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What foods have you eaten that made you go like this?

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Nigger toes

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tuna shashimi

>> No.12641750

The thigh meat of 8 year old Asian kids

>> No.12641766

pho at my favorite restaurant after I haven't had it for almost a year

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I know your mom loves making that face when she is sucking on deez

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I don't know what you are talking about.

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To be fair he has toned down his face over the years.

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that's because the demon is finally fitting well into society (and it's new body)

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How the hell does this guy get the money to do this? Patreon? What kind of person would pay money to watch a stranger eat food they probably never will?

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He made a video about this. It's mostly affiliate marketing and nowadays with his millions of subscribers and high-profile sponsors he has no trouble doing this full-time.

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stop posting this faggot,

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Crème brulé always makes me go

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Eggplant pizza, summer rolls, and Asian slaw and waffle sweet potato fries with horseradish Dijon sauce.

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Whenever I see that cunt's face I instantly lose all appetite.

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It's crème brûlée since it's feminine.

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t. food ranger

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First time I smoked hash and ate some type of magical almond pie with two friends, basically making that face theoughout.
It remains the most delicious experience of my life thus far.

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kek, my thoughts exactly with this guy

>> No.12643925

None. I'm not a giant faggot who fakes enjoyment out of every bite of food I take.

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First time I ate a proper dry aged steak

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Everything when im hungry

>> No.12643997

youtube ad money from... let's face it, sexual perverts who get off watching people food-cuck them

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ur mum's pussy

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avocado toast

>> No.12645631

Soylent, bacon, my hot sauce collection and lattes. YAAAASSSS.

>> No.12645645

A roasted and succulent chunk of child buttocks

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Yikes! Murderer!

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>mfw eating vindaloo

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mfw when eating potato

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When I understood Talisker 10

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you'll be surprised how much money he makes off YT, traveling and hotel ads are one of the top earners where ads are concerned, the best being insurance and credit card ads.

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why you reacting to posts with your picture

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because youre gay

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Are you seeing the new Tarantino movie?

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He looks so based here

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Fried human baby

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coffee and a hummer to start the day right

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Some of you are dark (meat). I make that face whenever I eat rare beef tenderloin.

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such beautiful hair, mark. it's like he's from saved by the bell

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Flan pudding

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The fuck is his issue?

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