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for me its the

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with no mayo

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And add buffalo

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if we are confessing here i have to say i like only the fries and nuggets.
if i'm at McDonalds, i'm drunk or high, so i always order some triple patty burger which disappoints me.

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Or lettuce.
Yes I actually.

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McChickens don't have sesame street buns. Your bic related is a chicken jr. from borhuh kangz n sheeyit

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Chick Fil A is better in every possible way.

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chick fil a is actually pretty shitty. the breading sucks. too much salt. ironically, burger king has the superior chicken sammich. wendy's is a close second.

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You son of a bitch

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>ground up “chicken” sandwich
>better than actual real piece of chicken, with salt
You dumb bitch.

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Anon what the fuck

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except it's like 4x as expensive

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This. Burger King Original Chicken is superior in every way.

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burger king is the best fast food restaurant IF you get everything fresh

too bad all BKs near me are complete shitholes that let burgers sit for seemingly hours under the heat lamp

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>believing BK is good

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I like chicken and bread.

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This. Plain is the only way to eat a McChicken

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Spicy mcchicken is the only way to go

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The Long Chicken is not good, it's watery and crumbly, not eggworthy crunchy and firm like the McChicken.

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for me its the Double Filet o Fish

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Holy moly!

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