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can someone help me translate this authentic american recipe into english?
>add 1 oak tree sized stick of butter to 3 and 5/16th score furlong circumcisionference pizza base
>top with top with 107 knuckle sized pieces of peperoni(apparently some kind of fake meat?), the more orange and greasy the better
>sprinkle with high fructose corn syrup and 6 million grains of kosher salt for the authentic new york 'za
>cook for one quarter of the miami dolphins game, plus three timeouts if you like it the colour of your ancestry.com results

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what do you expect from a 3rd world country?

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>american recipe
LOL! it's teh dubm american maymay xD

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>mix 2 pounds of butter with 10 cups of sugar
>why are we obese? Must be muh genetics

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the original recipe was printed on a mcchicken wrapper and the mayo stains made it hard to read, so i typed it up and added a few comments in parentheses and accidentally added that typo

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I wish there would be someone or a group of people that are responsible for this!

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>things that didn't happen

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Wow how’d you figure that out Einstein

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America is, by definition, THE first world country.

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>get called out for being a faggot
>double down on faggotry

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Post body

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Do...do they....really...

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>6 million grains of kosher salt

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when you're so retarded that you're incapable of finding a decent pizza in a country world-renowned for their pizza.

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poast fihzeek

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>tfw no Reimu gf

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>new world
>first world
pick one

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Oh look another foreigners butthurt about Ameri...
>if you like it the colour of your ancestry.com results
Ok that is fucking funny

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do americans really.....

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Only if you can translate this monkey excrement into Human.

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>6 million grains of kosher salt for the authentic new york 'za
Seems like an accurate recipe for that shit.

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some of the am*ricans on this board truly seem like a different species

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Irish potatoes are better than English drek.


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Oi! Do your have a loicense for that translation?

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You've clearly never been to Scandinavia.

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You have absolutely no idea what 1st, 2nd, and 3rd world countries actually refer to, I see.

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Have the less shitty version.

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Behold the might of a full size aircraft carrier. no music needed.

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American designed SLBM. American supplied SLBM. Launched with American equipment.

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Universal healthcare.

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let them die


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stay mad yuropoor, unlike you we dont have a government telling us what to eat and how much of it to eat. freedom isnt free

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Seething and obsessed pilled

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this post made me laugh and i continued to snicker while reading the amerishart cope comments, good work OP

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>we dont have a government telling us what to eat
your (((government))) is making you eat corn syrup in everything, sugar in everything, also half of your food is kosher voodoo stuff lol

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imagine being such a seething third worlder you make this thread every single day, then continue to samefag in the thread

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no it's not

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Booo get off the board! Get some original jokes ya hack!

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Write about it in your diary. I'll be over at 6 to rain democracy then ill stir last night haggis in your mom

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Being foreign must be so weird. Seems like if you're not American, all you do is spend your time thinking about Americans. What a strange existence.

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>tfw u faind out amerikanns rilly du zis

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