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Japanese Food Thread

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I miss food pics from Japan guy. Somehow he got chased off the board and now just a few years later the mods are protecting the fucking cat blog.

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A fucking raw tomato and some plain, bland noodles. Brilliant.

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theres dipping sauce in the lower left container.

you eat the noodles after dipping them in the sauce and with the wasabi

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Mods are triggered by culture and are sympathetic to shut-in neckbeardism. That is the way of 4chan.

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>this is the girl you are crushing on

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Food pics from America

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But does it have a "-50%" sticker on it and do you have to fight other people to grab it?

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>here’s your mod for tonight bro

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I'm in Nagasaki, so I'm hitting up local faves. Tried Kakunimanju. It's fucking good. Braised pork belly so tender it melts in your mouth, and I'm not even a big fan of pork.

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This is the best ice cream I've ever had, from a shop in Saporro. It was so fucking smooth and creamy.

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Reminder that a soymod stickied furshit on /b/, only to move it to /trash/.

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The most bland and boring food only snobs and weebs pretend to like

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So like spaghetti and ketchup. I like jap food but this is just boring shit.

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>4000 threads about tim hortons and applebees
>1 thread with a picture of soba
>OMG I'm already board, mommy gib blinkies REEEEEEE
Vaccines were a mistake

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Pudding a la mode, using Snow Royal ice cream

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Weebs are the worst

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What's that behind the shrimp/prawn on the right? It kind of looks like a seashell.

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Looks like a whelk. There's probably a Japanese name for it.

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Decoration so the boring food seems a little less boring

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You seem to be the racist, as is very common with your types. I simply don't give a shit about your fucking nations and don't want to visit them.
If you want to call me racist for disagreeing with you then you must have been shillary supporters since that's the best that they can do.
Are you still seething in your closets because Trump beat your annointed one?

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>if I don't recognize it, it must not be food

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What a fucking hack

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I just looked it up so yeah, it could be a whelk. I bet people could eat it and keep the shell as a souvenier.

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Kinda weird but I suppose they could. Whelks are pretty common in places that traditionally eat a lot of seafood. It would be like keeping a chicken bone or something.

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It's just the shell as decoration you retards

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yet another example of the boring, bland and tasteless japanese cousin
>b-but theres the sauce, you dip the food in it
wow, what an accomplishment, I need to drown the food in cheap vinegar or soysauce to hide its horrible taste because apparently seasoning it in the first place is not allowed

fucking dumb weebs

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yeah sometimes I cry myself to sleep at night but that doesn't change the bland taste of japanese food

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So a food that is traditionally served in the shell everywhere on earth is, in the case of Japan, removed from the shell and discarded so that the shell alone can be placed empty on a plate, because... fuck if anyone knows, maybe soybean mind control or something? The diversity experiment?

This is some seriously convoluted flyover logic.

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>So a food that is traditionally served in the shell everywhere on earth is, in the case of Japan, removed from the shell and discarded so that the shell alone can be placed empty on a plate


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How do I appreciate the subtlety in the vast swathe of the cuisine? I've been trying to keep off the sugar in my usual diet but nothing has really changed about my tastebuds yet.

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its literally just decoration

do you think they eat the bamboo mat also?

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I live in Japan and people here genuinely think that corn on pizza is delicious and some sort of hidden italian delicacy. People here are really fucking nuts about italian food but can never remotely cook anything like it. There are loads upon loads of "italian" restaurants here but when you go in it's always some weird fucking japanese ripoff where they fuck up all of the dishes by adding jap shit like raw squid and eel and shit to it and then they try to fucking play it off as "real italian food". It doesn't help that people here don't know what normal bread or cheese is. It's all fucking gross. I have not had any normal-tasting cheese in all the time I've lived here, and good bread is about as rare as a properly paid salaryman. These people are born on this island, they will live their whole lives on this island, and they will die on this island without ever tasting real bread or cheese in their life and that's just sort of sad. The worst part is that because no japanese person actually knows what real italian food is like, nobody can call restaurants out on this bullshit, everyone eats it all up and calls it "honto ni umaiiiii uwuwuwuwu" and everyone thinks this is what real italian food is like. It's just sad. "OOOOOhhhh rettsu addu fishu eggu andu seaweedu to pasta carbonara don't u kno this is how rearu itarian peeporu eat!!!". The worst part for me is that japan doesn't just massacre classic italian food like this, but they also do it with every other country's cuisine imaginable. French, spanish, mexican, turkish, you name it. They botch everything they come across as "wow foreign so cool" but it's never apparently fucking good enough unless they douse it in soy sauce and raw octopus to make it "authentic european" food. Don't get me wrong I love me some japanese food but fuck this country for ruining foreign food culture and fuck the people for being too retarded to not know what real food is like, even though they kind of can't help it, fuck em it's gross

