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vodka thread

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for me its kirkland signature

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For me, it’s the cheapest I can get so I can get drunk every night and think about my ex wife.

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Why are you thinking and drinking instead of acting to improve your condition. Go to the gym.

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based. easily the best for the price, and honestly it might be the best vodka i've ever had. the most-drinkable vodka and at the price it's just fucking wacky that people are out there buying tito's and shit or even worse
it's vodka, fellas

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Do you have a reason to improve yourself?

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This is the cleanest vodka i'v ever tasted, tastes like pure water very smooth.

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This, but get the "Estate" version. It's a bit more expensive, but still around $20 per 750ml, so not retarded Grey Goose prices. It's exceptionally smooth, and I've never gotten a hangover off drinking it.

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it can't be beat

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In what way and how much should I drink vodka to pass out without getting a heart attack?
My sleep schedule is fucked and I can't fix it at the other end without getting hopped up on speed, which I'd rather not do. I figure this is probably better.

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Drink until you pass out. I have been doing it for 2 or 3 years now and the only difference is i'm not 3 different kinds of medication. Not so bad, really.

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don't drink yourself to passing out you fucking retard, just take some melatonin and sip a few vodka sodas

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is greay goose good

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Started drinking more heavily the past few weeks/months. Vodka is the second cheapest liquor.
I've started sipping it behind everyone's back. Just keep me warm, vutka.

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what's the first cheapest liquor

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Is wine liquor?

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Liquor you make yourself. Couple bucks per 60 shots.

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Switched to this from Ketel One, either I'm drinking bad batches or they really dropped in quality, Ketel's been tasting like fucking hand sanitizer lately.

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bottomshelf bros report in

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My mothafuckin nigga. easily the winner of its price range.

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where do I get a cheap and working distillery

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hardware store

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thank you

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Not a vodka per se, but soju is a related spirit I always keep on hand.

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its ok but it's way over hyped. There's way better options for the same (or lower) price.

It's big for the same reasons Jack Daniels, Henny, and Beats headphones are. Dumb asses watch commercials about them and tell all their dumb ass friends about how great they are.

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Yeah. I'm young. I have issues with getting women, it bothers me. It causes despair. It sucks. It's horrible. But I've been hitting the gym for two years, and everyday I work playing guitar and piano. I know there are things that will make me attractive. It's a grind, it's no fun, because I know every night I go to sleep I'll be a loser. But one day I will be too good to ignore. Improve your condition my man. It is quickly better than wasting yourself. That is not to say don't drink alcohol. But to think calmly that it's fine to long for someone and supplement with drugs, this is no good.

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>It causes despair. It sucks
It only does if you're saying it does though

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It is kind of so bad for your liver and possibly other biological factors. But it may have you saved you the mental fuckiness and brung you happiness. It's never too late to enjoy life without it.

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Gotta get higher proof

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Eh not really. I've gotten over it but I can still recognize how it was.

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ive been staring at a bottle of vodka for 10 minutes
i cant bring myself to chug it again

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Belvedere can't be beaten in my opinion and I've tried way more expensive ones.

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smooth and cheap

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Cheaper the better NIGGA ŻUBRÓWKA ALL THE FUCKING WAY also royal vodka but autistic people think that its good but everyone knows żubrówka is shit thats why i love it a lot

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McCormick bro reporting in

$10.49 a 1.75L handle and $5.99 a 750ml fifth at my local liquor store

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just vomited you guys

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Whatchu know 'bout vomiting? Prolly tons.

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I vomit from lack of alcohol rather than too much

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I've been drinking this lately, drinks as smooth as a $20-30 vodka and my local place has it for 10 bucks. Had too many premature reversals with Taaka and decided that shit shouldn't be consumed by humans. Don't mind paying an extra couple bucks if it means I don't have to drink nail polish remover.

Also been getting into gin, Seagram's and Gordon's seem decent and they're the same price as shit tier vodka if you want to change it up or make actual mixed drinks. I'm sure the expensive stuff is better but I can't be assed.

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where my taaka senpai out?

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I once had a full shot of Taaka go down the wrong pipe and spent literally an hour retching and coughing, every time I inhaled I'd reflexively dry heave because it'd be a smack of ethanol.
Genuinely one of the worst experiences of my life.

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ive had that happen before with whiskey and it came out my nose

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I used to be a big TAAKA drinker and go through 2 handles a week 6 months ago, but now I'm a McCormick drinker and going through about 2.5-3 handles a week. McCormick is only 50 cents more than TAAKA per handle where I live and I think the slight increase in quality is worth it even if they're still both bottom shelf trash

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I once did a taste test of Taaka, McCormick, and Mr Boston and couldn't tell any difference.
They're all so acrid that even as a poorfag I'm happy to scrape together a couple of dollars for something a half-step better. Under ~$10/750mL it gets exponentially worse as it gets cheaper.

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hey man, just stepping in to tell you that you gotta slow down

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Sort your life out nigga

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>enjoy life
I was fucked from birth mate, just gunna live long enough until my mom dies then ill blow my brains out. Hoping a double funeral will be cheaper on my family.

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al/ck/ may have gone away a year ago, but my alcoholism sure hasn't
420chan's /hooch/ and Reddit's r/CripplingAlcoholism both suck in comparison, but I know al/ck/ is never going to return to /ck/. I'm guessing most of the non-alcoholics here were happy with it getting banned

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I doubt they give a fuck. Most of them are too busy posting in fast food threads. /ck/ has no quality control.

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I drink Bartons Natural or Jorvik which are 9-11 bucks a handle in my area. I spend more on the mixer, as I do 1:1 with redbull (yellow or orange), which costs 2.50 per 12 oz can.

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CA isnt so bad

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right, sure. but like i said, you need to do something

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Best brand and best flavour coming through

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A lot of my family/friends are celiac and they only trust Titos, so if I'm having vodka its usually that.

If it were up to me I really like Reyka, or Russian Standard thats been stored in the fridge

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They stopped carrying my go-to. I have to drink Orloff. It's ok but I miss my sweetheart.

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We only have sams brand here. 13 bucka for 1.75 liters. Cant go wrong.

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>spelling it 'flavour'
I shit on the queen

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What is there really to say about vodka? As far as I know, they are all trying trying to taste like nothing. Vodka is the drink for people without taste

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Best vodka coming through, also known as the only good thing to ever come from Ukraine.

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This is what I drink as well, it's $23 at the liquor store closest to me, for a 1.75L, it's the closest I've been able to find to the Kirkland vodka I use to get in Alaska, New York is stupid with it's liquor laws though so I'd have to drive to another state to get Kirkland.

Tl;Dr yeah that's good stuff for the price

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just bought a pint of this bad boy
burns clean as fuck]
no hangover
on the rocks with lime juice from fresh lime or even lemon, too

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masterrace reporting in

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Is that knife made of tinfoil? Jesus Christ, my 80s rambo knife with built in fishing line had better steel.

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Damn dude, you sound really cool. Can you post the knife so I know what the experts use?

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For me its the McChicken the best fast food sandwich

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