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Food industry workers of /ck/: Do employees really spit in/mess with food? Have you done this/anyone you worked with done this? Is it used solely on people that slight the workers (through not tipping or being rude) or just anyone they feel like fucking with?

It always seemed like a fear-mongering urban legend to me, like those razor blades in Halloween candy tales, but with the recent trend of licking ice cream I can't help but wonder if it's true.

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number 15

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i've been out of the food industry for decades but i don't recall anyone ever tampering with the food
stealing money prevalent though, i personally embezzled thousands

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burger king foot lettuce

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I worked the line for 10 years, and I never saw anyone abuse customer's food in any way -- well, maybe overcooked when someone would send back a medium steak because it was 'too rare'.

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Similar story here. Never saw it happen. Only a real shortsighted scumbag would tamper with food.

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Customers in general are assholes, but I didn't see anyone do this in my job

It's mostly the customers being disgusting, leaving food inside the baskets and other annoying places

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in the few years in which id worked in fast food restaurants i havent seen anyone spit at food
it is however a pretty common practice to take things that fell on the ground and put them back on the food tray/bag/burger/etc.

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In a chain they might. They hire a lot of shady types. I never saw anyone purposfully do something to the food but I saw food getting put back after falling on the floor and I may have bled a little on a burger once and someone sent it out when I wasn't looking. But that was an accident.

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I worked in restaurants for years, all through uni and before. I only worked one place where I actually saw food tampering, but I heard about others through the industry grapevine. I can tell you, it seems to usually only happens to repeat customers who are total assholes.
The place I worked where it happened was a german restaurant. This one bitch would come in at least twice a week and never order off the menu, she'd special order everything, and aalso send things back for bizarre reasons. Everyone knew her, and knew her orders. Once, after sending a schnitzel back to the kitchen twice, the guy on it took it off the plate, threw it on the floor, and stepped on it, then put it back on the plate to go back out. I was expediting, and of course I took it and threw it away, and told him to make a new one. But he would have happily sent that out.
There was a pizza place in town who's owner hung out at our bar, and he was very vocal about how when repeat customers didn't tip, they put visine on their pizzas.

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Our kitchen manager told every new hire that he would literally stab them if he ever saw them spitting or putting shit in food.

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have you filed a lawsuit for assault

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I worked at a chain restaurant with basically incestous staff that was either dating or grew up together. Everyone including the owner was in this group and so everything was allowed if you were an insider. I worked in other branches so I know that this was the only one like this but I guess this is the situation at risk of abuse of food.

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Nah. Worst I've seen was someone sending out a raw pizza because they requested it not "burnt"

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She's a cunt, but her Midwestern depressioncore esthetic gives me a raging boner.

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Jupp, waitress spat into some cunts beer, a workmate gently kissed a mozarella and one guy threw a to rare steak in the mikro wave.

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i dilated with some cucumbers from the food storage once

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>a workmate gently kissed a mozarella

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based manager.

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That cheese kisser is an absolute mad lad.

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never seen any spitting, i wrote "fuck you" in aioli on a burger bun once though. You're more likely to get your food made lazily/sloppily if you are a cunt. asking for alterations when it's busy will piss off the cooks e.g. asking for extra crispy bacon during a rush they might just chuck it in the deep fryer.

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based cheese smoocher

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>he was very vocal about how when repeat customers didn't tip, they put visine on their pizzas.
americans are mentally ill

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Oh, that guy was definitely mental. And a huge asshole. We used to subtly make fun of him to his face, and he never picked up on it.

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He also made this

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We had this one guy who would order pizza and everytime he was short on money. So one day the manager took a dump and put the shitty toilet paper in the pizza box.

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what is that? chocolate?