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Maybe restauranteurs try to open authentic places but they have to close because the good doesn't taste enough like soy sauce and nobody comes

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Imagine living in such a food desert that you think anything that isn’t available at McDonalds is actually just a kind of LARP that coastal elitists pretend to do for fashion

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Literally very country does this to other countries' food. My friend got served spaghetti bolognese with coconut milk in Germany, westernised Chinese food is a fucking abomination compared to the original cuisine, and Mexican food exists as a cheese, carbs and bad margarita parody in 90% of the world

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Has anyone here ever been to Japan and if so have you ever tried the corndogs they sell over at FamilyMart? That shit is fucking divine.

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I went to japan

I want to go back so im studying japanese very dilligently

I didnt get far. But i have confidence in my juicy wet brain.

Of course, I could just go anyways and learn japanese there. Maybe. Maybe.

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>a pile of plain noodles
deconstructed pasta just to be a pain in the ass
sashimi is god tier though

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>tfw will never move to nipland and open an authentic italian restaurant
>will never be buddies with local yakuza and drink japanese whiskey with them
>will never start drunken fistfights with waif-like nip men and rip through them like a white demon
>will never rape koreans with jap bros
>will never teach them CORN DOES NOT GO ON PIZZA
literally everything they eat, dump a bunch of soy sauce on it hurr durr shoyu mirin xddd umaiiiiii

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Might try to catch this show tonight. I wonder if the bar makes decent food or if I'll just have to eat ass?

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this. the website's never been the same since Moot left.
Gookmoot and his newfag mods that only came here in 2016 go out of their way to ruin the place.
I mean even /a/ has threads about streaming, Naruto and Dragon Ball Z now. Sakurafish got banned, Dinotendies is banned, FoodPicsFromJapan is banned, al/ck/ threads are banned and you get banned if you post "copyrighted webms" on /gif/.

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The flood of newfags has made it a lot worse too. /n/ is now full of MAGA chuds who spam "fringie" in every thread that isn't about multi-role fighter/bombers, and if you talk back to them they have the gall to tell you to go to /pol/

I spend less time here than I used to, but there's not much else out there. I'm not going to 八 chan to lurk with a bunch of actual die hard nazis just to shitpost about santoku knives

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Whats that jap food thats like stir fry, its featured in episode one of GTO

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If that's a terrible image of zaru soba, alright. If it's anything else, it would probably take liquoring me up and flirting with me to convince me it's good.

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damn its called suikyaki shit looks 2 hard for me 2 make

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What a bunch of weird looking russian fucking hags, anon

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ive been to a ton of countries and japan really does have the best food. cafe aaliya or however the fuck its spelled as the best sugary item ive ever eaten. their french toast is insane and i hate normal french toast

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Most sushi places are shit in the states and I've been to exactly 2 nip restaurants that weren't sushi joints in my entire life.
Personally I think they're sitting on a gold mine that the chinks are going to corner instead as they're the ones really pushing and expanding "authentic" places.

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While you might think of me as "just" an American I really like unadon.
Think to yourselves before judging us.

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I really love this so much.

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I always see these delicious looking lunchboxes in anime, and I always wonder what all the food (not the obvious stuff like rice) is.

Does anyone have any like, recipies for making these boxes? They look so tasty.

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What is that? I want to try it

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That happens, not always knowing what something is. That's the purpose of this message board. To ask and blast each other.

