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>farmers markets

What kind of faggy millennial shit is this?

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We got tired of grocery stores buying from distributors that usually are the same for all of them, and then paying a massive premium for a middle-man and a franchising fee for industrial product rather than local food.

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STFU boomer

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So do they have a cow hidden somewhere or is one of the girls pregnant and they just squeeze her milk into bottles?

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Farmers markets have been around forever dude. Boomers are just literally the worst generation of corporate cock sleeves ever to exist

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Then why is literally everything at the farmer's market so goddamn expensive?

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>why is non-subsidized food that isn't mass produced more expensive
You serious?

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Millennial farmers markets are typically on par, if not more expensive than, grocery stores.
Absolutely retarded. I'm buying straight from the teet, why the fuck is it priced as if it went through 5 levels of middle-men.
Farmers markets could be so much better but the pandering to the braindead hipster makes them unbearable. "Natural, organic, non-gmo" blahblahblah

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Feeling like talking shit, nigga?

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Barrier to entry for undesirable coloreds

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>why is non-subsidized food that isn't mass produced more expensive
Who in the fuck do you think sells to distributes you goddamn retard.
These people are double dipping, selling mass quants to distributers and some percent to the mouth breathing masses.

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glub glub I can' take all those cocks
that's you>>>12780447

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Your Califagna corruption problems aren't mine. I'm used to small town farmer's markets where it wouldn't even be worth their time.

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You nailed it. American farmers markets are absolute garbage. Eurotrash shit is alright, but produce there is overall cheaper regardless sooooooooo, what the fuck does it matter where I buy it.

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Local one I go to I usually get BBQ from and party dogs

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i'm still pissed my local farmers market is getting protested by millennial faggots because "muh racist past"

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Simple answer? It costs more because a family farm costs more to run than a massive Agribusiness operation. The hope when you pay more to support such small farms is that the quality is better, because in season local stuff has to be better than food for god knows where that's been sitting in the walk in for three weeks. It's on you to figure out where that actually holds up and where you're just as well off with walmart. My suspicion having been around the block a few times is that you're usually better buying less expensive stuff at the farmer's market than a ton of cheap stuff at walmart. And I say this as a price sensitive customer who makes Scotsman and Chinese look spendy. If you have good local stuff pay the price to eat it in season, otherwise it might not be an option a few years from now.

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i'd ask those girls if they made the milk themselves

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my town is shit
the local farmers market is a bunch of beaners buying shit from the supermarket and reselling it at a markup.

>live in upstate new york
>farmers market has bananas and pineapples and shit

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The retardation of boomers truly shocks the mind.
>Why is this insanely superior quality food from an unsubsidized, small-scale producer slightly more expensive than the bland mass-produced product from an international corporation with a sophisticated supply chain?
Gee grandpa I don't know but eat a tomato from both and tell me which is better and if the 50 cent surcharge is worth it

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I go to mine to get peppers only.

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Keep buying your ''''''''natural''''''' "superior" produce for 5x the market price because it comes from (((unsusidized))) farms.
The only difference between the produce at farmers stand and the grocery isle is in your head, friendo.
Grow your own food, that's the real redpill

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Just bring a fun to the next one lmao

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>Grow your own food, that's the real redpill
Agreed, but those who don't and want something better are going to pay a premium for it. The rest of your post is bullshit.

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A what now?

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>Want something better
Find a different place to buy your produce then. Farmers markets are overpriced. You can get the same quality food, likely from the same fucking farmers, if you spend 5 minutes learning about your own city.
For example:
Farmers market: bok choy, expensive as ass
Local Asian Market: bok choy, dirt cheap, might as well be free. Asked the manager who the supplier was. Guess what. Same exact farmer.
Grocery stores and farmers markets do not exist in separate bubbles. One is there to cater to normies, the other is there to cater to retarded hipsters who don't know any better.

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>my local farmers market is getting protested by millennial faggots because "muh racist past"

My local farmers market always has fuckers from the "Eastern Farm Worker Association" running around distributing communist propaganda under the thin guise of "immigrant worker rights"

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I laughed way harder than I should’ve

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>beaners buying shit
they probably get everything free with WIC and food stamps

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>I laughed way harder than I should’ve
but it's the truth.
We want mexicans picking our fruit, not buying it.

