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What do they eat?

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Meatloaf, grilled steak, porkchops, mashed perpaters, corn, way too much delivery food, an odd amount of sandwiches made at home. I lived there for a while.

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Anyone downtown want to hang out at Tappers? I'm here right now.

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what is this? admit it, you just made this up didn't you. there's no way that a US state would be called INDIA

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i personally get a farm share so i'm cooking with a lot of locally grown/raised veggies and meat. in general a lot of walmart shit though.

t. fort wayne

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I found out not long ago that Gary is no longer the murder capital of the nation. It's still an awful fucking toilet, but well done.

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Tater tot hotdish or some variation of it
Boiled meats with no seasoning
Basically the white people food meme is what they eat 24/7

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>Tater tot hotdish or some variation of it
I lived there for 33 years and never once heard anyone mention hotdish outside of pinterest.

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"or some variation of it" implies any shitty casserole with canned/frozen garbage. Hotdish is basically a beefed up green bean casserole, anyway. Shitty casseroles are a staple Midwestern standby.

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You seem to have read "I don't know what that is" and that's wrong.

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lots of this

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2 tbsp.
vegetable oil
onion, diced
1 1/2 lb.
ground beef
1 tsp.
garlic powder
Kosher salt
Freshly ground black pepper
2 c.
frozen cut green beans, thawed and drained
1 c.
frozen corn, thawed and drained
cans cream of mushroom soup
(32-oz.) package tater tots, thawed

It's quite literally a beefed up green bean casserole with tater tots. Stop defending your shitty state. I live here now (Jackson country) and it is devoid of any culinary value. The only decent thing to eat here is Mexican food.

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Reading isn't as hard as you're making it, even in Indiana.

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lmfao at you getting so triggered over hotdish and Indiana's shitty food. I bet you ate pic related an hour ago.

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>doubling down on illiteracy by pretending to be black

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Look at this triggered boomer Hoosier. Your state is garbage and your food is absolute SHIT.

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[Breathes heavily in Minnesotan]

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you're embarrassing yourself so hard here, you aren't even aware of what the other guy is talking about
you basically just decided to start an argument for no reason, stupid normalscum

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ITT: completely buttmad Hoosiers defend their black twitter tier meme food.

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dude he humiliated himself in front of an anonymous Chinese piss bottle forum. he'll never live it down.

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you see there's a town called Gary too? Someone's having a joke

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Can't murder anyone if nobody lives there.

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I've been in Indiana 30 years and haven't seen a single pork tenderloin sandwich served in a house. It's a meme for the highway diners to sling cheaply.

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Thank god you speak for all of Indiana. Not.

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insects are popular at festivals and fairs.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lA0KH_AF4Fk

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It's the only worthwhile thing to eat in Indiana and no one even makes it at home kek.

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let me guess, you think the calf brain sandwiches are for the locals too?

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whatever the coasties were eating 2-3 years ago, plus green bean casserole and sugar cream pie.

Been in Indiana for 7 years now, the oddest thing I've found is that everyone serves chili with peanut butter sandwiches, home or restaurant. If it's a fancier place, they'll serve it with a peanut butter and honey sandwich.

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christ, you're boring.

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Whenever someone posts a map I always like to pick some random town and stroll through it a bit with streetview. To get a feel how it would be like to live there. Checked out Kokomo due to the recognizable name.
Man that has to be the most boring place I've ever looked at. I'm actually a bit depressed now.

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Get it right, it's heroine. Hillbillies are known for meth but Indiana is famous for one of the highest if not the highest heroine trafficking in the country. It's fucking scary. And a lot of other shit is sold. There's been a ton of deaths not just because of ODs but because of ODs on drugs that were cut with bad shit. And when I was visiting just a couple years ago there were bedbugs even in the nice neighborhoods and they outlawed a lot of the chemicals to deal with them.

Don't visit there until they sort their shit. Their fairs/carnivals used to be fun and have good food but don't lodge there.

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>Hillbillies are known for meth but Indiana is famous for one of the highest if not the highest heroine trafficking in the country.

I didn't realize that Indiana had such a huge black market female hero smuggling racket. Do they traffic pirated movies, comic books, or both?

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>tfw grew up 30 minutes from Kokomo
Can confirm it's shit.

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Come on pretty mama

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>implying they don't raise real genetic freaks to smuggle
You are clearly unfamiliar with all the various dumping grounds there, or shit that leaks/floats out of refiners all the way to the highway because inspectors are cheap.

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my dick lol

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Some of the tenderloin enthusiasts do, its much easier to go to your diner who has a recipe you really enjoy instead of getting yours just right
Part of the joy is going to different places to find the perfect sandwich for you

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>chili with peanut butter sandwiches, home or restaurant
I refuse to believe this is a thing. Post a picture of a restaurant menu for proof.

