupid asshole. God. This is a cum hole for idiots.

>> No.12965189

Move to Minnesota if you want to commune with muslims so badly


>> No.12965195


Why do you fecal people not just place a rope around your neck and self correct? You dont belong with people. You need to die. Just quietly die.

>> No.12965197

>You need to die.
Pot meet kettle.

>> No.12965201

Try new york city or minneapolis. Aside from that fuck off and eat a burrito. This is usa not europe.

>> No.12965206


Go meet your black kettle, I'm right behind you, honey.

>> No.12965208

Are all liberals this obsessed with black things?

>> No.12965211


America is dead. You don't even have government. You're all stray assholes running around the country like zombies.

>> No.12965216

Europe food is so fucking bland
>mmm we fried it so random
>added black pepper so exotic
>whoooo that's some spice added cayenne pepper! hot damn!
>we added slightly more bread a little differently this time
>we added a slight glaze on it
>gravy more like flavor time!

rinse and repeat, most european food is just stolen bugmen shit

>> No.12965217


Woogie boogie nigger!


>> No.12965219

doner/gyro/shawarma are all just cultural variations on vertical spit roasted meat cones.

Doner usually has a bit thicker bread than just pita.

The best place locally here serves its Doner on Lepinja, a Serbian/Bosnian flatbread that's about twice as thick as Pita.

>> No.12965223


I know you're a dumb 20 something, why tell everyone else?

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File: 1.35 MB, 1000x1000, 1561531599647.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.12965256

Steeltown, but yeah. Lots of great places to eat.

>> No.12965270


Sorry, you coke your carbon. Steeltown it is. It's still going to die in the modern economy. Hamilton is going to die because china does your shit better, cheaper and faster than you can even imagine.

>> No.12965278

Okay? I just live here dude, I don't really give a shit. Anyone with two braincells know Stelco and Dafasco haven't been doing well for a long time. Guess that's why you think it's new news?

>> No.12965281

Why is it meat wrapped in pita at some places and skewered meat at others?

>> No.12965294


It's not news, you just need to shut the fuck up about it and take it like a "man". You cum hole. It's devastation and you're just some fuckhole that talks about it. You're too stupid to know or admit it.

>> No.12965313


Do you remember what happened in Sault Ste. Marie?

>> No.12965331

Nope, I really don't care. I'm gonna be moving some time anyway. Get some chill and quit reddit spacing. Find someone else to have an internet fight with about the shithole that is Hamilton and the steel industry. I cannot possibly begin to bring myself to care.

>> No.12965332

get a passport and find out

>> No.12965340


Who the fuck says reddit spacing You want me to delete something. You're a fucking child

Reddit spaced.

>> No.12965343


You can't shut the fuck up, tho? Right? I just like taunting idiots but you're a crew.

>> No.12965345

Korea unironically has the best kebabs

>> No.12965353


You will look at your life and wish you died earlier. You're the unengaged idiot that suffers life.

>> No.12965356

States fag here - I only ever had a doner in Canada.

>> No.12965359


Canada is from Nova Scotia to Vancouver, asshole. WHERE?

>> No.12965365

everywhere, everywhere in canada has doner (donair) and schwarma. unless it's really rural. the best are in alberta and nova scotia though.

>> No.12965367

This is why I picture americans with their own urine leaking quietly into their own mouths.

>> No.12965372


No, we have Gyro. Or every other shitty flatbread meat tornado. Donaire isn't Canadian, it's Eastern. Even my cunt ex wife said that.

>> No.12965377

yeah I'm not retarded, I know donair is middle eastern, we have doner kebab relabeled as donair, sometimes with sweet sauce. made by lebanese instead of turks, don't lecture me on my own country I know my shit.

>> No.12965382

I never said it was Canadian. I'm just saying I live in the US and the only time someone called it Doner was in Canada.

>> No.12965388


So tell these assholes what it tastes like, as if you're a cunting vendor. GOd. It's like talking to a barking dog.

>> No.12965392

it's spicy reformed meat that is spinning on a cooking device and sliced, put inside flatbread with sauce and vegetables, it's the exact same thing as doner kebab

>> No.12965399


Do you know the difference between white garlic mayo and tzatziki?

>> No.12965402

Yeah thats what I said. I wasn't the anon who said it was the best.

