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Mango lassi should be at every restaurant.

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How can Ayranfags/Dooghniggers ever compete with the Lassichads? India wins again!

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What of it is not Indian-themed?

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It's truly amazing how Indians can take any food item and make it look exactly like diarrhea

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>food item
Please stop eating fast food

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What else was I supposed to say, jackass? I wanted to refer to any piece of fucking food in general, not just a fucking mango.

Fucking rancid cunt.

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I am with OP 100 percent.
Mango lassi is liquid sex

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If your diarrhea is bright orangey-yellow, you should see a doctor

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Agree one of the best drinks very refreshing.

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>drinking room-temperature home made liquid yogurt from an indian man

you're taking your life into your own hands

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Only if you order it in india

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to alert people when mango timmy falls into the old well?

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one of my favorite drinks ever but i cant drink on an empty stomach or else ill get ill

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You’re stupid.

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Nah I'm with him. Indians and notoriously unclean

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"food" by itself is fine
americans really are this stupid after all it seems

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“Food”, “dish” or “preparation”
“Food item” is right next to “asset” in how corporative it sounds. Which is fitting since americans are unable to think about food without thinking about chains, franchises and brands

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Rent free

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At least we can afford living

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It looks OK but having been to India I know that this will be served at room temperature and be meh as a result.

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Dont even know what this means. Were doing fine over here brah

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