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What's my opinion on him?

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i bet he loves a good pegging

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He looks like a serial killer and need to be beheaded.

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Onto a seasoned board.

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>Why I season my knife NOT my steak

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>why I season my balls NOT my dick

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Pretentious prick who made good videos but when downhill so fucking fast
And his wife is ugly as shit

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I like how he triggers some people with crunchy sounds.
I also hate the stupid white wine meme. It's not funny,. it's the worst sort of leddit garbage.

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looks like a faggot

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I watched some of his videos and they were pretty cool but for some reason I so strongly feel irritated by his physical appearance that I significiantly like him less because of that
I don't know what the fuck is it, maybe it's the glasses?

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The way he moves his head while talking annoys me to no end

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recipe videos are done pretty well
too many "food science" and "technique" videos vs. recipes
the ratio is just off

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He sometimes opens his eyes so wide you can see the white above his iris, which make him look fucking bonkers

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When'd he start going downhill?

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So fucking fast. Can't you read moron?

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I enjoy his videos.

>> No.12633948

I apologize

>> No.12633949

I was never taught moron in school, no.

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>Why I sharpen my victims NOT my knives

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Some of his recipes are good. He's a faggot though.

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Just after his chicken parm or the broiled cookies videos

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3 day lasagna

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Is he the guy who said cultural appropriation is real so he won't cook certain food?

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I dont care

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yeah I was surprised when it shows he has a wife and kids.

100% thought he was gay as fuck.

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>why i season my wife's strap on NOT my ass

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He taught me how to make the most DE LISH US lasagna. Apparently you make it, freeze it and cut it up and individually bake it each slice of lasagna. It's actually pretty brilliant and not pretentious in the slightest.

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Why would he ever care about the opinions of a bunch of manchildren on a racist frog forum.
He has a happy home life, a beautiful wife, a wonderful son, and no reason to think at all what a bunch of basement dwelling 'cuck' spouting neckbeard losers think

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wrong image

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I think he's smart and provides good material, but he's arrogant in his presentation.

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his eyes are a little too close together. it gives him a vaguely deranged look.

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literally created more white babies than all of /pol/

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he does provide interesting recipes, but i'd really prefer him not to push his personal life on his videos.

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lol literally more shredded than everyone calling him a "soyboy" on this board

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that's some asian dude you faceblind autist

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Why I season my dick, not your girlfriend's mouth

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damn, kojima look like THAT?

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have sex

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He looks like he'd enjoy seeing another man plow his wife.

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open your mouth

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the day he got sponsored, no joke

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gays usually live a secret double life

like serial killers

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>you will never have a slightly homely, buck toothed wife and make popular cooking videos in your spare time

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she's horse toothed with a gap, not buck toothed. get your dental terminology right

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>Why I prep my wife (and not the bull)

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