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Operation Pasta Chads

Okay /ck/ it's that time again! Olive Garden’s famed unlimited ‘Pasta Pass’ returns this week. The passes will officially go on sale Thursday at 2pm, but this year they’ll also be a new addition to the Pasta Pass lineup: a Lifetime Pass.

That's right... Pasta until you fucking die!

The passes will be for sale for 30 minutes only starting at 2pm Thursday, with the waiting room opening up at 1:55pm ET.

Here's where it gets interesting. To get the Lifetime pass, you have to purchase a traditional pass and opt-in to potentially buy the lifetime model. The first 50 people that do will be upgraded to the lifetime option for $500.

Now imagine 50 of us able to walk into an Olive Garden and become a family whenever we want. Getting those soups, breadsticks, pastas and salads when we want them.

Those 50 will be the Pasta Chads. If you’re one of the lucky 50, you’ll get an email Friday letting you know you’re one of the chosen ones. From then, you’ll have 48 hours to pay.

Thoughts of what we could do with such power?

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eat a lot of bread sticks

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Become fat
Get diabetes
Irritate ketofags

Can't think of much else it's good for

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Meat and oil causes diabetes not carbs. There's in fact no evidence that sugar even causes diabetes. Being overweight is the root of diabetes and generally those who consume the most oil and meat are the fattiest.

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Unlimited salad and breadsticks in hell for eternity...$500 + your soul

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You're so completely misinformed about health and nutrition that I have to believe this is bait. If not, kys.

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Literally every sentence you said is wrong. Those that eat a lot of carbs and sugar are fattest and they have diabetes generally. Nothing to do with meat and oil, you retarded shit. How do you even survive in day to day life?

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>Only 50 people get the option to buy it
>You won't know if you're one of them until you've already spent a bunch of money on a year pass
>Only 48 hours to pay if you are chosen and I bet if any of the 50 don't do it they don't send the offer to anyone else

Pretty smart move on their part, they'll be making way more on the extra regular passes than they're losing on the handful of lifetime ones

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Not to mention $500 worth of pasta is like 500 plates of pasta.

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50 anons get them and meet up to troll the Garden on a regular basis? Are you not seeing the potential?

>> No.12776534

where do you see them go on sale? is it on olive garden's website?

>> No.12776641

why do i get the feeling that everyone in this thread is an unironic shill?

>> No.12776647

You fucking wish.

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kill yourself
also, if you think this is a shill, youre probably new as fuck. this is the type of posting we would have in 2010-2011.

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Fatty detected

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You unironically need to bot this because it's going to sell out in one second
All the passes, not just the first 50

>> No.12776714

I built a bot to get all 50 lifetime passes the microsecond it goes on sale, and I will be distributing them to the homeless near the Olive Garden my parents frequent.

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are u gonna pay the 25k too?

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>The FIRST 50 people
>50 lucky Passholders will be notified on 8/16 to upgrade to a Lifetime Pasta Pass!
>Pass provides registered passholder, during registered passholder’s lifetime, with a revocable right, which may be changed or cancelled by Olive Garden® Restaurants at any time without notice.
Lmao this is worse than a lottery and they will earn so much if they manage to hype it up enough for people to hammer the server until 24.000 are sold. God knows who they will give the lifetime passes to and if it's already fixed.

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I’m gonna get one and eat there three meals a day for life. Oh my god I cannot wait I can barely breathe I am gonna fuck up some pasta and breadsticks

>> No.12777062

Jesus you must be ancient as fuck mate.

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Would you have to tip the waitress 10% of that $500 every time you go? Because that would work out more expensive.

>> No.12777102

Thst means you make your money back in 10 years eating there once a week. If you ate their a few times a week and lived another 40 years you're laughing.

>> No.12777112

I miss being a fat piece of shit that ate everything whenever I wanted. Not as much as I'd miss being able to see my dick without a mirror, though.

>> No.12777113

>a revocable right, which may be changed or cancelled by Olive Garden® Restaurants at any time without notice
>demanding $500 for this
No way this would hold up in court.

>> No.12777131

well he's wrong, as even making the pasta yourself would cost more

Moreover he only counts one pasta plate per meal while you can get more

Realistically eating 2 plates per sitting at nominal prices you pay it back in 8 to 12 months

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I’m not tipping at all. It says lifetime free pasta and it’s not free if you tip for fucks sake. I plan to eat hundreds of free meals with this pass, I’m not forking out a few bucks EVERY SINGLE TIME. That shot adds up.

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