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What's the best oil for popcorn?
Somehow one I buy at cinema or from the street tastes much better than one I make at home.

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Jalapeno oil

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If you want it to taste like the movie theater's use the butter flavored oil that some of the popcorn companies sell

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What about cock'o'nut oil?

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You should watch the episode of good eats about popcorn. Talks about oils, prep, ect

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You need flavacol. Just order a carton of flavacol off of amazon. Only way to get theatre taste

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>or from the street
You in China, OP? Stay away from the fucking gutter oil, man.

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Thank God no. Yea I saw that documentary, Jesus.

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I prefer peanut oil for popping corn in a pot or skillet.

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Sunflower oil is the best choice in 90% of all cooking.
Peanut oil for Chinese stuff.

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Coconut oil gives you a nice, buttery carnival flavor

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Butter oil. It comes in big slabs of pale fat that you have to melt down.

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>Sunflower oil is the best choice in 90% of all cooking.
Especially for frying.

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Tried that. Leaves soot and burns popcorn.

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I'm pretty sure flavacol is a finishing oil, it's not meant for the actual cooking.

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It's a seasoning mix that goes with the coconut oil

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Yeah but once the popcorn is popped then squirt some flavacol on it and toss it around to mix it up?

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Isn't that palm oil?

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That or put your kernels, oil and flavacol all in a large pot and cook it over the stove. It's not a liquid it's a fine powder that has a cinema butter flavoring to it. Use maybe a little less than a teaspoon for 1/3 cup of kernels. Just sprinkle a little more if you want but that shit is potent. When I worked at the cinema awhile back we'd have flavacol come in massive 30lb boxes

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Hot oil (like for Nashville)

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>cooking corn in oil
>what kind would be best to use to enhance corn flavor?
Damn, it's a mystery why corn oil doesn't exist!

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Coconut oil definitely

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ghee/clarified butter

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At the theater they use butter flavored and yellow dyed coconut oil and flavacol. I use regular coconut oil, because I already have it plus the flavacol I bought. It really does taste like movie popcorn, but I'm pretty sure you can use canola oil with flavacol and get a pretty close movie theater replica. The flavacol is very important, because the salt crystals are a special size and shape that adhere to the popcorn perfectly and evenly plus I feel like there has to be some MSG or something in it that makes it crack-like addictive. You can buy it on Amazon or other online retailers, and the box enormous considering you only need a very small amount of it for each batch. It's seriously like a lifetime supply for me since I only make a small batch maybe once per week or less.

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You heat the butter flavored coconut/plain coconut oil/coconut oil + butter/other oil and the flavacol together until fairly hot then add the kernels. You can sprinkle a little more flavacol on the finished product too if you want.

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Sounds like you’re using butter, not clarified butter. There should be no burned bits in clarified butter

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this for popping, and then regular butter for the topping

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This is correct for maximum butter flavor

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That's the point. Theater popcorn tastes the way that it does because of the flavacol and not the oil (which is a basic neutral cooking oil like coconut or vegetable oil).

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Canola oil is buttery, good for you, and tastes amazing when used for popcorn popping.

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This is an example of the oil theaters use. This one is actually just coconut oil and beta carotene with no artificial butter flavor. But I wouldn't recommend going out of your way to buy coconut oil before just trying it with canola oil.

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Coconut oil, because it is solid at room temperature. Gives it the expected texture.

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Also I like to add a bit of room temperature butter and mix it around.

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Here is the simple basic.
>Coconut Oil
>Use fine grained salt (pickling or grind some yourself).
>Butter optional.

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Gutter oil.

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My theatre uses coconut oil and butter flavored salt

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Well, the one at the cinema is a flavored oil with things like butter flavoring, turmeric and other natural colors or artificial colors. It used to be solid-at-room-temperature coconut and palm oils that were hydrogenated, til the food police started complaining. Coconut is still used, just not partially hydrogenated as much.

If you're using a pot on your stove, that measly 1-2Tbsp of oil can get pretty hot, pretty fast, even smoke and breakdown, and this is why an oil like peanut is recommended. Breaking down oil is indeed not healthy. Flavorwise, peanut is pretty neutral and blended or 100% corn oil actually tastes like popcorn tastes. I use the Orville flavored oil, olive oil, crisco oil (which I buy for cake making), or whatever. To me, the real difference in flavor comes from using big fluffy oversized gmo to completely pop so it doesn't bust your teeth jars of Orville kernels, freshly bought for ideal moisture content. Then, I use real butter (microwave) to drizzle over, and sea salt from a grinder on finest setting (or mortons popcorn salt). If I want my popcorn flavored? I pan fry some scissored strips of dried ancho peppers in olive oil The oil and crunchy black pepper strips are my flavor, and I might hit it with key lime zest, salt and even juice if I want it sour too. Chili-lime popcorn is really satisfying.
One brand of microwave popcorn makes a caramel popcorn that comes with a metal packet that has a thick slab of caramel-butter that melts over the top of the popcorn when you lay it on there. I will first pour over some salted mixed nuts on top, and my chili strips, then the caramel, sweet, hot, salty, buttery, crunchy, soft, everything at once, can even throw in peanut butter cups or mini chips, whatever is in your pantry, because it'll get nicely coated with the caramel...and it's awesome for movie night. Quick popcorn ball kind of mood.

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