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>your what you eat
>tfw eat ramen and sushi every day
tfw Japanese feels good man

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Get fucked weeb

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No wonder so many Americans are racist.
It's because they like hamburgers.

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Yeah, you'd like to feel a Japanese man.

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Anime website.

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Get fucked poltard. Weebs are the boss of this gym.

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Always this limp wristed passive aggressive comment

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>none of the "males" fill even half their shirt's sleeves
>two women, I think
As much as the western world has an obesity problem, the fact that you can't tell the drones apart is unnerving. I applaud the retard in bondage-gear for standing out.

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Americans are either skinny fortnite zoomers or fatfucks
Go outside sometime

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I like how everyone, especially Asians, are trained to respond to problems with whataboutism. I've literally seen fuckers try to state what they're doing is okay because other countries did it 350 years ago.

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>t. They arr rook same
It's not a whataboutism or justification, it's justbased off some dumbass kids at a convention you make broad generalizations about a society to fulfill your preconcieved notions of bugmen and a herbivore society, unlike yours with the freedom and individuality to be a fat lazy cunt

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>I'm wrong, better call him a racist
>hell better throw buzzwords he didn't use to be sure

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>I'm only allowed to use words he expressly and literally said
How's the autism? He literally said they all look the same.

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Ignore anime posters
Sage anime posters
Hide anime posters

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Who are you quoting, onii-sama-tachi?

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You're better off just leaving this anime website desu

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Actually I meant they were all a bunch of scrawny fucks wearing white and black T-shirts that don't fit in exactly the same way. Wait, there's one with a blue T-shirt. Sorry if you projected your issues with me commenting on a bunch of people conforming to a very very uniformity as racism.

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i got it.

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>another one caught

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He posted a cute boy. OP is forgiven

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>sushi every day

enjoy your mercury poisoning

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Louie CK dropped a serious truth bomb: there is no such thing as asian men.

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So you're a fermented noodle.

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