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Always found this weird. My mother has pb and j with chili. Had to break that tradition young. It will die in our family with her.

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am hoosier.


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My wife is from southern Indiana. Her mom makes this dish with pineapple, ritz crackers and cheddar cheese. It’s like a casserole.

Shit sounds gross but it’s so good and I eat a ton of it on thanksgiving

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it's sadly true. backwards ass indianafags eat chili with a pb sandwich instead of a cinnamon roll.

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Like many midwest states, during the summer we have plenty of farm type shit. Biggest thing would be sweet corn. And BBQ. Don't believe the "boiled meat" tier meme. That's for trailerpark trash. Hicks know how to season.

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which cultural district is most bullshit

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Cultural district? What'cha mean?

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While I wait for that reply, here's a very uniquely Hoosier food item.

Sugar Cream Pie.

Though, it does exist in places like France and such, stateside I've only ever seen it in my native Indiana.

Think of a custardy type pie, but more firm. Served cold, it's pretty much just a creamy and maybe a bit nutty flavor to it. The local bakery makes it with old fashioned lard-crackery crust.

Basically diabetes.


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my bad i assumed indianapolis

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I'm from South Central Indiana. I only go into Indy to visit friends or on my way to Broadripple. Don't want to be shot.

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oh wow, I didn't know they do communal garbage plates in indiana.

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Pic related, but only the chicken and potatoes, the peas and carrots have too much flavor for the boomers that still live in flyoverland.

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> implying flyover doesn't mean we have all day to make nice roasts and bbqs and shit

fuck off

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you must be a huge pussy if you're afraid of being shot in Indianapolis.

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The truth is I just don't like brown people.

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Stop defending your shitty state. Literally nobody in the Midwest knows what salt or pepper is. The good food is on the coasts. We should nuke you flyovers since you obviously haven’t developed a culture.

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are you implying we dont have the same shitskin niggers that bring their good food in the middle of the flyover states as well?

Yes you may have better spic food in your hellhole but we have just as many immigrants, pop up "neu-food" shit, and local shit as you.

Where are you from and what is your state known for?

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imagine being so friendless that you pretend to care this much about what other people are eating

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>flyover states forged and mapped by the French and English who braved the interior of the country against raiding Indian parties, famine, disease and weather.
>supply majority of the food for country and exports
>get literally assfucked by every politician on the face of the earth as jobs are flown away and industries shut down

I hate New York

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A better state than you, that’s for fucking sure. Born in Texas, living in Cali, literally the two food centers of the country. Your flyover ass would be blown away if you could try the food but I’m afraid it’d be too spicy for your palette. I’d recommend ice water but even that might be too much for you.

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>Born in Texas, living in Cali

Aka two places that needed a nuke more than Japan

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Why do have this obsession with Indiana? Why not ask this same question of other states?

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> flyover states have not heard of spices

You are literally embarrassing yourself, liberal. Go back to r/blackpeopletwitter and think that we don't know how to cook.

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Yeah, then the rest of the country would be filled with tastelets

Prove me wrong

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>calling someone else a flyover
>literally being from the state famous for faggot cow ranching

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At least my states have a culture. Your culture is tatertot casserole and TV dramas. I pity the flyovers.

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Who do you think brought all of those foods to you, faggot? California is like 90% transplants from other states. Food diversity is nearly everywhere, including flyover states.

Your "culture" is "its a mix of everyones culture".

Have some fucking taste and at least develop regional delicacies that aren't Kombucha or fucking La Croix hipster.

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Do me one better, name me a dish you have that I can't get here. (Besides specific dishes to one singular restaurant).

Aka something like the above I posted, a regional thing like Maple / Sugar Pies. That exists all over areas of the state. Something that's not like "Oh I can get a Mission Burrito". No shit, it's a big ass burrito from that side of town.

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Hmmmm.... Welp I'm gonna hop off for awhile and finish my bowl of popcorn.

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Is that any different than chess pie? Chess pie is pretty great.

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Chess pie looks very granulated and has what looks to be a cakey texture, though moist.

This is literally flubbery and almost jellolike, but since its dairy its smooth af.

>> No.12864610

almost like a flan texture

>> No.12864611

Hey fucko, pork tenderloin sandwiches are an Iowa thing

>> No.12864612

Interesting, I'd consider both of those textures to just be different styles of chess pie but I guess there are different ways of calling them.

