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>go to restaurant
>sit down and get my menu
>no calories listed
>360 and walk away
seriously why can't they just list them? am i the only one who cares about being healthy anymore?

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are you transgender or something?

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What sort of black market/back alley restaurant are you going to?

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>wants to be healthy
>eats out
Pick one

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try ordering dishes with veggies and you won't have to count calories every meal

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>too retarded to approximate
>blames food
Must suck being heavily retarded I guess

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>360 and turn away
nigger that's straight ahead

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not really necessary if you know the ingredients. anything with fat is going to have a huge calorie count and shouldn't be eaten.

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>seriously why can't they just list them? am i the only one who cares about being healthy anymore?
No, you fucking idiot. All big places have their calories listed, but small mom and pops usually don't. Plus there's tons of restaurant alternatives for faggy healthy eating, you faggot.

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Nigger, that's a fucking meme. Old as fuck. You need to pay attention in class right now, faggot.

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what classes teach 11 year old memes?

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>Spoon-feeding newfags

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The listed calories are all lies anyway.

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have you tried not being fat

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How fucking fat are you? Jesus christ.

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you're a dumb cunt if you care about calories and can't eyeball it. literally just eat less food if it's too many calories baka

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If you can’t even work out the approximate calories of basic food groups, then don’t eat out. In fact, stop eating and just chuck yourself out the nearest window because you’re basically too dumb to live.

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>Spoon-feeding newfags
>on /ck/

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You're probably being to anal about it. Vegetables, low fat meat, that's what you need.

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you dont have to count calories, just use your common sense... for example cheese and fats are high in calorie (duh)..and veggies are low calorie and have fiber content yo maake you fill full faster. So just take a mental note of things as you scan the menu.

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to make you feel full faster*

fucking handphone typing

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Has there ever been a frog/wojack/anime poster that wasn't completely fucking retarded?

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>medium bowl of pasta with marinara that doesn't fill me up at all
>look it up later on their website
>825 calories

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You seem mad, faggot. Whatcha gonna do about it?

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I always look for the "lighter fare" or diet section and order from there, it's simple, filling, and usually a lot cheaper

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>Goes to a restaurant
>Expects healthy

Restaurants are supposed to be indulgent culinary experiences, not healthy nutrition.

Have sex.

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>look at gluten free options
>the shit in the gluten free food is 100x worse than gluten

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What I mean by him needing to pay attention in class is that clearly he's underage, so he needs to get back to learning in school rather than being a faggot on 4chan. I guess there should be a meme class, though.

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Learn to eat clean, fuckface.

> waahhh muh restaurant marinarar


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>complaining about anime posters
>on 4channel
the election has been over for years anon
time to shift out of cruise control

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Of you eat out you should always expect your food to be full of butter, heavy cream or salt.

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Its not hard if you arent a retard.

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>huh, this looks light
>they add a shitload of sugar/butter/salt


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Holy shit seething fat fuck

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>adding butter to foods is "kike shit"
Man, you gotta get your life in order, you tremendously fuckable faggot.

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>adds a .50 cent block of butter into the meal
>fat fuck amerifats eat it up and pay $13 for a plate of pasta that costs $2 to make
just eat it bro. who cares if I just added 400 calories to your meal to make the consumers crave more? lol you fat fuck keep consuming
fuck off kike

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You know there are a billions apps now-a-days grandtrans that you can use to quickly find calorie amounts?
Also why don't you just eat a reasonable portion ?

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What are you talking about, that's a completely reasonable amount for a main meal, I assume 800 calories as a guess when I can't be bothered to actually think about a dish. 100g dried pasta is a portion, that's 400 calories, 100g marinara is ~50, which means there's about 400 calories of fat in the dish, or four tablespoons of butter.

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Jesus Christ, man. You're either being purposely obtuse, or you have no idea how the food service industry works. Mayhap you're just plain, old fashioned stupid, and have no idea how businesses work. By your retarded logic, anyone who who pays any sort of markup anywhere is getting jewed.
>kikes! kikes! fat americans! pasta!
This is how you sound.

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Do you think only losing weight is healthy?

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Die, nigger.

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>eating healthy when eating out

Why. Save the healthy eating for at home, eating out should out be a special treat where you eat whatever. If I'm in a restaurant I'm getting an appetizer, a mixed drink and a dessert to boot. A salad with grilled chicken or steamed vegetables is basically wasting the kitchens time.

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Losing weight and being thin won't solve your autism and loneliness, anon.

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Please have sex

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>go to restaurant
>get seated by waiter
>he didn't give me a welcome kiss
>360 and walk away

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Counting calories is a waste. Just eat until you're full then stop.

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Anime causes gender dysphoria.

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But if you turned 360 degrees you would burn up.

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if you're so uptight about calorie counting that you can't just estimate it when you go out to eat then you shouldn't go out to eat.

dumb weeb tranny

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fucking retarded advice for people actually trying to lose weight or watch their weight more closely. If you eat stuff with no fiber you will eat A LOT before you feel full. You may feel just as full off of something 600 calories as you will 2000. I like when restaurants have them, I don't expect it or would ever change my plans based on it though.

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absolutely based

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>calorie count is the only component to eating healthy
Why not just make sure you eat veggies and watch your portion sizes, you dumb cow?

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>watch your portion sizes
what exactly are you gonna estimate if you dont know the calories, you dumb cow?

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Imagine being the hostess as Michael Jackson walks up to you, spins around, and then moon walks across the street to the other diner.

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You could just eat half of what they give you. Have some self-control, fatty.

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Depending on your location, restaurants aren't obligated to list calorie counts if they're under a certain size (a mom and pop diner isn't large enough, for instance, but a chain of diners would be. I don't know the exact threshold). That's what it is for Canada anyways.

Not sure if it's because getting calorie numbers is expensive? Do they test the dishes or like.. Guess based on ingredients? How does that work?

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>Michael Jackson
>doing living person things
I'd shit my pants.

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In the US, a business that makes less that $500,000 a year or has less than 50 employees is exempt from most regulations.

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Frog and wojack, no never. Anime is about 50/50 but it's mostly just an excuse to post more little girls' panties or feet.

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Holograms, yo.

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Holograms yo.

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It's chains with 20 or more locations apparently, they say you must have a "reasonable basis" for the nutritional claims, and
>A reasonable basis may include, but is not limited to:
>• Nutrient databases
>• Laboratory analysis
>• Nutrition Facts labels
>• Cookbooks
>• Other reasonable means (e.g., calculations)
So yeah, basically guess as well as you can or shell out $100 for a lab to measure it on each dish. For most dishes it'd be relatively easy to just add up the ingredients, working out how much oil gets picked up when frying is difficult though.

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If that's accurate that's way cheaper than I expected. Not that lighting food on fire is a difficult process but
so figured it would be more than that.

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Kinda just pulled it out of my ass, but here's a bong one for about $150: https://eurofinstesting.co.uk/samples/nutrition.html and here's a burger one for $850: https://www.rlfoodtestinglaboratory.com/food-testing-services/food-nutrition-analysis so it seems pretty variable.

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> look for high protein flour (gluten)
> can't find it anywhere because hipsters have scared people away from the word "gluten"

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I just take whatever looks reasonable and round it to 1000 calories. I rarely eat out so it doesn't really matter if I underestimated.

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