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How do i get my burgers to stay solid and not be so...mushy? Im using 85 lean/15 fat ground turkey. I mix it with an egg and seasoning. Then i freeze it until its solid. If i dont, it will be super chewy and feel gooey when eating, especially when i get to the end.

Any tips on fellow turkey burger makers? Need something to eat after the gym

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it... looks like you might be using the wrong kinda meat

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How? Theres a million recipes for turkey burgers. Frozen ones exist. I just want to know what im missing to make it work

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I mean, I'm no expert, but that hardly even looks like a turkey, unless you shaved it. I always buy mine without the heads so I can't be sure.

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Oh...i get it now. What a shithead. Yes that turkey is straight from my underground collection

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Mix some flour in. Really keeps it together and doesn't much effect the taste

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how much fat is in turkey meat? like I know you think you can play the percentage game but bro you really cant, those numbers come from ground chuck with or without brisket and deckle
the secret to good fast burgers is getting them out of the frozen section in a big stack thats hard to get apart
get the cast iron really fucking hot and do not let the burger thaw at all before you put it on
mushy burger is 3 minutes each side and burnt burger is 10 minutes each side.

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Thanks will try this

The package literally says 85/15. I think its 4g of sat fat in a serving, cant remember total fat. Ive tried those frozen stack ones and jennie o ones but they dont taste that good. I dont get beef ones anymore because they all have trans fat. Also cooking in a pan with oil, not on a grill

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>making burger patties with eggs
>cooking them from frozen
>thinking beef has trans fats
Damn, you're such a fucking dumbass. Just form some ground meat into a patty and sear it on both sides. It's not hard. Maybe it's hard if you're a stupid dumbass. Dumbass.

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Don't use egg or flour, they tenderize the meat, that's how you make meatballs or meat loaf. Instead, you can try doing what people tell you never to do with beef patties, which is over working them. It makes them more stiff and firm. Try just mixing up the meat with your hands for a minute until sticky strands form and it changes consistency to more of a paste. Then make your patties and season the exterior only. Cook in a good hot skillet, if it burns the exterior before the inside is cooked just make the patty thinner and put a dent in the middle so it doesn't puff up into a hockey puck.

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It's literally impossible for beef to have trans fat. Do you understand what trans fats are?

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Are you retarded? Go look at the labels of any frozen beef patties or ground beef. They all have 1.5g of trans fat, the shit that clogs your heart and puts you in the grave. Not my fault you cant read nutrition labels yet, unless you are a kid

Interesting. I always use a rubber spatula to mix it around and only use my hands when its time to form them. I make it about 3/4 inch thick. Should i wet my hands before overmixing them? I read that somewhere else

Look at your frozen or ground beef labels

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Bro, I don't mean to flash my "credentials" around and pretend I'm some sort of authoritative figure, but I'm a biochemist who works in the food manufacturing and can tell you that there's is NO functional, nor cost-saving reason for there to be trans fat into whatever burger patties you were buying. If you can't tell me the brand I could probably cross check the ingredient list, but trans fats don't occur naturally (except in some bacteria) and are a product of catalytic hydrogenation of oils. EVEN THEN, theres new methods to hydrogenate vegetable oils without getting trans fats as a side product.

To your original question, are you buying ground turkey? Can you post of picture of the ingredients? Reason I ask is because I want to know the salt content. Salts "dissolves" myosin, which causes meats to be tender or in your case, maybe mushy

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No there isnt anything hydrogenated or added oil. Its just beef and salt or flavor or whatever. Maybe its different in california and they label things more clearly here, but every package of beef patties or ground beef says there is trans fat.

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Ok it did not look this blurry on my phone, sorry i dont know what happened lol

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Wtf is that pic op? Looks like a komodo dragon but bigger

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Never seen jurassic park?

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>bread crumbs
>bread soaked in milk
>corn starch
>cornmeal (not sure about this one)
>egg whites
>compact your burger as much as possible
>make your patty a bit leaner

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The problem is your base
Turkey in your burger? Anon, please

All you need is beef. Form the patties by hand, gently. Salt and pepper the outside. Fridge while the grill preheats.

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Im going sleepy but i will keep this thread tabbed open to see what, if anything, can come overnight. Im going to try overmixing it, flour with egg, and flour with no egg. 3 batches and see what will come out the best. Thanks senpais and beef does have trans fat like it or not.

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Here I thought OP was being retarded as usual, but google says that beef does contain naturally occurring trans fats that may or may not be as harmful as the artificial ones, so apparently we are the retards.

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>They all have 1.5g of trans fat, the shit that clogs your heart and puts you in the grave.
Trans fat naturally in animal products isn't the same as it is from processed vegetable shortening. It was also in much higher amounts in vegetable shortening.

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