It's also why places like costco charge a membership fee.

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Where the fuck else I'm I gonna buy raw A2 milk?

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>if you spend 5 minutes learning about your own city.
Yeah, that's why I do a CSA. But not everyone has that as an option.

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>Creeping on some hardworking teens to impress shut-ins, autists and lesbian chefs for your little joke
For shame anon

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>A2 milk

You're not white if you can't drink plain milk straight from the genetically un-modified titty.

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I actually like fresh and ripe food grown by small business owners who are part of my community. Nothing faggy about it its the traditional and culturally and economically conscious thing to do for yourself and your neighborhood. Plus it tastes much better and is fun because the selection is always changing and I never get stuck in a rut. Open your mind up to new experiences and ways of looking at things anon. Breathe some fresh air and get to know your neighbors who grow great products and keep your community economically sound by not letting your dollars be flittered away to globo homo corporations who ship in cheap food and labor at the small farmer's expense.

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>Then why is literally everything at the farmer's market so goddamn expensive?
depends where you live honestly, back home in wisconsin shit is always cheaper at a farmers market

but here in LA shit is always pricer than a grocery store, BUT you will be able to buy better produce that doesnt fucking wilt and die in a day

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A2 isn't GMO its just from breeds that don't carry the trait which is every breed besides Holstein. I don't really buy the A2 literature myself I think its kinda bunk science.

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Farmers markets are socialist.

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>by not letting your dollars be flittered away to globo homo corporations who ship in cheap food and labor at the small farmer's expense.
Who do you think sells to distributers/grocery stores?
Evil Megacorp(TM)?
Regular farmers, mom and pop setups usually end up on the shelves of your local grocery store too, retard.
It's as if the farmers market veneered ideals are so deeply ingrained to the retarded hipster mind that they can't see, or even begin to imagine how the food system actually works.
Holy shit.

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>A2 isn't GMO its just from breeds that don't carry the trait which is every breed besides Holstein. I don't really buy the A2 literature myself I think its kinda bunk science.

You're still not white.

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Kill yourself you pasty cumskin.

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Local bananas and pineapples grown in New York greenhouse

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No they don't. Not anymore. You need acres and acres of commercial crops with millions of dollars invested in cutting edge max yield practices like the full syngenta product line and new tractors all bought on credit to make the margins make sense for paying off your property taxes and farm loans. Its fucked and your idyllic image of family farms won't fund themselves. Also big farms hire illegals that work slave wages illegally so that accounts for a lot of the lower price. I grew up in agriculture I know what I'm talking about.

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>Who do you think sells to distributers/grocery stores?
>Evil Megacorp(TM)?
Mostly, yeah. Have you actually looked at what's for sale in your supermarket or walmart? It's not stuff from Jasper's farm just around the bend.

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>"immigrant worker rights"
The reason you don't like that is on you, not them.

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>I grew up in agriculture I know what I'm talking about.
I grew up in agriculture on a large family farm, surrounded by other, small to large family farms. We sold to farmers markets, distributers, direct-to-stores. So did our neighbors. This is still ongoing, to believe otherwise is frankly retarded.
The produce you buy at the store and the markets are the same exact thing. The only difference is that our test plots or plots that wouldn't sell well at a traditional store could go to the farmers markets without much worry.

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braindead. read >>12780764

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Lol I know right? This fucking guy. All he'd have to do is read the stickers on the tomatoes to see they were all grown in Mexico still half ass green and hard as a rock. Its like people are totally robbed of their senses for a measly 50 cents per lb savings.

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>My food supply world view only exists between walmart and farmers markets and nothing else

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Can't sell third party at markets where I live plus your family basically owns a corporate farm friend. I'm willing to bet that your folks and maybe some extended family actually have a LLC or some type of other joint venture structure in order to obtain loans. Some farmers don't want to work for the company store anymore and I'd rather support my neighbors.

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If people want to be brainwashed let them be. As long as I don't have to live next door to them I don't care. These are the people who grew up eating Costco pizza and tendies. I k now it sounds elitist but fuck them. It's super hard to care about idiots.

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>your family basically owns a corporate farm friend
And the neighbors working less than 10 acres don't. Yet still end up on the same shelves as I do.