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One of my biggest fears is living in one of these shithole states. Imagine having to cook your own food daily because there are no michelin noted restaurants within a week's driving distance of you

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In kokomo now, its shitty, but I've seen worse

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Type chili with peanut butter sandwich and Indiana is mostly mentioned. One for south Illinois.

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>Imagine having to cook your own food daily
What the hell are you doing here then?

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I was there yesterday, maybe we crossed paths.

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kentucky jelly

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our money with government farm subsidies

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Why has no one mentioned foot high pie?

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shut the fuck up, Bill
don't you have research to do?

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Not too many people cook here outside of boxes, frozen shot. Tons of fast food.

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They eat lots of curry, but not beef because to them the cow is a sacred animal.

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did this muthafuka just try to " not" in 2019?

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Lol, wait until the numbers come out finding how many women only date men for the rooming.
Shit's gonna hurt the Valentine's Day market.

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And you have some of the worst water in the states I hear.
And not who you were replying to, but,
>heroine like the female superhero... it flew right over you and your state there buddy
But do you think that heroin problem has any correlation to the rumored rise in middle-aged, white-collar females actually being found to be abusing heron and morphine-whatevers since the past decade?
Is there something there? I'm just curious.

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Why are some parts of the US such extreme dumps?
I'm a kraut living in the Ruhr area (the german rust belt) which generally is pretty poor, and the messed shit in the US you regularly read about is just so bizarre to me.

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why are parts of Europe such extreme dumps? because poor people and drug addicts live there and there are a lack of jobs. try using those two brain cells you possess, anon.

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I lived in Indiana for almost 20 years can confirm

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>tfw no bf to go to fancy resturant with

I've seen this thread on 3 boards now.

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Indiana invented Schoop's burgers, that coasties shamelessly stole (at least the bald fag that hosts hot ones gave credit) and renamed "smash burgers" where it's wide burgers pressed so thin they're crispy crunchy on the outside

also Green River and Chocolate Cow drinks

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Coastal fags

>> No.12868983

My man knows what's up

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I'm from Terre Haute. AMA

>> No.12868994

Ever been down to Columbus? Old fashioned Zaharakos Soda Pull / Ice Cream parlour has good green rivers and homemade icecream.

Food is shit though.

>> No.12868999

>Man that has to be the most boring place I've ever looked at. I'm actually a bit depressed now.
Welcome to Indiana desu if you're interested in high end restaurants and typical urban coastal life.

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Saw thread on front page came to post this

>> No.12869228

I like Shepherd's Pie. Whenever I make some and it will last me about a week, and to this day, i've never gotten tired of it.

>> No.12869330

Terrible Haute, nobody has anything to ask you.

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So your geographically tiny country, area living in a poor region is confused as to why a country the size of your continent has poor areas? It's comforting to know you check in on us. Apologies for any typos, it's late as hell here.

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>What do they eat?
mostly stuff I would try at most once or twice every other year at most and be entirely disappointed

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I've lived all over the country. Been in Indianapolis for the past 10 years. It's not that bad. Some pretty good restaurants. I'm surprised how many Hoosiers are reporting in on this thread. Last time it was posted i got hella (You)s cuz not that many other people spoke up

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>Been in Indianapolis for the past 10 years.
list top ten things you had last month that you have had the month before also

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Fucking die already.

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The most coastie restaurant we have is probably Milktooth, but it is also excellent breks/brunch. Have you had Mimi's Blue? Really good, comfy place. Could probably make half the meatballs on my own, but their specialty balls and sides are good. Next time will probably get meatballs on a bed of polenta.

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jowl bacon

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There’s a budding food scene and you can find little examples of things done very right if you’re willing to venture out of the city. That said, if you want lots of restaurant options, this is not the state for you. Or happiness, matter of fact. We’ve been ranked top 10 for a decade or so in depression, rank 2 last 2 years.

Personally I think this is caused by the fact that we have absolutely zero mountains and very little forests (mowed down for agriculture) for entertainment - this is probably also why most people here are bored enough that drugs because appealing. Lots of meth, heroin, coke heads here. Lots of people into tripping. Lots of smokers. It’s only when I leave the state and come back I learn this lesson over and over. I’m moving when possible.

>> No.12871334

I hate bumping a 6 hr old dead thread but i haven't had a chance to respond to this. Are you actually interested in where I've ate or are you just going to shit on my opinion? I feel like this is a homework assignment and that i should say my dog ate it. If you're not trolling, there are some good spots, one or two have already been mentioned in this thread

>> No.12871576

Been here for 10 years. Mostly corn and grilled food in the summer. Lots of hunters in my area make venison stew and jerky. In autumn (and this is an indiana thing alone) is bombing cheap cinnamon whiskey in cider around a bonfire. I was born in cape cod for reference but when i see the open fields and the moonlight on the wabash, i know im in the right spot.

