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Whats the best hot sauce and why is it Franks Red Hot?

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Garlic Crystal is the best.

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i can't unassociate franks with wings, so now i use valentina on everything

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It’s good for masking bad flavors

If I buy some shitty cafe food: Red hot on top to mask it

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yes it supremely good

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Texas Pete is the best. Carolina-based vinegar sauce, it adds flavour, not just "muh heeeeeeeaaaaaaaaat"

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The only reason I buy dabomb is to add a couple drops to bottles of mild good tasting hot sauces like franks to give them heat. Even if you can handle the heat of dabomb the taste is so shit it has no uses on its own.

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frank's is disgu

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low quality bate

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I like melinda's and it's variations.

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Reminder that standard Tabasco's application is closer to red pepper flakes than a "hot sauce," hence the distinction of being pepper sauce.

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Tabasco is horrible. Had it one time with some chicken and it made the chicken taste bad.

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Eh. I like it with scrambled eggs and a dill pickle, and with cajun food.

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If we're judging the line up in OP's picture, my vote goes to Melinda. I like it's zesty spice. Goes great on pork or chicken.

Otherwise, if we're just judging in general - I'm very disappointed in all of you for not first suggesting the king of all condiments.

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Shill elsewhere

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Silly Americans thinking they know pepper sauce.

This one is good, made with Scotch bonnet and chadon beni.

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Why do people call this "sugar sauce" here on /ck/? It hardly has any sugar

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Silly Americans thinking they know pepper sauce.

Most good pepper sauces are made with Scotch bonnet and chadon beni

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sambal and saté are both better

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I can't argue. They're all good.

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Nobody acts like that. You’re making these encounters up in your head. Take your meds. Schizo freak

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Why the fuck did my community stop selling this Sriracha sauce

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La Victoria Red Hot for Tacos at home. More for flavor then spice. Tapatio is just like red peppery water.

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Yeah that's gonna be a based from me, dog

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Saw this shilled here for a while and picked some up. It's really, really good. Hot, but not too hot, great flavor.

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>so now i use valentina on everything
in college I brought my own bottle of valentina because my meal prep tasted so bland on Fridays. I would then proceed to steal valentina from the cafeteria if I ran out.

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wrong. yurop side should be
>do americans really xyz

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based tapatioposter

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its actually quite mild, but yeah it has great flavor. All of marie sharpe's sauces are pretty good, except for the 'comatose heat' habanero which i think is way too vinegary. I recommend you try the green habanero if you like the normal habanero.

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For Mexican/american food, Valentino or any green habanero sauce
For pretty much anything else, sriracha

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Huy fong chili garlic desu. Delicious neutrwl and barely meme enough to go on everything

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