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>For me, it's Rick and Morty:tm:'s Szechuan Sauce. The wubba lubba dub dubbing best hot sauce!

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How is anyone still talking about this? Are you going to post soy face with Kony 2012 next?

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>I make threads about food that people eat whilst I myself probably eat nothing but cereal and toast

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Soy sauce on eggs you say

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>i’m tired of being the butt of the joooooke

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These chips are better $0¥ balls

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Replace cereal with tendies and dew and you got it.

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This meme is beat to death, only a literal boomer has this little self awareness.

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Is Rick and Morty good? I stopped watching new stuff some years ago but alot of people seem to like it.

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>This meme is beat to death, only a literal boomer has this little self awareness.

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>hey guys i just watched rick and morty and thought it SUCKED r8 my shitpost!

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