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Im not afraid of being shot in indidnapolis.
But thats because i take advantage of my states based gun laws and stay strapped if im entering an area 10% nig or more.

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I'm interested! I also live in Indy. Pic related, my favorite thing to eat in Indy. Pastrami on rye from Shapiro's.

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The jew fears the artisan quiche maker.
t. Hoosier

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I dont think about you at all.

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I recognize this map. This map is from Encarta.

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>I bet you ate pic related an hour ago.
What are you doing putting all that pepper on it? Don't want no foreign bullcrap like that!

>> No.12871860

based. love Shapiro's. off the top of my head, The Ugly Crab in Avon, Working Man's Friend sorta over by IUPUI, Thai Spice in Greenwood, Mesh on Mass Ave, had a good pizza over at Union Jack in BRip, Bazbeaux is over there too which is my grandparent's go-to for pizza. Had a good sandwich from Puccini's Smiling Teeth, in the same vein. Metro Diner is a workplace staple, seems like we go there once a week. so as you can tell, nothing earth-shattering i keep it pretty simple for the most part, but there are a lot of great restaurants on almost every side of the city (don't really ever venture to the east side desu)

>> No.12871879

oops i guess that's only 8 and you asked for 10, so i'll throw in the Rathskeller which I am looking forward to going to this month for some big Warsteiners and maybe some live music... aaaaand Giorgio's Pizza on the Circle, anytime I'm near there I'll grab a slice

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Lived in Indiana my whole life, my job requires me to travel and spend time in a lot of different cities, and I am always glad to get back to my little farm house in the sticks.
Personally we try to eat locally farmed foods. All the burger in my freezer is mixed 50/50 deer, and my basement is full of Ball jars. Farmers markets and the Amish are a go to as well. I grew up around bbq, and have spent many hours watching a pit. Indiana has no identity when it comes to bbq, so we just fuck around with what everybody else does.
Tenderloin sandwiches. First thing you should know is that it is made from a pork loin, not the actual tenderloin. Sliced thin and pound flat, breaded and fried. Indiana is a big pork producing state.
Chili with PB. I have no idea how this came about, and I don't care. I had to eat it in grade school, but I prefer a Texas style chili, and I'm convinced half the population of my state puts pasta in chili or makes chili "soup". Not a fan but at least it's better than that shit they serve in Cincinnati.
Corn. It's fucking everywhere, it's served everywhere, but an ear of sweetcorn right off the plant and on the grill is very good. Garden fresh tomatoes too.
Biscuits and gravy, flyover midwest staple. Beans and corn bread is a hold over from back in the day. Sweet tea at one time was hard to find, luckily people are getting with it now.
Fried chicken. Best kept secret. In southern Indiana we have "chicken houses", restaurants known for fried chicken. The best ones use smaller, banty chickens, and a lot of them pan fry.
The majority of rural Indiana is German and Dutch settled, octoberfests are always worth going to.

>> No.12872024

Zaharakos sucks! Been there a couple of times for sandwiches. Only neat thing about it is the pianos.

>> No.12872029

I feel like I've eaten my way through Bluebeard and Milktooth and they dont have anything else to offer me. Are Mimi's different at each location? I went to the one in Carmel and it was ok.

>> No.12872037

Will you be at Rathskeller Oktoberfest?

Also, shout-out to Heidelberg Haus off Pendleton.

>> No.12872046

This. Ten million farms around me in Fort Wayne.
OP, we eat everything everyone else does. Are you expecting like dirt and earthworms or something? We’ve got poke, Asian fusion, Korean, Vietnamese, whatever you want. We’re known for long smashed tenderloins but that’s about it.

>> No.12872072

This trolling really annoys me because it’s so unrealistic. You’re actually saying that everyone in the Midwest has never heard of salt or pepper, eats some random garbage you keep finding pictures of, and just 12 year old meme shit. The Midwest is California without the ocean and everything’s cheaper.

>> No.12872086

Angry Iowan can’t even get a thread about his state lol

>> No.12872089

This is the person who starts threads like this. They don’t even cook. All they do is bitch and bitch and are mad everywhere isn’t New York or LA.

>> No.12872233

Much of my attitude towards jews comes from knowing a few. All of them that ive known hate shapiros for som reason. Also im gonna give new england pizza and for obvious reasons seafood. Other than that theres nothing you can get there that beats the pants off what you can get here.

>> No.12872295

Checked and accurate. There are farmers markets everywhere and indiana has some great breweries. Im a slut for belgian beer and theres a brewery called taxman that is fantastic and very authentic out of Bargersville. Sun king is overrated tho imo.

