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am i a bitch if my drink of choice is a vodka sour

also general

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/knob creek/ reporting in

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Depends. Do you have a vagina pass?

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Just try more drinks. That is kind of a basic bitch drink. Something a confused college kid would get at a bar.

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Nah drink whatever takes you to that place you wanna get. For me it’s miller lite and cocaine

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what if vodka is my one and only gal left? Mans abused others (whisky, rum, etc) to the point man can’t handle even the scent of it

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Ochawari forever.
Guess I won't be able to get it at a bar or restaurant now that I'm back in the gay US.

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>the point man can’t handle even the scent of it

You grow out of that as an adult and have properly prepared drinks using said spirits

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>on diet so I always get a shot of tequila in soda with a twist of lime
>might keep ordering this refreshing shit even after I reach goal weight

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What are some good drinks unironically? Ive been ordering like the same 5 for 3 years now

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Rain water and lime juice made from organic lemons? You're doing well, son. Don't listen to these commies.

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Having a drink of choice is manly by default so you’re doing ok

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Those commie bastards want to steal our precious bodily fluids!

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What this anon >>12887986 said is right, it's called freedom of choice, if you like it then that's good, even if it pansy fag stuff. If you're an American we'll defend the right for you to choose and drink girly drinks.

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not really, I know im a bitch for drinking vodka seltzers

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Try with Polar Seltzer.

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Gin Fizz
2 oz gin
3/4 oz simple syrup
3/4 oz lemon juice (I use cranberry for a twist)
1 egg white
Shake very well over ice, strain and top with 1-2 oz soda water
It's savory, sweet, tangy and completely delicious

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Seems good except for the egg white part. I don't generally have eggs sitting around let alone wanting to seperate egg whites for a simple drink.

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I love the toasted almond so much, why does amaretto and coffee liqueur have to be so expensive

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I suspect that if in Italy it wouldn't be expensive at all.

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Maybe if in Italy they'll charge you 10x as much if you don't speak colloquial Italian right to that area.

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From best to worst:

XO Cognac straight followed by Gouda cheese
Vodka straight (~100ml shot) followed by sipping on a soda (Coke, Dr Pepper, etc.)
Red Bull Vodka
Rum straight, same as vodka
Bloody Mary, layered
Rum + Dr Pepper
Rum + Coke
Overproof rum straight, same as vodka
VSOP Cognac or XO Brandy
Jin straight, same as vodka
Whiskey straight, same as vodka but drink a lot of fucking soda because whiskey smells like ass
Shochu straight, same as whiskey
Nihonshu, straight, pretend it's good, same as whiskey
Jin Tonic
Tequila, straight, same as whiskey but just vomit instead.

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That's a real nigger list.
Are you trying to get on NFL or some basketball team?

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I'm trying to have fun without having to force literal litres of shitty-tasting liquid down my throat.

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vodka+cranberry juice + lemonade is my favorite poverty tier drink. Sometimes with a maraschino cherry.
I guess it's just a really ghetto vodka sour

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Fuck off advertisement

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This is what I would expect from a high schooler lmao

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Then make seltzer yourself. Get some bottles and some co2 cannisters that are inexpensive and readily available and bang, done. Why are you complaining like a bitch? Oh wait you already wrote that you are a bitch.

Be a man of class like Drip Fed Fred.

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I used to drink beer and screwdriver in school. Then I stopped drinking altogether for a few years because all alcohol tasted like shit.
Then when I started to socialize more, drinking came back so I suffered through beer for a year or so before deciding to finally try out the vodka. Turns out, it was the best decision ever and I've been slowly becoming an alcoholic ever since.
After a few years of experience, I grew to appreciate other kinds of strong alcohol (except for tequila) and some cocktails. I even got used to drinking beer when we're out for a drink with my colleagues after work on a weekday.

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>do all that extra work instead of just sipping on a soda
What a great idea, smart guy.
>complaining like a bitch
Why are you projecting like a retard?

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Mongo just pawn in game of life

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gotta change that nigga. it's essential for the proper flavor and texture. eggs are super useful and you should always have some in the fridge

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amaretto isn't even expensive. I can get a bottle of disaronno for like $25 and I'm sure a more generic kind is even cheaper.

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Don't see why. A friend of mine used to drink whiskey sours as his standard drink.

