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Holy shit I can't even keep it together over here. Tastelets BTFO once again! Turns out eating spicy food makes you retarded. Turns out poor dumb people love spicy food. Turns out you eat spicy food you get dementia. Turns out those of us with taste don't have to worry about it. Lmao at all of you who use spices and can't appreciate a good ingredient. Really explains all the countries that are "known" for their spicy dishes. Holy shit dude I bet you YES YOU the one reading this right now have sriracha or tabasco in your kitchen rn. Wow just wow I share a board with these . . . woof I don't even want to call them people. I share a board with these things that need spicy food in order to taste anything.


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you sound white and boring. here have a little bit of anon's "have sex" on your food.

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>sample population: china

this couldn't possible be for any reason other than spicy foods, right? literally nothing else that causes dementia happens in china

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I'm ride or die with secret aardvark
it is absolutely NO secret that I am always varking

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ALL groups had cognitive decline because it was an elderly population (55 years old or older at the time of the first test with an average age in the early 60s).
And look at pic related. Red had the highest test results, and red was the 1-19 grams of chili consumption level. Blue (no chili consumption) was only second place to red. Also:
>In contrast to the current study, a cross-sectional study of 338 Chinese adults aged 40 years and above living in a community in Chongqing, a city with high chili consumption, found that a capsaicin-rich diet was positively associated with cognitive function and inversely associated with blood amyloid-β levels

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