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i was a chef at mcdonalds for a couple years. the amount of spit people would put in stuff was amazing. i never did but i saw it happen a lot

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I'd pay extra for a qt waitress spit in my beer unf

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No, it's not worth it. The tiny amount of satisfaction you get from fucking with someone is not worth the risk of losing your job. And chances are if you're working at a fast food joint, you can't afford to lose your job.
I'm sure it does happen, but it's extremely rare, I did the fast food circuit when I was a kid, workin at KFC and 2 McDonald's, and I never saw anyone do it. And mind you, I SAW some shit that makes me never want to eat fast food again, but not spitting in food.

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Was it because the customer was an asshole or did they just randomly do it?

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only in america
rarely happens in first world countries

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just random. the chefs at mcdonalds dont ever interact with customers. they just seemed to be in a bad mood or something that day so took it out on random people

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Anon, I...

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only worked in food industry for a few yeas but noone i woked with ever messed with food intentionally like that. we didn however witness some unsavory conditions in the kitchen and didnt really say anything about it and just didnt eat at the place we worked at

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What a piece of fucking garbage, holy shit
This is what tipping culture gets us

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When I worked at Taco Bell as a teenager, I spit in/fucked with food a few times when the customers were complete assholes (and so did a few other people I worked with). Also, all uniformed cops had their food fucked with no exceptions.

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>all uniformed police

And yet when you're in trouble I bet you'll still call 911, wont you faggot

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>all uniformed cops
holy g*dd*mn based

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lol I live in the middle of rural, nowhere. I've never had to call the cops. I bet you're a complete asshole to fast food employees and I'd have loved to put some dingleberries in your XXL burrito.

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I worked a Burger King in high school and a family owned pizza place in college.
Never once fucked with food.
Not aware of others doing it, either.
There was a fucking ton of cross contamination at the pizza place and at the BK, a few guys used to toss live flies into the deep fryer though.

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Employees were actually caught doing this so they had to stop because corporate came down hard on management. The GM was banhammered as well as a few others that turned a blind eye. Cops would have to be dumb as fuck to show up in uniform and demand their fucking discount when they've arrested half of the crew in the past.

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I only believe it occurs in chain restaurants and fast food. I have never once seen this in private employment in five years.

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>losing your job
not as bad as the felony assault charge

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You're lying.
Wanna know how I know?
Taco Bell gives a $200 reward for turning in food-tampering, and will revoke franchise rights if a manager fails to report.
At Taco Bell, you're in CONSTANT vision of at least 3 other people who will gladly turn on your ass for $200.

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I'm not lying but keep telling yourself that I am. This happened back in the early 2000s and I've never heard of that 200 dollar reward. Maybe things have changed since then. Keep in mind that I worked in a small town of 16k so everyone knew everyone else--the crew was extremely tight knit and there were even "dumpster breaks" where the managers and crew would get stoned behind the dumpster when there were no customers around. No one would have snitched anyone else out (at least on night shift).

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Oh--and this is the same taco bell in current year under entirely new management (to my knowledge): https://www.wave3.com/2018/11/28/seymour-taco-bell-employee-diagnosed-with-hepatitis/

Let it be known that I haven't personally ate there in around 15 years.

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I worked at a pizza hut on weekends back when they were still dine-in destinations and I never witnessed intentional tampering but due to the fact it was busy af and sweltering in the kitchen, sweat would be rolling off our faces onto the pizzas. No way to prevent it. Also there was no time to wash hands so cross contamination was a big issue. You should worry about those kinds of things which are ubiquitous in any restaurant during busy periods.

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Disgusting tranny

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>act like a retarded feral redneck hick
>get buttblasted when someone implies that you're exactly that
>threaten them with even more retarded feral redneck hick actions

Lol cletus you really think I'm some 50% body fat inbred loser fuck like you? Go back to swilling moonshine and shitting in fast food like your father-uncle and brother-sister

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There is no fucking way, he could easily get in trouble for that

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In the 15 years I've been cooking I have found I don't need to tamper with peoples food other then say microwaving a steak to well done. I have watched people drop food from banquets on the floor pick it up take a bite out of it and put it back in the chaffing dish. Humans are fucking gross.