That being said, I don't get the appeal of the vodka drunk. It's too clear-headed and analytical for me. I'm still drunk and doing stupid shit, but part of my brain can rationally watch myself acting like a jackass. Fuck that, I like the warm fuzzy loving belligerence of my bourbon drunk.

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>am i a bitch if my drink of choice is a vodka sour
No, but you ARE a bitch for caring what other people think of you based on what the fuck you are drinking. Grow a pair of balls and drink whatever the fuck you want, and if people try making fun of it laugh at them and call them a bunch of flaming faggots for giving a fuck about what you choose to drink.

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also try vodka + fresh squeezed citrus juice like grapefruit + tonic for less sugar

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I'm about 3-4 cocktails deep tonight thus far. It's been a gin night.

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This is what I'm literally sipping on right now. It's a touch sweeter than the previous pic but hey it's shitty store bought grenadine so you can't expect anything but red food coloring and sugar water. Damn it's not even 9pm yet.

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I made a nice Casino Cocktail earlier in the evening with one of if not well the only garnish I have on hand, some luxardo cherries. Quality Barfly stainless steel garnish picks because when you're born and raised a Floridian only a sword pick will ever do for a garnish.

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I made this last weekend to work on my garnish game. Anyone watch youtube cocktail channels like Educated Barfly, Cocktail Chemistry, Common Man Cocktails, and How to Drink?

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>lime juice made from organic lemons

>> No.12890728

>whiskey smells like ass
absolutely plebian

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I like whiskey but i dont like sodas
I dont like vodka
What are some liquors that pair well with like lemonade or juices and liquors that go well

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No. That looks decent but I don't watch youtube anything, that shit is so pretentious that I can't take it, I also wont deal with the constant retard level commercials.

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whiskey sour, use a rye whiskey if you can

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It's also google crap which makes it super annoying.

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vodka makes me want to hurt others

bourbon makes me happy

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There's nothing wrong with hurting googlefags

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If I just started really drinking and so far i've only been drinking Jameson where should i go from here? I'm getting kind of tired of it even though i like it .

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Out of all the channels I mentioned I enjoy Educated Barfly the most since he's an actual bartender who seems to really enjoy the craft of making cocktails. Behind him I'd say Cocktail Chemistry is good since he enjoys the science and art of cocktail making. I wouldn't brush it off as 'google shit' or pretentious.

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Honestly any fag that tries to knock you for not drinking rotgut straight isn't worth listening to.

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If you want something just a tiny bit different, try Bushmills. If you want something moderately different, Johnny Walker. Something very different but still whiskey, try Jim Beam Rye. Something completely different, treat yourself to a bottle of Bombay Sapphire and drink it ice cold.

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opie here
cba with you'ing all those who thought i was >implying that i posed the question because someone was judging me

i was just thinking for myself -- is it a bitch drank or no

looks like 'no' from most replies thanks bros your my friends

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Faggots the lot of you.
Who /PBR/ here?

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I've been drinking every single night for over a year, usually just one but sometimes two or three. Should I be worried about my liver?

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I'm sorry that I can handle more than 5.0 ABV and have taste buds. How's the liquid apocalypse working out for you Wisconsin?

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Where do you buy one of those canteen things? Something I can hold alc in my jacket pocket or some shit

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A flask, you can buy them at any store really, look in some glassware or kitchen supply area of a store. Sometimes even liquor stores have them if something is on sale, a flask might be included with a bottle.

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I'd almost feel bad doing that chick, she looks semi-retarded. "almost"

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Gay wad.

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pbr is good. fuck contrarians.

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>red bull and alcohol
>soda and alcohol
>using chasers
What kind of underaged nigger...?

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There's no drunk like wine drunk.
It's fuzzy, warm, cozy, happy, and sleepy soft.
Clear liquors go straight to the head and make you act stupid, while I find that dark liquors make you a little belligerent/crazy and you either want to fight or get naked.

Beer drunk is just for dads.

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>red bull and alcohol
I like red bull taste, I'm not affected by caffeine, it masks the alcohol aftertaste very well.
>soda and alcohol
Rum is a great pair to soda. It works especially well with Dr Pepper. Brandy also works with Dr Pepper quite nice, actually.
>using chasers
Only a literal fucking retard would willingly participate in a drinking event without sparkly chasers. Last time I've done that (I was drinking with my father and uncles), I downed a bottle of vodka because I just could not get drunk. It only got to me a couple of hours later and ruined my whole next day.
You don't need that for a beer or sparkling wine but I don't like either.
Assuming we're talking about good aged cognac, it's the only stuff that has the taste interesting enough to be worth drinking on its own. Every other drink is just a mean to get drunk no matter how hipster you're pretending to be.