>> No.12965406

tzatziki comes from greece and is yogurt and lemon and parsley and whatever else. I don't know what the fuck white garlic mayo is (maybe you are dumb and don't know what it's actually made out of). but sweet sauce in canadian donair is made from sweetened condensed milk and garlic.

>> No.12965492

that's because doner is just a shitty poor people version of souvlaki

>> No.12965524

yuros tripping over themselves to suck muhammad dick

>> No.12965594

Fuck off /pol/, go back to where you came from.

>> No.12965619

This anon speaks the truth. Near Chicago, seems like it should be an easy win. But no. No döner for me.

Please frens share US döner places, I don't want to wait until I cross the Atlantic again

>> No.12965695

Mediterranean food is boring, it's just tomatos, pasta, oil and bread.

>> No.12965708

It should be a pitta not a naan you fucking spastic

>> No.12965720


This stupid fucking cunt. What is American food. it's tv dinners you stupid fucking moron. Shut your idiot hole. I'm a whitebread american and even I know you're the dumbest cunt placed on this continent.

>> No.12965733

Your mum's a continent.

>> No.12965735


go beddy bye you fucking dumb kid.

>> No.12965742

>What is American food. it's tv dinners you stupid fucking moron.
Wow, what shitty parents you had and a shitty life you now live.

>> No.12965748
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Just got in, your mum gave me a bedtime kiss, on my knob.

>> No.12965764


That is Rachel Weisz dying when she sees God.


>> No.12965772

there is no best kebab, its very on and off in basically everywhere, however i am turkish and i live in belgium and after having been in a couple places, belgium is the best, combined with the beer, however i cannot say for sure, you really have to know your places, the places that serve actual kebab meat and not cheap minced meat etc

The special ingedrient in making a good kebab is the pickled red cabbage. And very slightly toasting the bread. The place has to use good quality meat, however going to a place where they serve minced meat but offer more in quantity is acceptable if you are a fatass lel. I will tell your about 75 percent of kebab shops are just your average kebabs that are not worth mentioning.

>tfw you cant go to your favorite kebab shop anymore because they are gulenists

just t*rk things

>> No.12965789


I want to gently piss on you while you're asleep. You're so right. The pee pee is good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JK716RqoUms

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Its kind of weird seeing all those ck threads and all the kebab images people post, wich mostly look like complete garbage.

Look at this one,


I would be offender if i was offered this.

Anyway, as i way saying, thin shredded lettuce and shredded pickled red cabbage, together, yin and yang, they for an union with the sauce (for me, its cocktail) wich envelops the bread and sleep trough the kebab pieces. As you bite you understand the essence of life. Pickled peppers are obviously a must too, surely, your place has them, right?

>> No.12966121

>I would be offender if i was offered this.
It's some weird Canadian abomination made with condensed milk sweetened sauce. It's offensive to most, believe.

>> No.12966139

based af

>> No.12966160

incredibly based

>> No.12966171
File: 117 KB, 1000x750, palmyras kebab.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're wrong. Best kebab is in Sweden. Pic related

>> No.12966172

calm down retard

>> No.12966173

you lost right here

>> No.12966175

This, but really it's any place with a turkish community that knows their shit.

>> No.12966178

red onion
black olives
garlic sauce

>> No.12966188

what does lamb taste like?

>> No.12966253

I know that guy from somewhere. Was he in an anti drug commercial

>> No.12966254
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I forgot pic

>> No.12966270


>> No.12966297

>that one /pol/tard autistically samefagging his own post

>> No.12966343


>> No.12966354


You stupid asshole. You put lamb over charcoal and it tastes better than any beef you've ever had. It makes flavour you've never tasted in you life. It's dark and sweet at the same time. It makes a souvlaki or any pita based sandwich perfect. Have ever even cooked lamb in your life?

>> No.12966376

I wish over here in the U.S. we had better access to lamb. The only stuff we get in my region is imported from Australia, and i imagine not the most fresh.

>> No.12966384


Probably New Zealand but yeah, it's shit, but it's how souvlaki/gyro is made. If you get it fresh and put it on coals it's a flavour you'll never forget. You can't manufacture it.

>> No.12966554

Based mental illness poster

>> No.12967874

no it is Australia

>> No.12967890

hands down the best drunk food

>> No.12967909

Sam's Club has New Zealand lamb all the time at a fair price. I bought 2lbs of lamb chops a few weeks ago for $15. Leg of lamb is $5/lb. Quality is decent.