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Piss off you british faggot!

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whole wheat pasta with tomato and sauerkraut?

>> No.12762674

Do you want a bit of champagne?

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satan trips wants people to eat whole weat pasta as social engineering

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>3,Hot sauce

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>how many scallions would you like?

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fuck yeah fond du lac

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Why does all Japanese food taste the same?

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I've been to Japan twice, and both times the food was awesome for the first few days, but quickly it got old.
I got sick of eating deep fried food, noodles, and rice, all topped or swimming in a brown sauce or broth. On the side you have plain cabbage, some sweetened egg scramble, maybe weird pickled stuff.

Or sushi.

And there's no escaping it, either, because as >>12759595 points out, any foreign food is even worse.

Vegetables? Fruits? Nope! Be sure to stock up on this stuff when youre at Don Qui, or a Conbini.

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>Japanese people don't eat fruit
Ok retard.
This was my breakfast this morning in Nagasaki.

>> No.12763076

obviously they have fruit, but its prohibitively expensive, and generally not part of the japanese cuisine.

Also, your meal is a western style breakfast, not a japanese one, dingdong.

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>hotel food
>doesn’t everyone eat like this?

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>hotel food

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Jesus Christ monkeyballs that looks fucking delicious

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read the filename

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What tastes does Godzilla derive from this train car?

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this should be its own thread

>> No.12763711

Can I get some suggestions on my ramen recipe. Right now I’m using fried seitan and a miso brother and then topping with green onions and a bunch of chili pepper. Still not as good as $1 instant ramen but pretty good.

>> No.12763735

is that corn in the fruit salad?

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Yes, they put fruit on top of a "normal" salad. It's a coffee shop that's nearly 100 years old, so I assume they've been doing it like that for a while. Weird shit.

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he looks like someone that has a large collection of hot sauces

>> No.12763803

Fuck off faggot.

>> No.12763919

found the mod

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In Japan currently, am wop. This is true and disgusting, I tried the japanese attempt at "pizza" today and actually considered not paying for my food, they replaced mozzarella with notto. They also served an "antipasta" dish that had cold disgusting pasta that tasted like an American macaroni salad, and the saddest attempt at quiche I have ever seen. I love Japanese cooking but their obsession with Italian/French cuisine is depressing considering how poorly they imitate it.

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lmao really?
every second cheap sushi place in nz sells it and you can buy them frozen at every asian supermarket

and if you can get good fresh octopus then you can just make battered deep fried balls without the meme pan and they'll be delicious
or buy an appam maker from an indian shop would work fine. or buy the correct meme pan online. or use a small muffin tin

i agree they're fucking great though, especially fresh proper ones

>> No.12765014

buying frozen takoyaki aint hard but just get the little tray thing and make it urself not too hard

>> No.12765359

i live in minnesota, and while it's not common, it's available.

there's a food truck around here that sells it, and probably some of the japanese restaurants around here have it too.

>> No.12765381

Was surprised by the amount of pork eaten over there

>> No.12765804

>八 chan
it got shut down a few days ago, so they've all come here.

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>implying that's even close to peak powerabuse from the staff
That's nothing.
/co/ has a spammer in the sharethread that posts userscloud (for-profit referral) links all the time and is either a janitor or has a pet janitor protecting thim. Reporting his spam does nothing and shit talking the spammer gets you banned unless the post specifically mentions the for-profit spam or the janitor protection, then the post just gets deleted.

We managed to get him kicked off the mod team once, by ratting him out to another janitor, but he started spamming again about a week ago so it seems like he managed to worm his way into the mod team again.

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Why is the middle ones headband shooped on? Those feathersthingies looks extremely out of place.

>> No.12765952

looks really umami

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how do u eat those soups with chopsticks ?

>> No.12767266

Alot of semi decent ramen places sell it as an appetizer. The one place I get it from it is always really good and boling hot in the center, just like back home. XD

>> No.12767448

Bento cook books exist. Look them up.

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I put this sasebo burger up as a joke, but after eating it it was actually amazing. I came to Sasebo to try out some burgers and they haven't disappointed.

