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Autism: the pizza

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All bullshit aside, it actually looks like a good dough foundation.

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i don't like this guy or how he does things but at least his pizza looks like a proper pizza instead of those stupid authentic meme pizzas everybody tries to make where there is only toppings on two of the slices and cheese on 3 of the slice and all the other slices are burnt sauce bread

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I legitimately hate him

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What race is this?

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is he, dare I say, the voice of our generation?

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I can see why he got big, snappy editing, concise commentary, a few jokes interspersed throughout. He's quality jewtube.

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fkn LOVE this guy!

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Love how much he triggers ckautists

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Pure bred Italian

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He has a more punchable face than even mark wiens

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>than even mark wiens
Wiens is more punchable, but Ragu is still high

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>The tomatoes are alright but the liquid they've been soaking in for a year is far too bitter.
retard confirmed

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Why though?

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>Everything done in cups
>If dough is sticky add more flour
As a baker this pisses me off.

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Who had the better pizza?

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this is the first video I've watched of his.
Why should I hate him?
Pretty legit info.

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It's not a bad video, his others are questionable though

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Certainly the Alton brown of generation clown

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Regusa haters are cucks confirmed

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What are you a commercial baker? I bake at home and this is how I make all my bread. After you do it long enough you know when it's right. Only a brainlet requires a recipe

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it's still a recipe even if it's in your head. You literally can't cook without a recipe.

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looks ok, but he doesn't check the proofing straight out of the refrigerator or allow for a final rise

also he wouldn't have to worry about sticking to the peel if he used non-gluten flours like rice

also his voice is annoying

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Pure bread, Italian.

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your spacing is annoying.

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This guy is a retard. There is no hope for him.

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thanks for the heads up. is there anything else I can do for you while I'm here? just say the word

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His video about seasoning his cutting board was fucking stupid
He also has a punchable face and annoying voice. Yes I mad

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>thanks for the heads up
>s there anything else I can do for you while I'm here?
annoying me was plenty; but since you asked you can make with the head.

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He’s not a good enough cook to justify how many subscribers he has

But then again that applies to most YouTube “chefs”

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Cuckolds are SEETHING

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