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Is there a way to reverse the effects of caffeine? I'm a lil bitch when it comes to caffeine. If I drink a cup of tea after like 5pm I'll be up until 2am easy.

Sometimes I just lose track of my caffeine intake or don't realize the time or just don't care and am feeling particularly self destructive. I know caffeine has a half life of 5 hours so it seems like you just gotta wait it out, but is there any way to speed it up? Chug a bunch of water? Take a pill? Cranberry juice?

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If you want to reverse the effects of an upper you will need to take a downer. I would suggest NyQuil

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Smoke a f7ck ton of weed before bed.

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Melatonin or chamomile tea before bed. Or both.

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wrong don't listen to this op
everyone knows that + x + = 0 (sleep) so if caffeine is a + you need another + to neutralize it I'd suggest cocaine or at least a couple cans of monster energy drink
thank you

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Vitamin C flushes stimulants out of your system faster, try taking some around bedtime when you want to wind down. It always works for me.

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Drink a bunch, eat a bunch and jerk off a bunch

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The real solution... is to not drink caffeine after 12pm like a responsible adult. Or better yet, don't drink caffeine at all.

Downers will just continue the cycle of madness the next morning when you're groggy (cuz that's what downers do) and need a pick me up. AKA the caffeine Jew

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There's literally no way to stop this. You just have to let it run its course.

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X + X = 0, x has to be zero unless we're talking negative you FUCKING RETARD

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Exercise, drink water, eat something

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Holy shit this!

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