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Holy fuck Gordon calm down with the seasoning it's just a burger

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God I wish that grinder was my cock

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Non-burgers can't make good burgers.

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>Holy fuck Gordon calm down with the seasoning it's just a burger
Isn't it time to just stop watching this fool? Aren't you sick of his assinine "the best..." or "the only way" low education catch phrases? He's not an expert on anything except standing outside somewhere or in a studio somewhere to make low income plebs jealous. It's marketing dudes. Someone is handing him recipes, a script, and he's not even practicing. He makes tons of mistakes, and offends sensibilities for anyone who knows the right ways, the way it's done culturally, not cross-contaminating, too much or too little, or bad pairings of sides or toppings or whatever else hat he's trying to put on like a so-called expert. Simply don't watch him and marvel anymore at the mistakes, or the acting, or the bouncing around on his feet talking his flight of ideas like robin williams at his worst on coke. Have some dignity. He's a hack. Likely does in fact have a drug or alcohol problem killing his taste buds.

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90% of good cooking is just lots of butter, salt and pepper.

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>hes never grilled a burger
you purposely overseason when grilling as the grill and spatula combined with flipping multiple times removes almost all the seasoning.
>pepper on tomatoes
the only way to eat them
>hes never used a pepper grinder
looks like the peppermill may be low on corns as hes gotta grind the fuck out of them to get some pepper out. anyone with a peppermill knows youll sit and twist that fuck for 30 seconds or more over getting the peppercorns out and filling that fuck up again.
this, amazing how something so simple can get so fucked up so easily.

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>flipping multiple times
Why would you do this? You only need to flip it one time.

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But chef I ordered the beef wellington.

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come back to earth please

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Such an apologist. Maybe Gordon is just a hack trying to mesmerize and hypnotize you with tomfoolery, while trying to hide his shaking hands.

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the whole video is strange. the number of patties changes about 4 times.

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Oh shit it's a Q drop.

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i dont know anything about GR except he was on a show on FOX and yells in peoples faces. get fucked you soybrained nigger

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You flip it multiple times to get a good crust and to ensure it gets evenly cooked.

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Yeah a renowned Michelin Star chef that runs some of the best restaurants in the world that spent decades of his life dedicated to his cooking before he had anything to do with TV is getting recipes from somebody else and messing them up. And surely the mongoloids watching that aren't professional chefs and can barely even cook for themselves (most of the autists on this board) have a complete grasp of every recipe he's ever made and can call him on any shortcomings and can make the food better than he can.

Sounds about 100% right, surely.

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he sliced it in half tho, so you can eat it sideways

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Does he even cook at his restaurants? He probably hasn't touched a frying pan without a camera recording him for years. Go gargle his balls somewhere else.

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>flip multiple times to develop a crust

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That seems like an appropriate amount of pepper. Should add more salt, but that might make things too spicy and cause your thin white lips to swell up. Don't want you looking like a jigaboo now.

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Because it cooks faster and more evenly, and thus produces a better burger?

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Yeah, he clearly orders a kebab from the local takeaway every night you dumb cunt

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>you purposely overseason when grilling as the grill and spatula combined with flipping multiple times removes almost all the seasoning.
More proof that non burgers can't make good burgers.

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i was born in texas you fuckin pleb. stfu unless you know what your talkin about

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M8 it sounds like you've lost the plot. Get out!

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>cooking for yourself is the same as cooking professionally
I'm surprised you can breathe with Gordon's cock this far down your throat.

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