>> No.12969557

no u

>> No.12969576


I used to come out of Call the Office and eat beggars food drunk and little did I know there was a greek asshole making the best food I'd ever tasted in my life. I actually asked him to put lettuce in my gyro instead of a proper tomato mix. I was such a fucking kid.

>> No.12969930

Where I live they have chicken, lamb, and kofta wraps in saj bread called "saj"
Is this a regional thing?

>> No.12969948

we're not good at doner
we're good at burgers, fried chicken, chili

>> No.12970078

he's so mad

>> No.12970087


So angry, but really I couldn't give a shit. How do you square that circle you dumb cunt? I'm calling you a dumb cunt and I'm not angry at all.

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What a surprise that I'm still happily married and your life fell apart

>> No.12970094
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>responds three times
ok angry
enjoy sleeping alone yet again

>> No.12970096


After eleven years. Yeah, we grew apart. You're probably too simple not to care or your wife just uses you as an ATM.

>> No.12970105

Of course they fucking would
>dat Mezzo Mix tho.

>> No.12970106
File: 114 KB, 559x546, 6867856123299.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>being with the inferior sex
Nah nigga I'm gay master race
So now you're some boomer who gets mad at 20-somethings on a maldivean pearl-hunting forum. What a life you lead

>> No.12970109


I'm like that guy in Mystery Men, Ben Stiller. So angry.

>> No.12970114


So gen x is boomer. You stupid assholes deserve your minimum wage. You'll die angry and alone. I can promise that at least.

>> No.12970121


where are you poverty? I need you opinion on absolutely fucking nothing. You're stupid to breathe.. But I believe in dumb luck. You're the dumb part of it.

>> No.12970126


Where'd you go, cum sock?

>> No.12970129
File: 90 KB, 718x617, 1557110768345.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw people think Smash Mouth is popular because of Shrek and not that masterpiece of a movie
Okay, maybe you're not ENTIRELY bad

Nah senpai my husband's mum left us a huge inheritance and we're traveling lots this year. Already been to Dominican, Alaska, and Jamaica this year. Mexico in late October and Jamaica again just before Christmas. The only thing I have to be angry about is that they still haven't finished renovating our balcony and it's hot as shit.

This is what I mean. You send multiple angry posts before someone even has the chance to respond. Don't project about dying angry and alone when you know for a fact your lack of anger management pushed your wife away. She must've had the patience of a saint.


>> No.12970142


So essentially you're second or third generation wealth. Look that up and look up what kind of asshole you are. You're human garbage by design. You were designed to suck.

>> No.12970158

its roach food you poof

>> No.12970214

Very much this. It takes me hours to trim up a lamb leg section from Costco, but it's always worth it. The smokey flavor from the lamb fat burning on the charcoal can't be matched. Home kebabs consistently shit all over those bland Kronos tubes. Plus you can pressure cook the tendons and crap into something edible.

>> No.12970417

I read this in a stereotypical Arab accent.

>> No.12970423

*organ plays*

>> No.12970539

Doner kebab top tier food and I'm Italian

>> No.12970724

I've been to both Turkey and Germany and while the kebabs were good, nothing managed to surpass the "Syrian shawarma" next to my home.

>> No.12970725

because your looking in the wrong places called swarma and gyros everywhere else

>> No.12970735
File: 711 KB, 3024x4032, IMG_20190617_115853.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Forgot my photo.

>> No.12970810


I'm whiter than a ghost, but I'll try to talk arab like. Maybe I can copy whatshisface from Raiders of the Lost Ark.

>> No.12970812


"They're digging in the wrong place!" Thats what I keep saying in the dark.

>> No.12970980

Munich here, while I love the doner made specially by Oliva chain. I miss the taste of Shawarma, where can I find this "Syrian Shawarma" in Munich?

>> No.12971017

With how different the definitions seem to be let me just write down the Russian understanding of shawarma: very thin lavash flatbread which is toasted to proper crispiness in the good stores, obligatory chicken meat, tomatoes and cucumbers plus sauces. There are some places that use shredded cabbage and carrot salad instead of tomatoes and cucumbers but that's fucked up.

>> No.12971020
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Still richer than you. Good morning, asshole.

>> No.12971213

The absolute state of sexual deviants

>> No.12972410

I had a Lebanese falafel shawarma yesterday. I liked it I'll buy again.

>> No.12972419

Says a lot about shit american 'food' is when a doner kebab is considered a top tier food there

>> No.12972546

No it fucking isn't

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