>> No.12780809

There are plenty of parts of the country where those are the two options. Thankfully I don't live in one, but I have in-laws who do.

>> No.12780811

Yeah and your neighbors probably barely scrape by on those shitty margins your farm sets with its practices. Congrats. Supply side Reagonomics racing us all to the bottom of the barrel sooner or later banks will cut you out too and all that will be left are the foreign oil barons and bankers who own the rural land and the serfs that work it but you won't be the serf they'll have imported Juan illegally so that they don't have to pay him minimum wage and get to pocket the payroll tax.

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I live in the rural Midwest, so we only have two options, buy from Walmart or buy from the farmer's market. All the old grocery stores are long gone. The farmer's market is relatively cheap, too. I see no problem supporting local farmers.

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I've worked in farmers markets for over five years, they're pretty fun and it's more lively and laid back than the average retail job.

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Yo, 414 reporting in!

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No, OP is right, at least for his pic. That is the most faggoty farmer's market I've ever seen. Then again, I may be on the spoiled side, having grown up in close proximity to rural Pennsylvania. Now they have serious farmers markets that I visit every once in a while for fresh breads and jams.

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it's a tax scam. friend makes $500/ day selling bread made in a factory to yuppies in tri state area.

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I'd drink straight from the tap

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If your market doesn't have a shed full of meat then it's a limp-wristed tourist attraction for vegan coffee enthusiasts.

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Because you wrote it yourself loser

>> No.12781457

>You're not white
No one cares cumskin

>> No.12781508

because it's hip to go to farmers market and naturally they want to be part of them, so they start selling their own shit

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>ok but why are they more expensive than grocery stores if they cut out the middle man

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You'll get produce 20-50$ cheaper at mine. Sorry you don't know how to shop at a market.

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me and my grandma used to go to farmer's markets when I was a kid for rice pudding

>> No.12781634

oh jeez that milk bar is giving me a strong erection

>> No.12781637

Markets have always existed

>> No.12782166

>The reason you don't like that is on you, not them.
Woah, tell us more, enlightened one.

>> No.12782302

>live in rural farm country
>drive five miles in any direction and stop at local family farms
>sweetcorn $2 a dozen
>tomatoes 4 for a dollar
>cantaloupe, fresh beans, peppers, etc
>all of this set up on tables and hay wagons at each farm
>honor box on table, people still trust each other
Pretty comfy. The closest small town still has a farmers market on the town square on the weekends, but you get better produce at a cheaper price by just driving around.

>> No.12782512

You are fucking retarded if you think a farmers market is something new

>> No.12782516

Cause they are better quality ingredients

>> No.12782527

I wish the US consistently forced the entry fee. I don't want Mexicans period.

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>Millenial shit
Ejga prit ti sn pa mi rč to u fris kurba mala

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You know she had to do it

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Krompir pa 200 SIT/kg

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and thank God for that. You western rootless cosmopolitans can keep your shitty generic corporate chains

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Just a reminder op is retarded and thought farmers markets are new

>> No.12782669

These are comfy.

>> No.12782671

Until she starts screaming for not buying them

>> No.12782760

Why would I not buy a couple? I'd buy a little something from every stall and be every babushkas favorite handsome young man and they'd try to set me up on dates with their granddaughter.

>> No.12782775

that milk bar needs bustier gals

>> No.12782785

That is hilarious, what a boob.
There's a teeny tiny one in my town that's been started recently, but it only has around six tables/stalls.

>> No.12782786

I dunno I bet the one on the right has some perky Cs beneath that button down. Classy look what a fine milk maid she is.

>> No.12782814

>special milk
Can I get some of that nazi footmilk please?

>> No.12782842

where the fuck do you people shop? my grocery store is good quality meat and produce - no need to go to a farmers market

>> No.12782908

Tastelets have the worst case of Dunning Kruger I swear.

>> No.12782931

>Special Milk
... Wh-what's the special?

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File: 140 KB, 1200x1200, nazi foot milk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12783367

>farmers market in the middle of a fucking urban city
never chage americans

>> No.12783371

You realize weekly Farmers Markets have been going on every european and asian country for the past 5,000 years, right?

>> No.12783378

It's fun faggot.

