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Depressing fried Chicken
Soaked In a buttermilk bath for 6 hours, covered in a seasoned flour mix, deep fried in lard

And yet
It was not fingerlickin' good

How to fuck do you make truly good fried chicken? Pressure fryers?

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Looks tasty give it to me nigger

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You burned it. Lower the heat next time to and fry over a longer time and then just throw in for a sec on higher heat just to crisp it on the surface. You did alright otherwise so don't worry.

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what was in your seasoned flour? what temp did you fry at and for how long?

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Why can’t white “people” cook?

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Fried chicken is a meme. It's literally never good no matter what you do.

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Thanks, ok
If I had to put in more detail, the inside wasn't dry, but it definitely wasn't moist. It also just felt like it should have been cooked more

And the outside felt like it was too hard, not the good kind of crispy

So what temps would you recommend do you think?

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The flour was all purpose flour mixed with salt, pepper, white pepper, onion salt, garlic powder, onion powder and thyme

Temperature was 350° for around 8 minutes straight. Deep frying, so all at once, no flipping or anything

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you're missing spice. put cayenne pepper in the buttermilk brine and in the breading. three step breading - pat dry chicken -> 1) flour+spice 2) egg 3) panko (with optional spice and parsley)

>350F, 8 MINUTES

it tasted not done because you didn't cook it long enough. i don't know how you could stomach a thigh that wasn't even done.

15-20 minutes @ 350F
internal temp of 165F (juices run clear)

obviously low end of the clock is for legs and upper end for thighs. and depending on how loaded your fryer is you will need to adjust the fry temp to compensate. generally you want less crowding in your pan and to keep the temp stable around 325-350F. if you find your coating is burning lower the temp and cook longer.

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1. Brine chicken over night. Use whatever aromatics you want. I use lemons and thyme.
2. Remove chicken from brine and pat dry.
3. Make seasoned flour. AP flour, salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, paprika and cayenne. Split flour into two different bowls. Place buttermilk in a third bowl.
4. Dredge chicken in flour, Dip in buttermilk, dredge in second flour.
5. Heat oil to 320. Cook legs and thighs for about 10 mins or until browned and crispy. Drain on paper towels and Store on wire rack.
6. Raise oil temp to 340. Cook breasts and wings for 6-7 mins. Drain on paper towels and store on wire rack.

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sound more like your life story rather than fried chicken

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You need to brine the chicken, you need to marinate it in buttermilk with a shitton of hotsauce, and you need to heavily season the flour. Fry until beautifully browned and then finish on a wire rack in the oven. If you don't find that delicious, you probably do not like fried chicken.

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I'm not the right person to talk about temperatures cause I just learned eyeballing it in a pan. I just heat the oil on the lowest heat and adjust the time based on the size of the pieces. For your pieces I'd go with 10 minutes for the wings and 15 for the rest. Then let the pieces rest a little on a rack and put them back in for another 30-60 seconds on low or low-medium heat. Salt right after pulling out of the oil the second time. Do you need a specific temperature or is this good enough?

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did you add 23 herbs and spices? or even salt?

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pepin taught me how to make these

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Needs 2tbs corn starch to make it crispy, id say use a pre seasoned mix like Andys, it has a great flavour but needs corn starch added to make it crisp up. As for the buttermilk, I like brining the meat and then using the buttmilk as a binder for the chicken.

When I deep fry chicken, I usually just make a batter instead of dredging the chicken

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Woah there is an entire science to fried chicken that I was clearly unaware of

Damn, now I feel all my confidence going about this was completely unearned.
So many ways to do this, intimidating

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>id say use a pre seasoned mix like Andys
Make your own you lazy faggot

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Bottom line is you have to make the middle of each piece get completely cooked without drying the surface or fucking up anything else. So keep the heat fairly low but still frying, keep the cooking time just long enough to cook the very middle of each piece, double fry for crispiness and let it cool down before you bite (it actually finishes cooking inside while it cools but only until you bite it or pierce the surface)

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>$15 for what's essentially $0.95-1.20 worth of flour, corn starch, and spices

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Failing is ok. Analyzing failures lets you see what you did wrong or what could be improved. Don’t get discouraged. Use your failures to improve your next effort. If you keep at it, eventually you’ll get to something good. Then you keep tweaking the process until you get something great.

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Traditional fried chicken is pan fried, not deep fried. Not sure if that would have helped

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Everyones missing out on the fact that you need to let the chicken come up to room temp before frying. Cold chicken in the fryer = shit

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you need msg. also season your chicken not just the breading.

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Word. When cooking any meats, in most methods, you want to pull it out of the fridge before you prep everything else. You don't need to worry about bacteria, because that's fucking surface bacteria, and that fucking surface is going to get as hot as whatever your cooking temp is. And it's going to get that hot, because you're not cooking cold meat.

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Good luck, OP. And thanks for actually cooking and not posting another fucking McDonald's thread. Try a little sugar in your seasoning, that's why your hands are sticky after eating KFC.

