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Is it fun to cook with friends?

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only if you're both girls and eat off eachothers forks and pass food back and forth with your tongue

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Only if they're competent in the kitchen. It's not fun to cook with someone who can burn water. But it's kinda nice and kino makin dinner and drinking beers with the boys. And when I say hey anon can you dice that Vidalia or go onto the deck and do these steaks mid rare, and they can execute it just fine without asking for help or fucking it up. Sure it can be loads of fun. If you have that one friend who can't cook though put him on refilling beers, playing DJ, and rolling swishers.

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Fuckin' based

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You sound like a complete tool. I'm guessing you don't even have friends.

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Oh, I'm sorry your buddies don't like to hang out with you and consume social drugs. My condolences anon.

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post yui hugging a pillow

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>be cooking with bf
>ask him to peel some potatoes
>after a while he tells me he's done
>tell him to clean up the mess he made in the sink
>comes around behind me and says "oops I forgot to peel this one haha"
>starts fondling my dick and peeling the foreskin

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