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It kinds of looks like a cat.

>> No.12769888

these mods and jannies are getting worse each year. /v/ can't have a good discussion without furfags derailing threads and they don´t get banned but post on an off-topic thread and you get a 3 day time off

>> No.12770343

GOAT thread

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I don't usually eat Japanese style breakfast, so this was a nice change. Fuck fishbones though.

>> No.12770967

Ate ramen for the first time yesterday and the meat was all soft and wobbly, is it supposed to be that way anons?

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It's fatty.

>> No.12770987

God is not real.

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Welcome to Sasebo bitch

>> No.12771002

You can build a thousand churches and it still won't make him real.

>> No.12771023

>they didn't skin anything
The fuck. Let me at 'em. We'll be cutting those melons into decorative spheres (not street-signs you incompetent dogs) before splitting them as needed. Yeah I know the crazy bastards have a lot of melons and want to know what they are, so we'll come up with some sort of rind garnish. I think rinds from several species are actually capable of being pickled.

I hate everything down to the glass bowl and white eggs in white bowl, want to fix this so bad.

>> No.12771027

>Create offtopic shitpost
>500 replies, no deletion, no ban
>Type "seethe", "cope" or other awful meme responses
>Eh, whatever.
>Type "have sex" or "cumbrain"

>> No.12771029

Based pasta Anon

>> No.12771033

Have sex and Cumbrain triggers most of this sites users. It strikes too close to home. So you get reported en masse

I got a permaban that I appealed 3 times to no avail. The contents? Me explaining to a curious anon about my old japanese ex gf and why we broke up. Thats it. I talked about our life together and put my heart into it, and it got reported like crazy probably. "Banned for off topic." Appeals instantly denied. Fuck these incel m*ds honestly. And to the rest of you seething coping betazoids, have some sex. Its on the house.

>> No.12771098

You just admitted to ban evasion? Sayonara, lol!

>> No.12771109

I have a master key (phone), I let myself back in all the time.


>> No.12771122

What are those tiny fish?

>> No.12771123

God is above gender.

>> No.12771151

That's why God is referred to as HIM, HIS, father and so on. Doesn't matter since God is as real as the anime chrsitanchan avatar.

>> No.12771175

Enjoy Hell.

>> No.12771184

So how do they make the ramen broth so creamy?

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>beta reddit soyboy
>collects hot sauces

You can’t make this shit up!

>> No.12771796

Those are raw baby sardines and marinated ones in soy sauce-based seasoning liquid.

>> No.12772065

Something about serving food on a porous, fibrous platter skeeves me out. You just know that there's shit in the ropes holding that mat together that will never come out no matter how many washings.

>> No.12772171

you slurp extremely loud as to rupture a small childs ear drums while drippling the soup all over your chin and shirt, then pretend its good manners.

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File: 2.91 MB, 640x360, crab12.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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File: 2.90 MB, 640x360, crab11.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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File: 2.83 MB, 640x360, crab10a.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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File: 2.91 MB, 640x360, crab10b.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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Bro, which restaurant?

>> No.12772216

coincidentally, later that day i encountered that very same food truck at a brewery. i dont think its run by japanese ppl tho

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File: 1.69 MB, 3709x2736, _20190813_155122.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They aren't restaurants, just shops. It's a street food, as far as I can tell.
There's one on the shopping street inbetween the Gunkanjima digital musem and Glover Garden. If you're walking up towards Glover Garden look on the right side, it's pretty early on.
You'll see the mascot out front.

>> No.12772281

Excuse me for cutting in.
I think the shop you visited is Iwasaki hompo 岩崎本舗, specializing in Kakuni buns.

>> No.12772301

Yeah, that's definitely the name. There are a bunch of em, I'm sure.

>> No.12772387

It really sucks that outside Japan, Japanese cuisine is always seen as a premium-type food with a cost to boot.

I'd love it if I could pick up an onigiri roll or katsudon as easily as I could a burrito, pizza, or something else.

Even in New York the only 'Japanese' you'll really find is sushi places, unless you go to Japantown in the middle of Manhattan for overpriced mimicry.