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>no cayenne
>no paprika
>no basil
>no oregano
Never gonna make it.

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>with chicken

I will fucking fight you, bitch. You were doing good up until then.

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never soak chicken for more than 3 hours, 4 hours absolute max.
The proteins will start to break down.

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This is a good thread. There are pretty much three steps to not fucking up fried chicken on a basic level and they've all been covered in this thread.
>1. proper temp (not too high, 325 is pretty ideal if you want a flat temp
>2. proper batter/seasoning
>3. proper cook time
OP. a few other tips for you. As someone else mentioned, don't put your chicken in buttermilk for more than an hour or two. You can brine the chicken (some people use pickle juice), but the trick to juicy chicken is frying below 350 and taking them out about 5 degrees below the internal temp you want because they will continue to cook as they rest. Get a probe thermometer before you go into it. Flour + cornstarch is a great starting place. Season the chicken, season the batter, and salt the chicken after you pull it from the oil while it's resting. I think using something like canola is perfectly fine. I've fried chicken in chicken lard and while it makes it intensely chicken-y, it doesn't make it more "finger-lickin".

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skin on or skin off?

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Ah, the circumcision question. I'd say skin on if you're breading it, but skin off if you're full-out battering it.

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this is true also

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Looks like you over cooked it.

Fry in more oil so you can control the temp better. I think it got too hot too.

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this chicken tendies are the bomb.

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whats the point of cooking if youre just gonna use finished products?

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Where the cast iron skillet chicken folks at?

FYI-KFC was conceived of in a skillet until he discovered that the pressure cooker was a good substitute for the 20+ minute skillet cooking.

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Do not compare your life to fried chicken.

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>you need msg.
Probably this. KFC always talks about their herbs and spices but it's a lot of MSG too. It just makes it really savory if you use the right amount.

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You clearly fucked up with the frying part. I also don't understand the reasoning behind a 6 hour buttermilk soak.

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Here's the actual answer to make any fried chicken recipe finger licking.

1. Weigh your chicken and buttermilk or whatever marinade you're using and add 2% of the weight in salt so it gets brined. Leave it overnight as equilibrium brining takes longer than normal brining.

2. Add a few tablespoons of the marinade to whatever flour mix you're using. Work it in so you get little clumps of flour before dredging the chicken.

3. If the crust is getting crispy while frying, take it out before it overcooks and gets tough and hard. You can finish it in the oven if the chicken isn't up to temp.

You can do whatever the fuck else you want, double dredging, double frying, adding one of anon's stupid fucking herb mixture. As long as you follow those 3 steps, you'll have finger licking fried chicken.

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Chicken should practically always be brined overnight before cooking and fried chicken is certainly no exception. I'd argue it's more important than buttermilk since I've never done a buttermilk bath and mine often comes out well. Could be wrong since I've never actually experimented with it.

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Parboil, double fry.

Brine your meat.
Parboil your meat.
Soak your meat in buttermilk if you want.
Give it one fry, it should be ~90% done.
Let it cool.
Give it another fry.

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I don't season the flour, I season the egg (garlic, parsley, cayenne, paprika, chili powder, salt and white pepper), and I put cornflakes in the panko.

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uh oh we got a breadcrumbfag someone get the spray

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>I don't season the flour, I season the egg

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Buttermilk is acidic and does shit to the chicken proteins

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That's how I learned to make milanesas (schnitzel) and that's how I bread everything now. I was not trying to do the cutting board meme

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Are you trying to achieve a thick extra crispy crust or do you want a thinner crust? To get a light thin crust you simply pat the chicken dry (salt and pepper if you didn't brine previously) and shake it in a bag with seasoned AP flour (I season with paprika and salt but whatever you want) then heat at medium low @ 1/4 inch lard or peanut oil in cast iron or heavy bottom pan to where it starts shimmering and place your pieces in. Turn every 5 minutes until internal 165F @ 20-30 minutes for bone in legs or thighs. Frankly, I think that style is preferable to the thick double dipped crust. It was how my hillbilly Ozark grandmother fried hers so it's the real deal.

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needs egg wash and panko

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Looks overcooked and greasy. Make sure you're cooking with a candy thermometer to monitor your oil temp. One thing that messes people up is they drop a bunch of cold chicken into the oil, the temp drops suddenly, and takes several minutes to get back up. This causes you to have to cook the chicken longer and increases chances of it becoming greasy. Deep-frying is essentially boiling. An equilibrium forms between the oil around the food pushing in and the boiling water within the food creating steam and pushing out. This is why food bubbles so much when you deep fry it. The moisture in your breading, and probably chicken, was depleted which allowed the oil to soak in. So there's a temp or cook time issue happening here. The breading shouldn't be visibly shiny/translucent.

