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Quality shitpost
If you don’t have natural gas, you’re poor

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Okay, but also Induction doesn't burn your house down if you ignite oil since theres no flame.
Plus theres no gas burner so no need to worry about pilot lights going out in the middle of the night, filling your house full of gas then when you go to plug in the toaster BLAMO.

Gas is a stupid concept in 2019 anyways.

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It's the cheapest form of heating. You're mentally retarded.

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Gas stove + Electric oven = heaven

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cheapest != best

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It also happens to be the best though

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>house filled with gas
>”smells like gas in here, I think I’ll plug in my toaster”

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Pilot light? What archaic technology are you using? The flame is ignited with a spark. The flow of gas is shut off completely when it is turned off.

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>Zero heat deadzones
>Miles ahead in efficiency
>Miles ahead in speed
>Heat control on par if not better than gas
>Built-in hotplate for keeping food warm
>Impresses ladies with touch control and fancy beeps
Stop lying to yourself.

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>explosions are the cheapest forms of heating

yeah it does heat up things very quickly but there are some issues.

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>zero heat deadzones
except the huge volume of air above the plate
>lift ban off stobe
on no wherd heat go :DDD fug

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>Impresses ladies

That's because ladies don't know shit about cooking. Virtually all professional kitchens are gas fitted. Also on a lot of induction cookers, there is interval heating where it will heat for a few seconds, turn off for a second and then heat again for a few seconds throughout your cooking. You need constant heat to perform a good sear.

Fuck induction, its for nerds and women.

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>You need constant heat to perform a good sear.
Getting a good sear is the least of your problems with induction. Out of the nine power settings on my induction top only the lowest three seem to have pulsed power, it is eith nonexistent or not noticeable on the higher settings.

I do admit that slowly simmering stuff is a big issue with many induction tops and that gas may be better there. For simmmering family sized portions of boiled potatoes or soup or stew you need a power setting around 100W, currently only the IKEA Tillreda is capable of that, out of all the portable induction tops.

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>Can't heat anything up if the power goes out

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What did you say about my baby?

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>he doesn't have a generator

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>heats up for three seconds, only to die out again
>as soon as it turns off the pan goes cold and silent
Fucking torture. Even when I pour already boiling water from the kettle I have to wait for half an hour to get a rolling boil.

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Oh actually there's one thing I hate about it, it can't go longer than 3 hours without any input. Timer goes up to 3h. If I don't use the timer and don't press any buttons for 3h it'll still go off. I just want to keep simmering bone-brother overnight jesus fuck, is that too hard to ask?

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Induction are for casual home cooks. You can't take it slightly off the heat, once you lift it off it stops. In a restaurant setting, when you cook you might lift the pan to toss and flip pasta, eggs, rice etc. You also cant cook on a wok on induction.

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What does your generator run on?
Natural gas, propane, diesel.

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People who have gas service also have electric service.
People who have electric only are simply fucked, and have no choice.
It really is that simple. You either have a choice, or you don't.
If you DO have the choice, and you choose wrongly, well then. That's the only time we should be getting upset.

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To be fair you'd also need a very big gas range to cook with a wok properly and most homes aren't equipped with one of those.

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>Using a fucking generator to power an electric cook top
What a fucking waste.

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>You can't take it slightly off the heat
turn the knob, stupid. i've worked with induction in a professional setup and it's very nice.

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>"guys you have simply got to go gas you've got so much temperature control"
>puts a cast iron pan on the burner

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>turn the nob
So it will pulse the power slower like a fucking microwave? Not the same thing.

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i have an outdoor 90000btu gas stove that's the tits but i've never used one comparable in a home,
in my home induction is prefered

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Stop chewing our fingernails you fucking orc.

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The only reason I prefer gas is because I like to burn things with an open flame and am not retarded enough to accidentally burn my house down.

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>Not grilling when the power goes out

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What about people living on one little tabletop electric burner? Wheres the recipes for when you only literally have one burner and has to be maxed to get a boil going.

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Whether or not the stuff that impresses women is actually impressive, impressing women and thereby getting laid can itself be a goal.

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Maybe they shouldn't be so poor.

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who the fuck cooks when power goes out?
what kind of shithole do you live in where this is a genuine concern? I have never had the power go out while cooking and I live in a small ass rural town.

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>if you don't have natural gas, your're poor

but natural gas is cheaper than electric

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>who the fuck cooks when power goes out?
>what kind of shithole do you live in where this is a genuine concern?
Bitch please, don't imply your shelter is immune to nature. Last hurricane I remember getting hit by we lost power for 3 days.

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I have used all three. They all worked the same for me. It heated the food. I'd rather have electric since it's one less bill to pay.

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>So it will pulse the power slower like a fucking microwave?
Modern microwaves don't do that any more either ...

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>induction somehow magically prevents oil from reaching its smoking point
wow tell me more

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It kinda does, by not letting it reach that temperature in the first place

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>mentally retarded people don't know jack shit about things
The gas stoves require you to push and turn knob, hold it pushed for several seconds until thermal sensors are armed up and then let go.
Unless the sensor is warm, no gas hombre. Thankfully manufacturers were smart enought to think forward for idiots like you who need child locks on everything.

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>who the fuck cooks when power goes out?
>what kind of shithole do you live in where this is a genuine concern?
We have high winds and winter. Power can be out for a week or more after a heavy blizzard.

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that's my nails getting ruined by psoriasis, but thanks

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>he lives in an area that gets hit by hurricanes and/or natural disasters

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Is that the $1,500 CookTek induction wok stove that plugs into 240V?

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No, it's the €220,- Hendi 3500D. Just a regular induction cooker. 3500 Watts max. Plugs into 230V.

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This is some low quality bait right here

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Why does it matter? You shitheads can't even agree on how to fry a fucking egg

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because gas is better than literally anything else at cooking anything, fried eggs included

>> No.12800964

I mean, you should only be frying am egg sunny side up

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This is a meme for retards. Not every home cook in China has a fucking jet engine stove, moron

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this electric sucks never tried induction. Gas is just too good.

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not every home in china uses a wok either cletus

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you have to be a special kind of retarded to let your oil set on fire while using gas

not only do you get warning signs like smoke, you'd 100% smell and sense it

if you crank your gas to full while also not putting enough food in the pan for the heat to go into, you deserve it

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I think anon is saying that you are poor because you are spending more than you would have with natural gas
gaschads rise up

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induction is great for boiling water, because its so fast.

but for everything else its like a very very very annoying and autistic version of the electric range and it beeps .every. single. time. you. lift the pan off the hob

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>power goes out
>ventilation stops working
>fire up gas range to cook in the dark
>die from.carbon.monoxide poisoning
Sounds awesome

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there must be something wrong with your induction top, mine gets water boiling just as quick as my electric kettle. If you can see it dying out it means it is going at only a fraction of its maximum power.

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literally open the window nigga
are you living in an underground bomb shelter

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>induction cookers are just expensive electric kettles
checks out

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yes, these guys. i have gas. also 3 propane tanks and a grill. camp stoves and a hose to attach the large propane tank to the camp grills. also like 24 1lb camping propane tanks.

power usually goes out for only a few hours due to trees down but once we were out of power for like 3.5 days because there were like 2000 downed lines over the city. you just need that 100 year storm and you will literally need that shit or be hungry.

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This confuses angers and frustrates the inductioncucks

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>poorfag college student
>new place for the semester is great, low rent, cool landlord, etc.
>even less than 5 minutes off campus by bike
>electric stovetop

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>Blocks your path

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>have to buy a special thing you can only use for one shape of pan
gas doesnt have this problem

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