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Why does he always look deranged?

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He looks okay to me.

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Nice of you to join us

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He’s just one of those guys the human mind instantly recognizes as underhanded coward with one look. Add a hall monitor sash and Star Trek casket, and you have his life’s story in three images.

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He sounds like Alton Brown when explaining stuff

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Look in the mirror and the mirror stares right back.

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>why I season my mouth INSTEAD of seasoning the food
Memes and his weird antics aside (his most controversial being not seasoning his steak) I actually enjoy his content and still make his braised pork recipe to this day. Would totally love to see a babish or at least a you suck at cooking collab

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he's a twisted cycle path

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Man I rewatched the vid where he jabs Gordon Ramsay, I'm sure he regrets it, not because of the personal attack but because of how much his superiority complex was glaring, it's so unsubtle.

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What does he say?

Also who exactly is he? I've got a video of him recommended about how you should flavor your butter instead of seasoning your steak directly. Since that video i keep seeing him on here.

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>What does he say?

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Am I supposed to know who this is?

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I didn't know what it means either so i checked google and it says
"taint (plural taints)
A contamination, decay or putrefaction, especially in food"
So what exactly is his problem?

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The space between your balls and asshole

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