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the great debate

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do people actually put this shit in their body?

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says the faggot while consuming more caffeine drinking several cups of coffee per day

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I drink two cups of coffee a week. Enjoy your fucked up body you far retard.

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>I drink two cups of coffee a week
söy lattes?

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Nobody drinks Red Bull but fucking retarded boomers, the stuff is garbage, it has less caffiene than a cup of coffee and assloads of pointless b vitamin you just piss out.

The real debate is Monster vs Rockstar.

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If you don't drink sugar-free versions of either enjoy your type 2 diabetes

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Monster is satanic and owned by The Kike Cola Company. Red Bull are good guys

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and if you drink sugar free versions enjoy your cancer. That said I don't care I drink 2 sugar free monsters a day (or whatever generic knockoff I can get) and I eagerly await the sweet release of death

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there are several studies which demonstrate that drinking sugar-free drinks lead to more intense sugar cravings, leading you to stuff your mouth with shit

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>Enjoy your fucked up body
Hi facebook mom!

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full throttle, cuz monster is for fags and tastes like cotton candy

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I have never seen a boomer drink Red Bull, just Monster Ultra or 7 cups of coffee.

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Barq's Loor 8eet
Normally I'd just get pure caffeine powder but retarded white nigger teens killed themselves and therefore killed sales under the FDA kike motherfucker stupid niggers making nigger noises like these predatory unified egyptians

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Depends what I can get the better deal on

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they own 17% far from owning them and they plan on competing with them with their own drink

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Shiros monster

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Chad Bull by far

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Based. The Red Bull CEO is also Austrian and hates immigrants

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Red Bull gives you a better buzz with no come down.

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>Cuck Bull
>paying 3x price just for the brand name
>when even Red Rain is a cuckbull clone, tastes same, same ingredients, same amounts and costs 3x less


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Neither nigga

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I just drink coffee.

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Stop being a pussy and just take caffeine pills. Sugar is terrible for you anyways.

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Red Bull is simply superior

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I rarely drink any of this shit, maybe a few times a year but when I do it's monster, either green or that yellow rehab one. Red Bull tastes like this nasty ass cough syrup that my mom would give to me when I was a kid and was sick.

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Boomer here and I used to drink red bull until probably 5 years ago, now I stick with coffee.
red bull tastes nicer than monster and is a cleaner buzz.

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No energy drink can beat Rebull imo.

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this stuff taste like ass

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haven't doctors cleared insane amounts of coffee to be safe?

It's bad for your digestion though.

Get out the way fuckers, best energy drink coming through. More Caffeine than a cup of espresso, coffe, or can of monster/redbull. Get fucked, siptards, you can't even compete if you don't at least have 200mg caffeine.

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not more caffeine than a cup of espresso more than a standard espresso based drink. They have this shop where I live that just sells espresso shots that have been chilled and you go in and buy like three or four of them and take them like shots.

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Rockstar >>>
everything else tastes like cough syrup, and not the fun kind
fite me

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that study isn't peer reviewed and the sample size is tiny as fuck. i've been using splenda as a sugar replacement for over ten years and have never "splurged" or had intense cravingd... but i'm also not a fat sack of shit, so maybe there's some correlation there.

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For me it's Bang, Clown Asshole flavor.

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>therefore killed sales under the FDA kike motherfucker stupid niggers making nigger noises like these predatory unified egyptians

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This just tastes like eating a spoonful of straight sugar

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But it's sugar free! :^)

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full throttle

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Both are good. When consumed in moderation so the caffeine actually has an effect.
Too bad moderation is not im human nature. So everyone gulps down this shit daily without even profiting from the caffeine. It's becomes just another soft drink.

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I really like the Monster Rehab ones. Carbonated a shit.

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You're wrong my dude. You will only get 200mg of caffeine from espresso if you drink about 2-3 shots. A typical serving has 140-160mg.

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>lead to more intense sugar cravings
Craving intensity can't be objectively gauged or measured, it's junk research.

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fuckin this, drinking the liquid diabeetus every day will just raise your tolerance and get you more addicted than you already are. i only *sip* when i have to go balls to the wall for an extra few hours, usually for work purposes.

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Water/tea only. I don't need sugary soda like some child

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We're the only energy sips that don't taste like chemical asshole!

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>the great debate
Do they both suck or do they both taste like shit? I say suck.

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I had this gross shit earlier.

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this shit literally tastes like monster energy with an overwhelming amount of liquorice flavoring added. How anyone drinks bangs is beyond me.