>> No.12872349

As someone who has been to cali several times and has a job that requires i talk to folks from cali all day i resent tgis remark. And heres why: people from cali are fake. And they flake on everything theyre crazy superficial. They believe in everything and nothing and the only tenant they hold dear is unearned superiority. Theres a reason california is bankrupt. Its because its a tourist attraction that wen out of style and everyone living there is high on their own retarded "but yes im better than you" ideology. Its a dead land.

>> No.12872356

And thats probably why so many of them are jumping ship. The socialist utopia didnt work in cali, better move to texa and vote for beto!

>> No.12872361

Go to university in Northern indiana. Easily the biggest downside to being at school is there is no good local food. Endless flat void of chain restaurants and department stores. At least the locals are very nice.

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>> No.12872500

I was there Saturday and Sunday anon, maybe we've seen each other

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That's why I said it's only good for icecream and craft sodas.

>> No.12872871

Where's this?

>> No.12872876

Fuck that looks delicious.

>> No.12872886

Why even bother with the bun at this point?

>> No.12872910

I used to go there all the time when I lived in Indiana. Fun place.

>> No.12873011

Allow me to shill for a second: Saigon, the Vietnamese restaurant downtown across from some comic book store and next to a nail salon, has the CUTEST Asian mom waitress. Good food, too.

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>> No.12873541

Why am I a Hoosier? Because I was born here you fucking troglodyte. Why do you ask retarded questions?

>> No.12873544

nani the fuck is this tendie?!

>> No.12873753

Thought that was roast Sauron from the thumbnail.

>> No.12874188

that right there
>apart from the unrefridgerated mayo
is heaven on a plate, son

>> No.12874267

where are you supposed to deep fry (or fry for that matter) these things?

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Pork tebderloins are bad ass
The best tenderloins are at plumps last shot
Or the aristocrat

Taste of havana in broad ripple has amazing traditional cuban sandwhiches prepared in the traditional way

Thunderbird in fountain square has the best food in town. Order the naptown chicken biscuit

Kumas corner has a special where you can get a shot if malort and an olde fasioned for 4 bucks

Pucchinis has the best pizza in the state

Union jacks has amazing deep dish pizzas but its not chicago style, its more like a traditional style. Dont get any of the following toppings on the pizza because it stews and will ruine the taste: pepperoni, olives, bacon, anchovies
Toppings to get: mushrooms, garlic, sausage

Bento near iupui has amazing authentic chinese food including congee with century eggs and stuff like that

Tian fu on the north side has similair type items but not necessarily as good.

>> No.12874288

Pan fry usually.

>> No.12874289

that's a big pan

>> No.12874297

Literally nobody calls a casserole "hotdish" outside of Minnesota.

>> No.12874300

I literally dont know what the fuck a hotdish is and ive never had tots outside if school cafeterias.

>> No.12874307

Dude idk what yourebtalking about but that sounds disgusting. My family is entirely rural and i live in a city so im pretty ingrained in both sides and have never heard if such a disgusting thing.

>> No.12874310


>> No.12874356

>women use men for their resources


>> No.12874370

just like niggers dump some generic spice mix on their food, wow so cultured "humans"

>> No.12874534


>> No.12874699

Those pics are a pretty extreme example. Most people just use a 10" or 12" skillet.

>> No.12874744

4 u

>> No.12874855
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Fort Wayne here.

We've got a lot of generic shit mixed in with a ton of Burmese and Asian restaurants.

>> No.12874922

My mom makes them all the time. Sucks to suck I guess.

>> No.12874932

we had this shit for school lunch in indiana, never understood it

>> No.12874953

We did too. It's delicious.

>> No.12875115

>have to drive through Indiana
>the people are all kind of ugly there
I don't get it, I'm not just talking fat and old, but their faces are worse and their hair is dull, skin sallow.

>> No.12875137

Most of the coons are in Illinois, Indiana has some pajeets and spics but seems pretty damned white.

>> No.12875216
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This is the child’s size pork tenderloin sandwich

>> No.12876148

Thank you

>> No.12876280

I love Kumas

>> No.12877310 [DELETED] 

Pho Indy is the bee's knees

>> No.12877338

>recommends a $10 ham sandwich and thinks any special involving malort is worth buying except as an epic prank on your friends
Disregard this guy, his other opinions probably suck too.

>> No.12877342

Maybe this is a southern Indiana thing because I've never heard of it in the 30 years I've lived here...

>> No.12877411

I'm from central Illinois, and so were both of my parents, and that's how my dad would always eat chili when I was growing up. I do too sometimes. It's tasty.