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There's a ton of mismanagement of ingredients and sanitation but people never actively fuck with stuff.
I would advise you to never buy deli meats, I've worked at the Kroger and Ingles delis and blocks of meat would FREQUENTLY be left out overnight and put back into the fridge because the (((managers))) assumed there's so much preservative they'd be fine.
Buffets are also rife with "do whatever's the fastest" with regards to cleaning, so you're likely eating cleaning fluid, rag fibers, and allergens, because grabbing a filthy rag and dunking it in the sanitizer bucket and wiping something down is much faster than putting it through the actual dishwasher.

On the other hand, unless you have an autoimmune disease, who really gives a shit?

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>all uniformed cops had their food fucked
Based but I don't believe you, middle managers are absolute hawks about that kind of shit

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I used to dip my nutsack in cottage cheese when I worked at sams club

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Personally I haven’t and I don’t plan on ever doing it regardless of how much of a douchebag I think a customer is being. None of my coworkers have done it either, at least while I was around. However I do tend to put less effort into the food of asshole customers, and I often use lower quality ingredients on purpose. Being polite and friendly takes almost no effort and makes the world a better place for everyone. If you cannot be bothered to do that I can’t be bothered to pick a good tomato slice for your burger.

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Used to manage a diner, and my employees were all useless fucking gremlins the instant a cop walked in the door. I don't know what inspires people to be such fucking self-defeating retards that they want to fuck with the only guy in sight who visibly carried a gun.
>Nigga named Roger, everyone called him Roggy
>Absolute retard that thought he was the coolest guy around for causing trouble for people. Thought he was gangsta despite living in a suburb with fucking "Autumn" in its name
>Cop comes in and orders a plate of eggs
>Roggy makes his plate, and while my back is turned I hear someone's zipper going up
>Spin around and ask Roggy what the fuck he just did
>Look down, he has clearly just pissed on this cop's eggs
>I snap
>Pull Roggy out and sit him next to the cop, ask the man to watch as I tell Roggy to eat the eggs.
>Fucking cries and gags as he chokes down his pisseggs.
>Inform the cop and anyone else listening that this stupid kid had pissed in his order, the one he'd just watched him eat, and ask if he'd like a new order prepared.
>Half the fucking floor and the whole kitchen staff's giggling like schoolkids and Roggy's still crying like a bitch. When I tell him to go home I swear I see a little bit of piss stain on his pants to boot.
>Fire him the next day, and when his dad comes in to complain I get to tell him what his son tried to pull.
Not really any point to that tangent but fuck I hated them all. Roggy wasn't even the worst he's just the one I caught red-handed.

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There’s only two kinds of cops in this world: stalwart defenders of their communities who dedicate their lives to protect and serve, and worthless fucking pigs who put on the uniform solely so they can bully people.

>> No.12623799

Sure, but people who drop everything to fuck with any cops they see, regardless of the category they belong to, are just as much of scum-pigs as the worst cops around, because there's no justice being served just immature faglets having spergouts.

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>force an employee to consume urine
>literally "and everyone clapped"
Sure bro, #backtheblue

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Worse I've seen people do when a customer is a jerk is half ass their meal, ie: not heat the bread or cheese up enough, lazily slap it together, leave something in the fryer a few minutes too long because they're busy, stuff like that. I'd imagine witnessing a coworker fuck with someone's food would be kind of a horrifying experience for everyone involved because no one really does that and the possible legal ramifications could be huge. No one wants to narc but no one wants to get in trouble for not narcing.

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no, it's after you've eaten a visine laced pizza

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Based and redpilled

>> No.12624104

that'll literally kill people
I take it since he was so brazen about talking about it that his kike ass is sitting in a jail cell

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>i'll take things that never happened for $800, Alex!
But kudos for a great race bait story, Hemingway!

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lol at this faggot talking tough on the Internet. We got us a Rambo over here.
The shift manager on my old shift was a drug dealing ex-con. I was basically the only one working there without any criminal record.

