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You have FIVE seconds to prove that you're a foodie

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I use a skillet

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im not im just fat

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Mouthfeel is as important as taste.

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I take pictures of all my food.

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I use a steel spatula on my teflon-coated aluminum pans

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cast iron umami j kenji lopez alt

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I use cream cheese in every recipe I make

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I'm rich and don't have any real hobbies

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I own a japanese damascus santoku and make my own pesto

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Nice dogwhistle, scumbag.

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I like food

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I’m not a vegan

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I love trying new foods and I recreate dishes I really enjoy at home.

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How do you know if someone is not a vegan?

Don't worry, they'll fucking tell you.

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Im not

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no u

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I eat treebark with chopsticks, fuck you.

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Mise en place roux confit Croque Monsieur Le Creuset Dutch oven Farm to table

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I post in sip, webm, and fast food threads

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i only cook chicken if its the thigh with skin

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What the fuck is that holey stuff it's served on?

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Injeera bread, staple in Ethiopia. The holes are air bubbles that escaped during cooking. It's very stretchy, chewy, and porous and absorbs the sauces of whatever wat or curry you put on it

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i season my cutting board, not my steak.

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Ah ok. I'd try it

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You deserve rape

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I always ask whoever's cooking dinner if they have freshly ground pepper.

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i tell everyone im on a keto diet so i can stuff myself on seafood and meat at parties.

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i take picture of food with a camera that cost thousands

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I like to try food that tastes bad and has weird textures because it helps me define what I actually enjoy.

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