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You do check your vegetables before buying them, don't you?

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Fucking hell, I swear boomers and zoomers will buy anything.

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Check them for what?

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radioactivity by the looks of it

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Nope, I'm not a paranoid anal retentive faggot like you.

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just stab produce you might not actually buy! genius!

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I guess the next time I go grocery shopping in Chernobyl.

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this app is made for milennials tho

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Back to /fit/, brainlet.

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Better than squeezing them

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I lift them and smell them. No need to actually squeeze or stab anything.

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Producefag here.
The worst, and I mean the FUCKING WORST is when people shuck the corn before buying it.
We're talking chinese grandmas leaving 20 ears apiece in the garbage, even when they're perfectly fine.

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Kys boomer. Only boomers would think millennials have this kind of disposable income. $200 for a stupid random tester. God I fucking hate you so much. I can’t wait until all boomers are dead.

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But your parents are boomers

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>spends all his money on useless shit
>hurr durr why we have no disposable income
>fukken boomers

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They’re dead.

Only boomers would think this, kys.

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im a zoomie tho nigger. its just that millennials are the shittiest faggots out there

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I know what I'm doing the next time I got to Winco.

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Newsflash short bus, millennials stopped being poor 3 years ago. You’re just a genetic dead end.
t. 33 year old

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>33 year old thinks he's what people are talking about when they say millennial
"but the definition says-" most people don't use the actual definition and you know it

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This is why i dont eat Vegetables.

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>one of the promotional videos showing them stabbing tomatoes at a grocer
>the risk of nitrates

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age range for millennials is 18-34

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Based zoomer

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no they're older than that. If you don't remember 9/11 you're not a millenial

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>not remember 9/11
How the fuck early does Alzheimers set in now?

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>lemme just puree this fruit and send it to my lab for checking before I can consider buying it

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Can we ban zoomers because they are all underage?

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>t. Zoomer

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I wish. If we had banned frogs and wojacks for avatarspam we could have stemmed the flood of idiocy from other websites.

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In this thread, poor people complain that they can't afford intelligent devices that improve their lives.

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IoTards must be stopped

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exactly what i meant buddy

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Get a job.

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thanks, but no thanks constantly serving the pussy of all your female family members is a full time gig as it is.

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born 1980-1995. True Millenials are 1987-1992

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what the hell is that thing supposed to be?

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The future.

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>proprietary wines in proprietary wine bottles that tell you about them on smart screens
>bottles of their wine cost between 15 to 50 dollars just so it can tell you about the flavors and pairings

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And you can't use it because they went out of business.

>> No.12931560

I just take a bite and see what the deal is

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$178 dollars for four bottles of wine lmao

turns out it's cheaper to just learn about wine. or ask someone in a wine store what they'd pair with a certain food.

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>black couple wine tasting with a white couple

why does my brain automatically see this as a prelude to some kind of swingers thing ughh

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Because you never interact with any actual people, probably jerk off 8 times a day, and your mind's been corrupted by porn.

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i wish your hasty assessment of me were true, it sounds like a better life

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You're also an anime faggot, which means your IQ us probably sub 70.

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i too wish that everyone that i suspected of being a political dissident was actually retarded

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not him but i want to tie you up and force you to watch interracial porn.

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not a bad idea but why do designers have to be such fucking jerk offs when making videos like this

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Just need a preg woman drinking wine and the comercial is complete

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Buy Ritter Sport chocolate from the bulk section?

>> No.12931992

that's not that expensive for wine anon.
but the fact that it was proprietary wine is just ridiculous and makes no sense, the whole reason someone would buy that would be for if they already have a nice wine collection.

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You do sample your vegetables before buying them, don't you?

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I like this one
-isn't internet connected
-can't be accomplished normally too easily
-seems pretty simple
wonder how much it costs tho

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or just look it up on your phone which most people already have

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So you want simple internet devices.

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*kitchen. Not internet.

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