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how do y'all feel about Tito's?

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>how do y'all feel about Tito's?

My drink of choice for becoming an hero because it's disgusting and worthless and tastes like battery acid... much like myself.

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personally I don't think any vodka is worth spending money on. You don't buy vodka because you like it, you buy it to get hammered

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it's based and redpilled

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I like the taste of ethanol so I buy pure and high quality vodkas which have good ethanol flavor like russian standard. great for mixing as well

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Ketel, Goose, and Belvedere are all better options. They are also all the same price(20$) where I live.

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>Ketel, Goose, and Belvedere are all better options. They are also all the same price(20$) where I live.

Those are all absolute shit. Buy bottom shelf. It's easier and cheaper to kill yourself with.

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whenever me and the lads are feeling like getting wild we get a few handles of tito and chug them while everyone chants "TITO TITO TITO TITO" over and over

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Not worth the price point, like most mid-shelf vodka.

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also my dad frequently goes on transpacific business flights and makes a goal of drinking all the titos on board

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>I like ethanol
Nigger its time to grow up and just drink gasoline

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it's good, if you like PUKING YOUR GUTS OUT!

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This guy gets it, and when I say “it”, I mean fucking drunk for a few bucks

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Vodka is trash

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how dare you

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Shitty vodka gives you shitty hangovers.

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He’s right though.
Mostly because it reminds of throwing up in highschool so I can’t swallow it

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have you ever been to texas? its the way we say "you guys" and we dont put a ' in it.

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Why the fuck would anyone go to flyover bumfuck mcjebus cousinfuckerville?

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so like 99.9% of america/europe?

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Tastes like vodka, nothing special. Personally im not a fan tho. It's also sweet to me. Idk, it's just not what I like. I don't process corn based vodka well at all. I usually stick to stoli when I drink vodka. My body just process the rye way better than corn based.

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As a bartender, Titos is a money maker. On weekends, people order vodka sodas left and right. I always ask what kind of vodka they would like. Obviously, my well vodka is the cheapest; but I find that most people will respond with titos or goose when asked.

And it doesn't taste that bad, I mean, it's still vodka but fuck. It has a bit of sweet after taste, but whatever, it's vodka, as long as it's not rubbing alcohol or in a plastic bottle, it's fine.

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I agree. Vodka has no forward taste, but has a particular after taste depending on the brand.
>Titos - someone's breath after eating candy
>Goose - Lemon Pledge
>Belvidere - Metal, copper in particular

The rest I can't recall, but I find that vodka is all after taste when taken straight. Take it with soda water or as a dirty martini, since you're clearly a drunk.

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Texas is like 60% Mexican so no, not like Europe. But a lot like Mexico

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People have been using y'all before the internet, and your typical SJW type would have made fun of the usage of it before they realized so many black people said it.

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Yeah, fuck that guy. If he's put off by "y'all" then he's probably just not American, or doesn't understand language.
And the funny thing is that "y'all' is a colloquialism of the south, which, sure, has plenty of blacks, but also plenty of racist white people. So, even if he is an edgy fag, what's his point? Soyboys use "y'all"?
Look, I grew up in the south of the USA, and I think people who use "y'all" are simply from that location.
Like, what the fuck? He's calling it "Soy" and SJW and you're claiming that he thinks that because it's used by blacks. But neither of you are right. It's a purely dialectal abbreviation.
Read a fucking book.

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Quite a few anons here get it.
Its for getting hammered, not for flavor. If you want to waste money, go ahead, but its retarded.
You are splitting hairs with the differences, and honestly they ALL taste like absolute shit.
FOOD is worth spending money for quality. ALCOHOL is meant to give you a buzz, and when it comes to drugs, its about the effective dose and rate of absorption. Any commercial product is going to work. Its the difference between brand name medicines and generic, do you really fucking care who manufactures your ibuprofen? Is Advil better than Walmart brand?
Stop being fucking tools, and pretend there is a huge difference. There is not. 80 proof is all you need to know, faggots.

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This just proves “the south” is soyboy central

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Wait, I thought California was soyboy central, Anon. Where are you even from? The Midwest? North East? Where do the non soyboys live?

Don't tell me you're not American, because the rest of the world is soyboys too

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It's a fine representative of the Texas style.
Deep Eddy is also another that's pretty good.
My go-to is Luksusowa. Potato vodka FTW!

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This. Luksusowa is the best bang for your buck.

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If you get hangovers at all then you're not drinking enough water.

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over rated
just buy this

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It's the best of the cheap vodkas. Fine as a mixer. It sucks straight.

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texan here. it's one of the best options for cheap vodka if you still want it smooth. i prefer grey goose but i can get a handle of this for the same price as a fifth of goose.

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Tower vodka tastes almost exactly the same and is half the price.

Also, I live in the DFW area and see ads for Tito's all the time and they always emphasize it's made in Texas. I took a trip to San Diego recently and saw a couple billboards for Tito's and the made in Texas label was conspicuously absent.

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>i like the taste of ethanol
*blocks your path*

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absolutely based

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Gives me instant acid reflux that lasts for 2 days after

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