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t. Street rossi

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Sip don't have sugar turbo diabetic

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add 300 pounds to that picture and thats you

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Man, I used to down 2 of those every day during high school, 35 cents a pop.

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Coffee is probably bad for you in some ways, but not nearly as cancerous as that crap in the OP and other brands of similar poisons.

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Thanks for the info, friends. I avoid (((monster))) as it is, but now i have even more reason to like red bull and bang energy
Im voting for you in 2020

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Thanks. Now plz kill yourself and make the world a much better, less expensive simulation to live in

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Aspartame tastes like chemical asshole.

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Guys.. Don't Do it. I was obsessed with energy drinks as a teenager. I went from 150 lbs to 250 in less than 2 years.

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Red Bull isn't even an energy drink.

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But I went from 210 to 170 because I was only drinking energy drinks and not eating.

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Fat fuck.

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Would you rather be tasting natural asshole faggot?

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Skunk asshole is a natural flavor enhancer, expecially for vanilla products.

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Neither. Drinking energy drinks make your dick smaller

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nescafe classic stupid fucks

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I prefer the taste of monster but I hate the fandom around it so much I avoid it now.

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Fuck I wish. Wife was choking on like 6 inches of it the other day, very frustrating.

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a single shot of espresso has about 40 mg of caffeine, retard

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source you mouthbreathing, suicide-pondering cucklord

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1ltr superiority

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yeeeeeeahhhh boii came here to post bang too, this is truly the nectar of the Gods

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I love Bang but Root Beer is the absolute worst flavor. Which is pretty funny considering the whole Barqs/Bangs meme

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Red Bull is lightly carbonated and actually has a pleasant taste. Monster is an overly sweet, jitters-inducing mess.

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I rarely drink energy drinks, but when I have em, I prefer Red Bull over Monster. Rockstar Recovery are alright also, or Beaver Buzz, which is a Canadian brand.

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ah, jetro/restaurant depot. thats where i get my sips too

>> No.12631299

Pretty sure that's Costco, my dude.

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EVeryone knows that the best /sip/ is in my pic

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We know that you Canadians like the beavers, try that space alien beaver shit in Beloxi and see how far it gets you.

Have some bogus beavers from Barnak!



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>java monster is a /sip/
Lurk moar you fucking new fag.

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I also love Bane's by Dr. Dre

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Why did they do this to me? There was literally 1 case in the supermarket and I'm pretty sure I bought all of them, then never saw them again.

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Rip its

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monster is better by itself but redbull is better for mixed drinks.

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Love red bull, enjoy most other energy drinks, but I can't drink monster at all. It's the only one that makes me feel sick as soon as I start drinking it.

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shitty viral marketing thread

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Are you retarded? Monster is cheaper because it has less caffeine and more sugar. My fucking gosh

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Been drinking 711 sips, Quake.

Berry blast tastes like heaven, has 0 sugar, 10 cals, and 250mg of caffeine.

Only sold at 711s right now, hopefully they start selling in bulk stores so I can get boxes of 711 sips.

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thanks doc

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high school me would say monster
college me would say red bull
modern me stopped drinking things like that

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Monster is better now fuck off

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I prefer Rockstar.

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cheaper and tastes better

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fatties do

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best diet drink ever.

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only 16 year olds brag about drinking non sugary drinks

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This desu, energy drinks are retarded and melt your teeth.

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>drinking energy drinks

Done FAR too many jagerbombs to be able to stomach that shit ever again.

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They finally did it.
Doesn't taste like coke though. It's a touch heavy on the citrus and doesn't contain real sugar so isn't really sweet either.
Still, it kicks the shit out of every other energy drink (minus some of the better Red Bull flavours).

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it tastes like shit imo

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monster = taste
redbull = energy

legit monster is like regular juice to me, and if i want to feel the caffeine kick i just drink redbull

fuck off coffee drinkers and 'OMG U DRINK SUGAR' fags go eat ur enriched cereals

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I'd say it is mediocre.
Unflavoured red bull / monster are cancer though.
There's no reason for energy drinks to be worse tasting or more expensive than regular soft drink. Which is what I was hoping for with coke, but whatever.

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>There's no reason for energy drinks to be worse tasting or more expensive than regular soft drink. Which is what I was hoping for with coke, but whatever.
agree to disagree. I prefer the taste of unflavoured energy drinks. I don't enjoy regular soft drinks, too sweet for me. to each its own I guess

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The verba mate flavor tastes like cigarettes

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