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can't eat, can't drink anything but water or else it just comes right back up, can't sleep, hallucinate when i close my eyes, entire body aches. this is what hell feels like.

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Get some MMS in ya mate, don't listen to the MSM whores.

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Are you shitting blood yet? Does your shit have a weird slimy clear substance in it?

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>Got e coli
>decides to post on 4chan while dying
What type of rp is this?

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I pay good money to hallucinate and I dream of the day I can close my eyes so be thankful you fuck.

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Alright Kurt Cobain

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isn't that slime just mucus from your colon?

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some similar shit happened to me, I think I had out-of-date cottage cheese or a wonky Zinger sandwich (the chicken had a funny color to it and the texture was all wrong but I thought I was imagining it)
started with really bad bloating, went on to nausea where I could just barely keep food down and later chills and diarrhea
I felt hungover and I was pretty much shitting 24 hours a day

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You probably got what you deserved, anon

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