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I really can’t be fucked with frog food generally, but I’m desperate to try this.

Anyone ever made it? Any recipes? Any tips? Most recipes I’ve seen say you need a ‘potato ricer’ but I’m obviously not getting one of those as I can’t be bothered.

Anyway. Aligot thread and also fondue because it seems a bit fondue-ish as well. I’m going to have it with sausages and gravy. God, I can’t wait.


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Use a sift as a replacement for a ricer

And my God, that video is annoying

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I know, the music is shit, sorry. I just wanted to give a quick impression of what it is and that was the only one short enough.

Sieve is an excellent idea! Thank you. Didn’t think I’d of that.

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Aligot is alright but nothing breathtaking. They sell it on christmas market in the south of France. It's just a cheesy garlicky mash.

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Maybe you’re just eating subpar aligot, friend, because that shit looked right looks like food of the gods to me.

What do you eat it with? What’s the texture like? Is it like mash?

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It's more cheesy than mash. The issue with it is that it's pretty bland. Then again, to each their own, you might like an extra-fat mash.

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if you can find a local tomme cheese that is nice and aged by this time in the fall or esp in oct or nov it won't be bland

tomme gets a bit funky, but not crazily so

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Yeah I live next to Savoie, they have great tomme. It's delicious with bread but I find it weakens when heated. Despite finding aligot bland I love fondue savoyarde, maybe it's just that I'm not into melted tomme.

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I’m a sucker for fondue.
Steak strips, prawns or cubes of pork dipped in there.

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It tastes like potatoes and cheese. Generic instagram shit.
>I really can’t be fucked with frog food generally, but I’m desperate to try this piece of nigger shit
truly shows your gastronomic capacities

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The type of cheese used for aligot is "tome fraiche" which is basically unsalted, pressed cheese curds. Making aligot with actual aged tomme might be difficult.

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I’m putting loads of garlic and black pepper into my version, though, but I hear ya.

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Ok, this is a problem for me. I live in the UK and while someone here undoubtedly makes this cheese, I doubt I’m going to get it this weekend when I want to make this.

What can I use as a substitute? What kind of consistency is Tomme?

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Me too, man. I really keep meaning to get a set.

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Yes, awful isn’t it. I’m doing and saying things you wouldn’t do or say. Just shocking.

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well yeah, eating shit and feeling proud is awful. Hope your mental disabilities get dealt with as soon as possible

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Thanks, bud. Appreciated.

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No problem man. Hope you choke on that cheese like the absolute faggot you've been.

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>I really can’t be fucked with frog food generally, but I’m desperate to try this.
I like it how flyovers think french food is what they see in fine dining documentary films and not actually pretty similar to what humans call 'normal food'

I suppose it must be that in flyover land 'normal food' means pink slime fried in HFCS and byproducts from the petroleum industry

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I’m not American.

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Its potatos au gratin basically you tards

Put a slice of american cheese on your mashed potato gets you the same thinv

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I made it once and it was bland and you need a lot of fucking cheese to make it look like that. It also loses the cheesy stringiness quite fast after you serve it

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A ricer is a great kitchen tool. Useful for many things. I recommend.

As for the aligot, what's the difference between it and fondue?

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I'd be constipated for a week if I ate so much cheese.

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It’s basically half potato, half cheese. Given the lukewarm feedback so far though now I’m just wondering if I shouldn’t just buy a fondue set and do that instead. I wanted to wait until it was really wintery though. I always wanted to make fondue for myself while it was snowing outside.

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From what I’ve seen of online videos, it seems they keep it in a big pot in the middle of the restaurant and keep turning it. Dunno. I definitely can’t get this Tomme cheese anyway. What cheeses did you use?

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I assume you have to keep it heated like fondue.

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>Steak strips, prawns or cubes of pork dipped in there.
Fondue savoyarde is a vegetarian meal. It's potent enough in taste that you only need to dip hard bread in there. If you want to have meat just go for fondue bourguignonne and stop fucking around with forces you don't understand.

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What’s with the aggro? He didn’t say anything about cheese fondue only.

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Made it yesterday. I am still trying to find the ideal proportions of potato and cheese, but it is always delicious.

What I was wondering is what do people here eat it with.

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What cheese did you use?

I’m having mine with sausages.

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it seems like they are eating it paired with sausage. i imagine that would be good.

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Use garlic, roast it if you want.

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A bit tired of people shoving meat everywhere desu. It's as obnoxious as the ones posting vegan propaganda.

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Ok. Fair enough. I just thought he was contributing to the fondue side of the discussion.

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Did someone shove their meat where it didn't belong?

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>flyovers discover a fad from decades ago and make it dumber

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You can get this in supermarkets in France, then you just heat it through slowly while mixing. It's bretty gud!

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>here have some gluey mashed potatoes and cheese

Do americans really??

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> Burger tries to push his internet research over someone who's actually tried the dish being discussed.

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>tome fraiche
Not worth anywhere else

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