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>just buy a rice cooker anon!

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Or dont

Rice cooked in the pot or pressure cooker has crispy rice on the bottom. Goat food

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oh my god you guys putting a lid on a pot and letting the rice cook is too hard for me, I need a meme machine to do all of the very hard work

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nice avatar usage. how about posting an image relevant to your discussion topic instead of an avatar?

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I don't get it. Are you messing up your rice that bad that people are telling you to buy a rice cooker? Do you not know how to cook rice? Are you some Redd*t tourist spamming your shit here????

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Here's an image relevant to your post

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>I don't get it. Are you messing up your rice that bad that people are telling you to buy a rice cooker? Do you not know how to cook rice? Are you some Redd*t tourist spamming your shit here????

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Ultra based nerd rage enducing soyjack poster

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On the contrary friends, I've noticed one of the first things many people recommend to others on the 4channel subforum /ck is to purchase a rice cooker which honestly is a waste of money as making rice is not very difficult and the resources can be otherwise spent and/or allocated elswhere thank you and may you have a blessed night anons

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literally only takes 20 min
15 to cook 5 to rest

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The soy estrogen is strong with you.

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>The soy estrogen is strong with you.

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No I'm a gamer.

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Redpilled rice is just leaving it to soak in water for a day. You don't need to use up any energy at all to prepare rice. Imagine how much we would reduce carbon emissions if rice was never cooked.

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>No I'm a gamer.

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Do people really think cooking rice is hard? Literally just put 1 part rice and 2 parts water and let it cook at low heat for 20 minutes

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Most Asians don't even know how to do it. They've used rice cookers all their life.

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Modern rice cooker has the function to start cooking by itself and finish by the time for your breakfast.

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Not gonna lie, using a rice cooker to free up a burner is god-tier when the stovetop is busy.

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1 and 1/2 cups of white rice
3 cups of water
Bring rice and water to a boil
Reduce heat
Cook for 14 and 1 half minute
Take off stove

Perfect rice, every time without fail. No cheat machine necessary.

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>white rice

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White rice is the most delicious and most versatile of rice ever produced on this great planet. In fact, I make it with a fresh salmon every weekend. Mixed with green onions and a little bit of teriaki sauce or reduced sodium soy sauce and you got yourself a bonafide meal.

Or perhaps you're wondering how you can turn this most delicious and versatile of rice into a dessert? There ain't nothing better than a bowl of warm white rice mixed with a healthy scoop of cinnamon with melted butter and pinch of sugar mixed in. Just like mom used to make.

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Big... Rice?

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>put rice in rice cooker
>cook rest of meal
>wow rice cooker is done
>perfect rice that i can now do whatever with
Youre like retards saying if you dont buy dough to make your own bread youre cheating

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You don't have to stand there stirring rice when it's in a saucepan. It's just as easy.

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Fuck you

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i mean, i can make rice on the stove no problem, why be a faggot about it?

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My rice is incredibly inconsistent. I use the same recipe every time sometimes its perfect and sometimes its gummy slop. Same exact rice, pot, temp etc.

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If you're too poor to afford a fuzzy logic or just don't eat rice that often then sure, it's a bad investment, but ~6 years later I will defend purchasing my $170 Zojirushi.

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What's the point of cooking rice when Uncle Ben's ready rice already exists? 90 seconds in a microwave and you're eating.

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Show us the ingredients

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>Falling for the fiber meme
White rice tastes better and you actually digest all of it. I swear fiber is the most ridiculously misunderstood topic of modern dietary advice there is. Everyone just assumes "fiber = good" without having any idea what if anything the fiber they're consuming is actually going to do for them. It certainly doesn't help with most GI problems to increase your fiber intake.
At best what it might help with in the short term is if you're prone to constipation since all the extra undigested crap fiber constitutes could agitate your bowels enough to get them moving sooner than they would have otherwise. If you're sick though or having any digestive problems other than constipation white rice would be a much better choice than brown rice in terms of giving you something soft and easy to break down.
I guess brown rice might be preferable if you're overweight too, although it's basically preferable in that case because it does a worse job at being a real food, puts up more of a fight before you get energy out of it, and is less appetizing resulting in fewer calories consumed.

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I don’t have a stove so a rice cooker is helpful in a variety of cooking applications.

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I'm sold on rice cookers but that possibly justifies paying $170?

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It’s more that rice cookers are dirt cheap and work perfectly every single time. They greatly reduce the friction factor in making rice which is cheap, fairly healthy, and which itself is an input to many other dishes.

I agree everyone should know how to cook rice on the stovetop, but it is definitely more finnicky and uses more of your active time (and stove burners) than the essentially set-and-forget rice cooker.

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It's water, rice, canola oil, soy lecithin, (natural) flavoring, and some nutritional fortifications (niacin / vitamin B3, iron, thiamine / vitamin B1, and folate / vitamin B9).

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Get a basic but good quality one to start with. When you are fully ready for maximum levels of Japanese rice autism, get out the credit card and get the Zojirushi. Shit is like Skynet AI for rice and it's made with like aerospace grade materials. The other anon got off easy, I think mine was $250.

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It's an entry level fuzzy logic from a reputable Japanese brand, and makes better rice than 99% of people can make on a stove. It's basically set it and forget it, and is really easy to clean (just don't let roommates around it if you don't trust them). 6 years was a low ball estimate, but it performs just as well as the day I bought it, and the quick drunk math I did tells me that's a little over $2 a month to eat zero effort, perfect rice. Even if you only make rice once a week that's a 50 cent investment, and that's just based on how long I've had mine, which I haven't had a single issue with. I'd be surprised if my Zoj poops out before the 10 year mark, but honestly, it just makes really, really good rice.

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Buy the simple version with just one button.

There are sophisticated rice cooker with many buttons and LCD screen and timer and other features. Don't buy those.

A good rice cooker has only one button: cook rice.

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>Yes, I DO post soy images ironically to make fun of people! How could you tell?

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