>> No.12783384


The milk bar girls look like they exclusively fuck black guys.

>> No.12783385

>euros and asians trying to get hipster points by saying they made farmers markets
well americans invented breathing

>> No.12783400

>doesnt understand difference between invented and “has tradition of”

Holy shit my dude. You are the post child for American anti-intellectualism

>> No.12783406

well you are the poster child for europeans
take that

>> No.12783409

>post child
Embarrassing. Phonetards should just off themselves already.

>> No.12783421

they look underage and I'll be honest that you're mentally ill

>> No.12783460

>milk bar
I feel cheated

>> No.12783506

brain dead

>> No.12783630

>insanely superior quality food
>slightly more expensive
Are you sure you're not a shill?

>> No.12783668

>Milk bar
I can be the cow and they can milk me

>> No.12783707

Ya seethe?

>> No.12783713

>milk bar
>milkmaids are titlets

>> No.12783716

they used up all their milkies

>> No.12783739

>milk bar
>severe lack of milkers
When will they learn?

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Just suckers paying more for the same stuff as a grocery store. Some of these dumbass resellers even leave stickers on the produce.
Search youtube for cbc farmers market. That's a big market and still has widespread reselling so you can only imagine how bad it is for your local market.

>> No.12783885

the fruit and veg is literally 1/3 the price of the store. the veg is usually bigger and fresher too.
iunno what the fuck you cunts are doing over there but here in Australia they've been a staple for getting cheap produce for years, hardly a "millennial" thing.

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>>farmers markets
>>millennial shit

>> No.12783905

M8 I visited their farms... You're clearly shilling for your corporate overlords. Take the dick out your mouth already.

>> No.12783916

Fuck of incel fag. I'm going to one later with my wife and sister.

>> No.12783931

They're actually comfy and volkish in rural areas. City farmer's marktets have been overrun by libtards tho

>> No.12783949

He's probably going to markets that cater to starbucks sucking feelgood circlejerkers that are taking advantage of him or something, The extreme left are easy to market to.

>> No.12783964

They're actually certified and audited where I live even the city ones. The resellers are banished to street corners and Mexican flea markets.

>> No.12784016

Average farm size in america is 440 acres, if you tilled 100 of that a year you could make about 550k net growing potatoes. After expenses and depending on crop yield, you're probably taking in half or less of that. If you think small farms are making bank you're retarted.

>> No.12784024

>the bland mass-produced product from an international corporation with a sophisticated supply chain?
Yeah, no.. that's not how any of this works.
Your favorite grocery store, whether it's Kroger or a smaller convenience store, get milk and eggs from regular farmers just like everyone else. At best they just package it up differently and maybe have a more sophisticated quality control, which is actually an argument for buying from them if you ask me.
The only problem is that it's less fresh

>> No.12784034

Imagine thinking that shills for a fucking farmers market exist.

>> No.12784043

>less fresh
>picked unripe so that it won't bruise or rot at the store
>is literally trucked in from Mexico or South America much of the time (read the fine print on the stickers)
Yeah keep your old unripe garbage pls.

>> No.12784059

Need a source on that. 440 acres wouldn't even qualify for subsidies. The subsidized megacorporations continually buying up struggling small farmers, buying up theier property and controlling it with a foreign seed manufacturer are running the game and it ain't 440 acres that gets listened to when buying the bought and paid for US executive and congress. Far from it. But by all means keep the corporate fascist status quo and punish the individual innovator! Late stage capitalism at it's finest.

>> No.12784113

I'm not him but I grew up on a family farm and my dad was actually pretty politically active and I'm just gonna say that the blanket term "farm subsidies" covers a wide array of programs and many have little to do with acreage a small farm and a mega farm can receive the same subsidy theoretically it just depends which crop we're talking about. Conversely some one time emergency subsidies like Trumps aid subsidy applies to all of us at a rate dependant upon an algorithm based on estimated amount of money lost due to the trade war.

Based on the complexities and nuance of subsidies in the US its not really particularly germane to the overall discussion on farmers markets. Some of the farmers may be receiving some form of subsidy some may not but it doesn't really differentiate large farmers vs small farmers that much. One subsidy we all receive are Food Stamps and farmers markets make it much easier and cheaper for small farmers to collect and refund the EBT since they can collectively register a single machine with the proper authorities. Subsidies are just part of the biz now

Rest of the post is spot on tho.

