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ITT: Foods that are delicious when raw, yet absolutely fucking disgusting when cooked.

I'll start.

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no it looks like i'll start

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Who the fuck do you know that cooks cucumbers? Huh? You better fucking tell me right now.

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OP nobody cooks cucumbers

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You dont like roasted carrots?

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Filet mignon

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Yes, we do. And they're delicious.

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My mom used to make me roasted bell peppers along with potatoes and carrots on the same pan in the oven

I didn't think they were bad at all, I preferred them raw but they weren't disgusting
Why didn't you like them? Was it because they were soggy?

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there's a dish made with tomato sauce, beef cuts and pickels sliced lenghtwise..it's tasty af..parents used to make it with leftover pickels from the winter

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Eastern Europe?

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oh yeah i forgot, fried cucumbers right?

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No thats tomatoes nvm

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Yeah, nothing better than a nice kale smoothie digestif after a long day grazing in a grassy field.

What are you, a fucking cow?

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Raw kale is good if you tenderize it in some way, like slicing it into thin strips and marinating in something acidic.

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raw kale is great actually if you arent a pussy

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>this dude never had cream of celery soup or sun dried bell peppers

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oh wow its almost as if anything can be good if you dont just eat it the way it was presented to you, who knew!?

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My Chinese wife used to cook them. Lettuce too. She stopped since she realized Canadian veggies can be eaten raw and you won’t die. Now she loves salads.

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>cooked peppers
lmao that is contrary to my opinion

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ill bite. literally all of these are 10x better cooked, but they all should only be cookedl ightly and have great care taken to not be overcooked or theyre ruined

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wtf no celery is absolutely disgusting raw. only somewhat bearable when you add a fuckton of ranch or pb which ruins the healthy snack aspect. celery soup is pretty damn pleasant

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>peanut butter
>not healthy
Maybe if you buy the shit that’s half sugar...

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a nice stalk of just salt n nut pb can still easily clock +200 cals

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>oh wow its almost as if

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>calories are unhealthy

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Lebanese cucumber curry dumbass

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>literally never made a stock or a sauce
Women were a fucking mistake

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Literally wrong

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>african nigger slop
>Hurr durr why dont you know about it.
Fuck off hipster piece of shit faggot.

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Wrong about all of those except cucumbers
Hell raw cucumbers are fucking gross

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I’m just posting this to see if I’m banned

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haven't had cajun food huh? or a fajita

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I love raw spinach so much but can't eat it once it's cooked. The texture is very off-putting.

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No such thing

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Unpopular opinion: tomatoes (not counting sauces)

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I'm Lebanese and that isn't a thing.

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i cant eat carbs what are good substitutes

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turkey bacon instead of tortilla chips

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