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old fashioned. redneck riviera, angostura, sugar cube, water.

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Why negroni is such a meme? I think it is popular just because people subconsciously want to say nigger?

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It's a good and well balanced drink when done right.

>> No.12893335

Fact: Natty Ice is the best beer on earth. The perfect blend of flavor, alcohol content, and calories.

>> No.12893340

I never tried to do it myself. Don't wanna buy bottles I'll use occasionally just for one drink.
>Wel balanced
It shouldn't be very bitter, right? The ones I ordered were.

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>he doesn't drink Gin&tonic

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Who cares anon, Alcohol is foul tasting, might as well try downing it with something that tastes good.

>> No.12893399

Get a vodka collins and now you're fancy

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Distinguished spirits is a pretty solid channel, especially if you are interested in tiki drinks

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happy cat

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Underaged nigger detected.
>rum is a great pair to soda
Rum is ultra-sweet and soda is ultra-sweet. What's it like having a dumbed down, sugar-addicted baby palate? Faggot.

>> No.12893891

That's a lotta projecting and insecurities bundled in a single post.

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It shouldnt be too bitter, I had the oppodite problem though, some were too sweet.
When it's done right it's well balanced, has some body but not overly heavy and the orange zest gives it an additional freshness.

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>Vodka straight (~100ml shot) followed by sipping on a soda (Coke, Dr Pepper, etc.)


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>mixing your liquor with corn syrup
I really hope you're underage.

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Whiskey and Coke > Literally anything you like that isn't Whiskey and Coke. Prove me wrong pussy. (Protip: It's not possible, faggot. I'm objectively right 101% of the time, and hard science has proved it as a KNOWN FACT that absolutely nobody can disprove me.)

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>implying Wisconsigonians drink anything but Miller and brandy

You're thinking Michigan there, bud

>> No.12894387

Discovered the vesper martini and the corpse reviver#2 over the weekend. Good stuff.

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Personally, my drink of choice is always the Manhattan. Hard to screw up, not too harsh but will get you drunk. I am also partial to a Dark and Stormy

>> No.12895525

Cuba Libre is my go-to cocktail.
Dead simple and delicious.

>> No.12895554

Going to rehab in the morning. Had DTs in the ER and finally decided to give it a go. Wish me luck. Shaking sweating anxiety is on overdrive. Have 6 or 7 for me

>> No.12895881

41 days sober. I want to drink basically everyday because I'm shit.

>> No.12895892

>vodka sour
why not a spirit that adds something to the drink?

>> No.12895926

good luck man. it's going to be fucking rough but it really is one day at a time

>> No.12895946

How's that hipster life going, anon?

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fruit wine/mead/cider reporting in

>> No.12896012

No. You're a bitch for caring what other people think about what you like.

>> No.12896551

explain yourself shitposter

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File: 56 KB, 720x720, dirty-martini-720x720-recipe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I like olives

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steel reserve and king cobra for beer
straight popov or jim beam for liquor
i have a stomach ulcer

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>get some antibiotics from doctor for a badly infected cut
>check it out online
>legit to drink booze, no side effects when mixed
>sweet as
>two wine glasses in
>I'm fucking tanked like I had finished a bottle and a half

Good shit mayne

>> No.12897938

Don't let anybody tell you what you are anon.
You shouldn't drink alone is all. Enjoy your cocktails.

>> No.12898341

I've been mostly drinking gin and tonic with a bit of green chartreuse.

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Nothing wrong with your drink of choice. For me, it's The Balvenie 14 Rum Cask

>> No.12898426

It can't be good...but unless you're getting smashed every day then it shouldn't be a problem. My dad was drunk for 10 years straight and his liver according to tests is apparently in top condition meanwhile my Aunt who drinks on weekends only had severe damage, life just sucks like that

>> No.12898734

I am pissing away all the money I saved at the bar because I am alone and hurt in a foreign country. 28 drinks in one night apparently.

>> No.12898773

My drink of choice is a whiskey sour. I also like old fashioned and gin fizz.

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File: 594 KB, 1537x2122, C1AD05D3-776B-436A-AD76-C68A8D9513A5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What should I drink with root beer hinted seltzer?

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