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What do you think of this pizza, /ck/?

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Where is the pizza, OP?

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thats how they do it in mexico

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I for one would like to experience Swedish style pizza.

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I think therefore I am.

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The mexican pizza used to be my go-to back when they used to put olives on it.

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Looks like some kind of alien is going to emerge from it. Were you stupid enough to pay for that?

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I like olives too, maybe they stopped doing olives because of liability. If some little bitch soccer mom or it's daughter broke a tooth on an olive pit then they'd get sued. I bet insurance company types look at that for rates.

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Had a mexican pizza last night. It was delicious

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You should have taken a picture of it for posterity. I've had a couple good mexican pizzas as well but it was before posting on 4chan, I didn't know better then but you do now.

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taco bell, no thanks

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If it was on the dollar menu I'd buy one every day, but for what they charge there are just too many better options. Could also really use some anchovies.

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looks like a pie

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>Had a mexican pizza last night. It was delicious
I used to live near a mom n pop pizza place that actually did a good job on a mexican pizza, but boy did I really resist ordering it when my spouse suggested that was the mood for the night. "Uhh, no, let's just get an italian pizza" but no amount of persuasion worked without me being too bitchy. I doubled up the garlic rolls and salad orders, just in case it really was not palatable. It was ground beef (which I was like eww, worst meat you can pick in a pizza restaurant, obviously just there for the muslims who can't do pork. Cheddar? Green onion? horrible canned olives? I didn't know what they'd do to make it like dog food, but it wasn't. It had sliced raw jalapenos, paper thin across the top, a good cheese blend, chili-seasoned beef crumbles which didn't offend, and tomatoes and cilantro But, yea, it was so delicious that we ordered it at least once a month thereafter! It was spicy hot.

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it's mexican because it was made in the usa

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Yeah it’s like $3.79 or some crap. I bet the workers hate making it too

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nice blog post.

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I miss the olives and chives, does it even have onions on it anymore?

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Taco Bell is awesome.

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I miss those too. Taco Bell is such a pussy for getting rid of them after some beaner dick complained.

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Nothing surpasses buffalo chicken pizza

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Looks bad. Partially cooked and doughy.

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I like to eat a mexican pizza on a rare occasion. People who balk at it saying its nothing like pizza are retards and probably the same people who say Taco Bell is nothing like real mexican food... no shit retard.

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those cinnastix things are the shittiest item on taco bell's menu. mexican pizza is the second shittiest item on taco bell's menu.
get a bean burrito stuffed with french fries.
your welcome

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They're pretty good with some hot sauce, but for some reason they are like a block of lead in your stomach. I can never even think about eating more than 2.

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That's a shit pizza. I can make better.

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You have to wonder how many of these Taco Bell actually sells in a year.

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>those cinnastix things are the shittiest item on taco bell's menu.
Fuck those fake churros, brough. A cinnamon sugar increase would help, but they're still shit compared to the reel deel.

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