Use a candy thermometer to monitor oil temps as you cook, even if you have an automatic fryer. Cook it lower and slower, especially for bigger pieces. Let your raw chicken come up to or close to room temp before breading and frying. Maybe pull out the chicken (but leave it in the buttermilk) for 30mins-1hr before dredging. As others pointed out you could parboil the chicken. But I find this to be wholly unnecessary. Only do it if you just can't get the cook times right. Don't be afraid to use a meat thermometer on your chicken as well. Part of cooking is learning how the cook times go. You can't do that just by blind guessing. And recipe suggestions are only a general thing. Once you do it a few times and get a feel for the right times you can stop using a meat thermometer.

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I like you

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You don’t need msg. It will certainly give some additional ‘savoriness’ to the dish, but it’s not necessary.

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That high confidence level before realizing you're still clueless is known as the dunning-kruger effect, thats a good thing, it means you're soon to master it if you stay humble and work hard.
This applies to any skill in life, not just fried chicken.

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>in fried chicken
You’re a fucking moron

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>parboiling fucking fried chicken
OP do NOT do this. You’ll overcook the chicken before the crust gets properly crispy. This retard tier.

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1. Using panko or cornflakes is not how you make fried chicken. Stick to tendies, kid.

2. Seasoning the egg mix is fine. I don’t do it, but it’s fine. But not seasoning the flour is retarded. The whole point of fried chicken is that crispy seasoned crust.

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>no msg
Get with the times

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Some of the most well known and well.liked cuisines come from Europe. Is your "people" on the list? Probably not.

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Does the truth bother you, nigger? Must be tough being reminded about your inferiority.

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nigger what the fuck are you doing

also, OP just didn't add enough salt.

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Dunning Krueger baby! It’s okay though, pick a direction and run.

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'dunning krueger' is the biggest retard shit i've ever heard you peabrains latch onto. it's not fucking real, it's just some shit that you continue to repeat because you're stupid.

anytime i hear anyone say the words 'dunning krueger' for ANY fucking reason, i instantly know that they have nothing whatsoever to say that is worth hearing. and i have never been wrong about this. ever. on a single occasion.

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Fried chicken just isn't really that good.

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Most people talking about the Dunning Kruger effect suffer from it.

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OP don't worry about all the temperatures and times. Frying is an art, but it isn't that hard honestly. Incorporating bread crumbs, garlic salt, and thyme are easy ways to get your fried chicken tasty. Check out lemon pepper seasoning, just a bit will give your chicken a kick, but you don't need to add so much that you can tell it's been made "lemon pepper." Paprika and cayenne are easy friends. I personally only put salt and pepper in the first layer with the flower and all the seasonings with a bread crumb to flower ratio of 5:1.

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Yeah for some reason I thought OP was talking about tenders. My bad

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>what's the point of cooking if you're not going to raise your own chickens?
>what's the point of cooking if you're not going to press your own peanut oil?
>what's the point of cooking if you're not going to grow, harvest, thresh, winnow, and grind your own flour?
Aside from the inflated cost there's nothing wrong with buying premade ingredients. Especially for something as inconsequential as the dredge/coating.

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>inconsequential as the dredge/coating
The whole point of fried chicken is the crispy breading. If you’re not going to spend time to make that right, then just buy some frozen tendies and kys.

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Has anyone besides me been watching this series? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uN3QZQmb0Dw&list=PLgOb3zseg1hR4RkgFSZFm7tUTSimCEDNO

It's interesting but I hate his wife, she's just there to be there and doesn't really offer anything substantial, just there to smile in front of the camera I guess.

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I'm gonna bookmark this, this shit is a treasure trove

Mostly of information that disagrees with each other but it's pretty sick

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Mixing a breading takes an inconsequentially small amount of effort to make. And as pointed out here >>12630570 is not worth the inflated cost (not to mention a bag of breading is likely to be stale and old compared to a bag of flour and spices which are staple ingredients constantly being restocked at a grocer).

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I consider myself a pretty good cook but my fried chicken always comes out terrible. I feel like Jack.

It either comes out like OP's (pls no offense intended) and looks and tastes slightly burnt or all the breading falls off in the oil. I have tried different oils and temperatures and nothing works.

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Just do it like this.
To elaborate. Cooking time may vary, just remember to pick a pan/skillet/pot thats the right size for the stove so the oil heats evenly and adjust cooking time based on piece size.
If the pieces are all covered in oil just fry them 10 minutes for wings and flattened cuts and 15-20 for thicker bits. If they're not all covered they need to be at least up to half, cook them 50% longer and flip every 5 minutes. Also flip them once at the start right when the batter develops a cooked structure.
Oh and throw a bit of wet batter into the oil when it's heating and stir. As soon as bubbles that appear on the piece of batter start floating to the surface you throw in the chicken.
I literally never fuck up anymore except for plating.

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what exact temperatures

>> No.12633400

I got some chicken legs and tried to fry some chicken but the outside gets more and more burned while the inside is undercooked. Am I fucking up by not cooking the chicken before tossing it in or something? Or is it the fryer?

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Low heat on a gas stove. Thats all you gonna get from me

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