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Is this that guy from The Matrix?

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hahah! now show me one where he eats

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Who interrupts a man eating alone in a restaurant?

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where is that? Hawaii?

>> No.12945420

Keanu Reeves is pro-PETA

>> No.12945425

Is Keanu Reeves Asian?

>> No.12945430

Is this recent?

God, I love the K.

>> No.12945431

part Chinese, part native American, part White.

>> No.12945456

> part Chinese

Pretty sure it’s part Nip

>> No.12945519

Hey bud, you gonna finish that?

>> No.12945526

Nah its the guy from Bill & teds excellent adventure

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>His mother is English and from Essex. His father, an American from Hawaii, is of Chinese-Hawaiian, English, Irish, and Portuguese descent.

>> No.12945559

Problem is, eventhough from Brasil he still uses "brazil" with a z.

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morons....that’s the guy from Point Break

>> No.12945601

christ, that’s John Wick

>> No.12945605

Holy shit, I just looked it up and he's fucking Hawaiian. Growing up in Hawaii in the 90's Point Break was the shit, and I had no idea. It seems like all the coolest actors are from Hawaii.

>> No.12945756

Fukkn liar. That Constatine

>> No.12946103

faggot die

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