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I cannot believe americans would do such a thing...

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What am I looking at?

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Is that keto? At least he'll get a good colon cleansing?

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a european doing his favorite activity, talking about americans

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Ketotards be like...

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The fuck? I know ketotards are retarded, but damn!

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Why would you post an image of this online as if you are proud of it

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Well if Europeans like America so much why don't they marry America

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why are europeans so judgemental?

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Why do Americans even offer butter flavoured oil? Like what’s the point of processing two basic pure ingredients like butter and oil?

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Why do Europeans always act like processed food doesn't exist over there?

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believe it, yuronigger

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Because then the only thing they have over Americans would be built upon a lie.

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Margarine is a healthy alternative to butter.

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Isn't margarine on its way to becoming illegal?

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>When you have no food.
No food at all? None? No rice to add that butter to? NOTHING? Think about this.

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He's just trying to find an excuse to eat pure butter.

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Yes, in the UK you need to have a margarine license in order to legally own and cook with margarine.

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Dulcitch is a hick who hits cars with a hammer. Colour me surprised

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Do Americans really consume butter as a snack bar?

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someone post that girl deepthroating a butter bar

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>Be America
>Hand over Europe to the jews
>Start crying when europeans say mean things about you

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Margarine was invented to feed the peasants if France no?

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The soldiers of France I think, but yeah.

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Margarine was invented to increase ration yield for war campaigns.
And for some dilution blends its okay for mass usage. 30% butter and 50% butter can be fine.

But once its some milk powder and salt, its pretty extreme. Thats not even resembling margarine. Thats butter flavored oil.

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based and butterpilled.

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no, margarine is way worse for your helth than butter you fucking brainlet.

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hopefully soon.

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Kind of true there. Margarine could be made with beef tallow and lard, plus raising cows for slaughter was considered more effective at the time than commercial production of dairy products. It's wasn't diluted butter to begin with, it was always a butter alternative meant to tide over the lower-classes and soldiers. Using actual butter or milk ingredients to flavour plant-based margarine is a modern invention.

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absolutely obsessed. its not even a meme. also if you ever go anywhere in Europe, notice the amount of American fast food everwhere.

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but that is ironic fastfood

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Yurocucks are tsundere as fuck when it comes to USA-senpai.

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