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But at what cost?

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woah wtf man you can't say that here
reported man, that's uncool

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Of a nigger.

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LIKE ______

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I’m a female sushi chef and we use vinegar often

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Do you double it up as douche juice?

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What’s a good vinegar recipe?

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Salt and vinegar pancakes are good. Don’t know the recipe but had them before once and liked them

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>using vinegar

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i drink a shot of vinegar every morning to keep me regular

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Pickled eggs. Make sure to put some beets in there, so they get that lovely red-purple color.

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mixed with hydrogen peroxide...

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Does that really work?

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I've gotten really into shrubs/drinking vinegars. They're tangy, sweet & sour, and refreshing; good on their own, in soda water, or in cocktails. I'm making them at home every week now. My favorites are watermelon/balsamic or grapefruit.

>cube fruit of choice, removing any and all pith, peel, seeds, etc
>measure fruit into a huge jar with lid or mixing bowl
>cover with equal amounts of sugar*
>macerate fruit with sugar for 2 days at room temperature, shaking the jar or stirring the bowl at least twice a day
>strain thru a sieve, pressing on the solids to get all the juice; put this juice in the fridge
>return the fruit solids to the empty jar and cover with vinegar**
>steep another 1 day at room temperature, stirring or shaking at least twice
>strain thru sieve, pressing on the solids to get all the juice; add this fruited vinegar to your fruited syrup from the first step
>if desired, and for longer shelf life, filter your drinking vinegar through cheesecloth to remove fine particulate and residual pectin
>store in a jar in the fridge for at least one week before tasting; add more sugar or vinegar as desired, and enjoy

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>*Pro tip 1
Most fruits will use equal parts sugar to fruit; for my grapefruit, I make a batch with 5 big grapefruits - which each produce about a cup of fruit - so I use 5 cups of sugar. Some fruits need more or less sugar. Watermelon is already quite sweet and very mild, and you can get away with about half of the sugar you might otherwise have used. You could use extra sugar for bitter fruits like the grapefruit if you don't like the bitterness, but I do.

>**Pro tip 2
Most recipes online will tell you equal parts fruit:sugar:vinegar, but I find that this almost always creates something too vinegary to enjoy, and drowns out the fruit flavor. I use about 3.5c vinegar to 5c fruit for grapefruit, and only 2.5c vinegar to 5c fruit with the watermelon, but the full 2c vinegar to 2c fruit for pomegranate. Depending on the quality of your vinegar, personal tastes, and the type and quality of fruit you're using, you might like the full amount of vinegar or more, but don't go overboard at the start. Wait to taste and adjust later.

>**Pro tip 3
Choice of vinegar matters. Mix and match to get the right flavor.
Red wine vinegar adds a "red"/sour berry or pomegranate-like flavor, while white wine vinegar seems almost no different to plain white vinegar, which is very sour. Apple cider vinegar is lightly fruity. Rice wine vinegar is very sweet. Balsamic is extra sweet and tangy with a very very distinctive flavor.
I use about 3:2 white:apple cider in the grapefruit, equal parts apple cider & red wine in the pomegranate, and equal parts balsamic & white in the watermelon. I've read rice wine vinegar is good for pineapple.

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I would hope you do.

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Cocktails with shrubs:

>1 oz pomegranate shrub
>5 oz prosecco
That's it. Delicious. The sour shrub counters the sweetness in the prosecco.

Grapefruit 75
>1.5 oz gin (floral forward)
>1 oz grapefruit shrub
>1 oz white wine (I prefer a Marlborough SB for its herbal grapefruit character)
>.5 oz lavender simple syrup
Shake with ice and strain into a coupe. Very tangy drink with the sweet floral notes at the back.

Watermelon Balsamic Julep
>8 mint leaves
>2 oz good bourbon
>1.5 oz watermelon balsamic shrub
Muddle the mint leaves, then shake all ingredients together with ice and strain over crushed ice.

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pickled some mufuggin gherkins today for the first time

i heard about some americans not being able to get anything except 5% and several times more expensive than our 12% stuff, lmao cucks.

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also some chilis a few days ago and more today

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I've been making my own by saving the mother (live bacteria culture) from organic apple cider vinegar "with the mother" (Bragg's) and adding some to blackberry juice since we get shitloads of blackberries. Let it ferment for a couple months and you have blackberry vinegar. I take a shot of it every morning as a pick me up and use it for fancy salad dressings to impress thots I'm trying to fuck. They get pretty gushy about it.

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