>> No.12784129

All the "farmers markets" in my city are fake and gay. People reselling wholesale produce shipped across the country made to look like it's local. There are a few tiny stands of actual local stuff that's overpriced and sold by weird hippies.

>> No.12784139

>thinks they're weird hippies
>doesn't realize that they're based and redpilled trad neo peasants just trying to build a wholesome business and home in a globo homo world.

>> No.12784296

>made to look like it's local
Ok, so just how do you suspect they work their magic to make it look local? LMAO!

>> No.12784305


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File: 738 KB, 1024x768, B7F31B6F-1E57-4600-8B49-F43128D1A20F.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wonder who runs the milk bar?

>> No.12784344


stop lying. All you have there are beaches and desert

>> No.12784352

remove sticker, place in wicker basket, magic

>> No.12784687 [DELETED] 

Lot of farmers markets just buy the same shit as supermarket and mark it up even higher. Retards can't tell the difference

>> No.12784716

Don't you people have greengrocers, butchers or bakers? If all you have is Walmart, then there is clearly a need for people who don't want to shop at walshart.

>> No.12784798

What the fuck is a greengrocer? All the butchers I've seen close before 4PM, usually 2PM, and they're usually towns apart, and no, there are no independent bakeries.

>> No.12785345

>What kind of faggy millennial shit is this?
>Something that's been going since at least the 1930s
Congratulations, you're retarded.

>Buying fresh stuff direct from farmers is weird or bad
Sure thing, sheltered twat.

>> No.12785943
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>> No.12786091

>no nonwhites in sight

>> No.12786202

They're all trapped living rent free in your empty skull, or racemixing with Stacey. Rise up gamer.

>> No.12786525

>tfw no nazi feet milk gf

>> No.12786530
File: 134 KB, 960x720, 1558666395641.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I personally do find that the quality tends to be better and I try to duck the sins of intensive food production wherever possible.

I also just like the experience. It's a nice excuse to get out of the house and go to a market in a usually pretty pleasant setting. And lastly it keeps your money in your community rather than stuffing the coffers of globalist mega-corporations.

>> No.12786531

I'd suck milk straight from those titties if u Kno what I mean

>> No.12786660

>But then take out expenses

Why are you using words you don't understand and then calling other people 'retarted'?

>> No.12786687

Farmers markets have been around for decades.
>t. rural midwesterner

>> No.12786720

Is that Harold?

>> No.12786768

They’re degenerate.

>> No.12786957

In my country it's the best way to get the cheapest and best locally produced goods, so I see no problem

>> No.12787061

how about I dunning kruger my foot up my ass how about that? you want to step outside? you're a fucking punk bro. you're nothing. you're shit,

>> No.12787107

real farmers' markets are the shit, what you posted appears to be one of those overpriced faggy metropolitan pretend farmers' markets

>> No.12787142

>milk bar
>small tits

>> No.12787147


>> No.12787563

She clearly emptied her milk tanks to provide the milk bar with plenty of milk

>> No.12787576

What if you asked them for a fresh sample?

>> No.12787583

Imagine unironically being a nigger

>> No.12787603

What part of upstate? I live up in the prison counties and I've never seen niggatry that advanced at ours.

>> No.12787604

i've been to plenty of farmers markets that take EBT

>> No.12788019
File: 759 KB, 893x531, 548965_439070079540056_1038809799_n[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why not? It's the kind of food that's meant to be bought with those funds, and the seller gets paid.

>> No.12788045

for sure, I'm not saying it's a bad thing at all. Just responding to an anon that thinks all farmers markets are designed to keep out the poor and/or non white.

>> No.12788190

fucking retard they have been around since the dawn of civilization fucking faggot kill yourself

>> No.12788210

white millenials be like "i love paying 10 dollars for a carton of eggs!" then get salmonella

>> No.12788228

Lol what? Why? How would you get salmonella?

>> No.12788237

>bows and arrows

ok i guess

>> No.12788786

Relatively inexpensive, reusable hunting tool that costs less long-term than buying the same amount of meat.

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