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I have an entire box of stale vanilla oreo-like cookies, what can I do with them? I was thinking of blending them up and making some kind of cookie butter but you guys know more about these things.

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You could stick deep into your anus.

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I can't really, it's quite taut.

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Blend them and turn them into shortcake crust or something.
Maybe chocolate salami.

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Crush them up in a zip lock bag, then empty it into a pie dish and press firmly into the shape. Bake at 375 for 12 minutes, then let cool completely. Make some instant pudding, but follow the recipe for pie filling which is usually about half the milk. Any flavor would be good here; banana, vanilla, chocolate, even pistachio. Chill in fridge until set and springy. Topping with cool whip and/or more cookie crumbs is optional. Slice and serve.

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Fry them. Just dip in a basic batter and throw in the oil for a couple minutes. Make sure to share them because they're like 200 calories a piece

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Crush them up and use them as breading for meatballs

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Sounds like a lot of effort I'll probably just toss them.

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Do oreos even go stale?
Separate the cookies and the cream. The cookies can be used like any other wafers; for a trifle, in a cookie crust, etc. Use the cream for whatever or throw it out if it's bad.

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Eat them as if they were cereal

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>1 lb ground beef
>1 lb ground pork
>1/2 cup crushed oreos
>1/3 cup milk
>1 egg
>1/4 cup parmesan
>salt and pepper

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Now this is what I was looking for, a special lad with a special solution.

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If you boil with industrial acids you could make something interesting

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why did you even ask

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Blitz/crush em up and use them to make ice cream

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you fucker

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