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>I have watched people drop food from banquets on the floor pick it up take a bite out of it and put it back in the chaffing dish.

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Not a cooking experience, but I worked checkout at a super market through high school and college.
Never bagged anything in a way that would totally destroy the food and bite me in the ass, but I'd crush chips, bruise produce, try to make their paper bags wet and/or wicked heavy on one side, put bloody and leaky meat with said raw bruised produce.
Just little things to pass the time.

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Food tampering is a felony that can get you 10+ years in most states (CA it's only a misdemeanor)

That being said food service workers are also the only people dumb enough to think it's a good idea

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Teenagers don't give a fuck because no one is going to charge them as an adult for spitting in a burger.

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>tfw I conceal carry and can legally shoot someone for the commission of any felony

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worked my ass off in college at a chain comfort food restaurant that hired mostly excons for line/prep/dish, and lived haningbwith them. Got promoted to bar and took care of my boys with milkshakes occasionally (cause they didn’t inventory that shit daily) and made regular busy of weed. Bitch customer comes in and, I am not fucking kidding, says “you are starting at 20% tip...anything goes wrong, I knock off 5%, no matter who’s at fault.” My kitcheniggers take care of it for me, with dropping the chicken fried steak in the floor, spitting in the gravy, stepping on the rolls, etc before sending it out. Man, we were a tight group.

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Deep-frying is the best way to make crispy bacon.

>> No.12624526

>My kitcheniggers take care of it for me, with dropping the chicken fried steak in the floor, spitting in the gravy, stepping on the rolls, etc before sending it out. Man, we were a tight group.

Epic tales like this almost make me miss working that shitty Taco Bell job when I was a teenager. Sure, I was only paid 6 dollars/hour (minimum wage back then) but it was the funnest job I have ever had due to the awesome crew. And when the customers had it coming, we always followed through with those assholes.

>> No.12624588

I'm guilty of this, but our chain is only like 4 restaurants so blame bad luck. I have put dead spiders in patty melts (spidey melts) and simmered a few roaches in a batch of gravy by accident.

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Stressful jobs like line cook, fast food and the US Israeli/Megacorporation Defense Force do promote an exceptional and loyal comaraderie.

>> No.12624629

This is why you work at taco bell, you stupid piece of shit


>> No.12624652

>eating at a restaurant with teen cooks
you brought this on yourself.
fast food and fast-casual restaurants need to burn down.
Only eat at restaurants with established chefs and cook comfort food at home you lazy nigger

>> No.12624689

Nope, he's still in business. To this day, I've never eaten there because of him. Not just because he actively bragged about fucking with peoples food, but because he's such an all around asshole I refuse to give him my money. I once worked at a restaurant supply, and one day they ordered pizza from his place, and I faked feeling sick so I wouldn't have to eat any.
I don't live there anymore, so hopefully he's gone out of business, but last I checked, his place was still there.

>> No.12624701

You know as well as I do unless you're under intense stress, you don't develop comaraderie.

>> No.12624712

I meant because you have no idea how to fucking spell camaraderie, dipshit

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Many years ago at a Wendy's I found what looked like cum on the burger I ordered. I was lucky that I didn't bite into it, because I check the toppings to make sure they got my order right. Let's just say that particular place was shut down.

>> No.12624803

>free cum on a burger
>didn’t eat it

>> No.12624807

I dropped a 20 dollar lamb steak on the floor and plated it. Did not really have a choice, we were slammed and the ship was sinking fast.

Worst part was I ran the food to the guy too (weird restaurant where servers sometimes ended up doing kitchen work). He seemed nice.

I had no choice.

>> No.12624812

Weak bait

>> No.12624841

>We used to subtly make fun of him to his face, and he never picked up on it.
he picked up on it

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how do you toss a live fly?

>> No.12624905

Yikes and cringe

>> No.12624953

well yes, we live in a society where tribal "justice" is frowned upon.

>> No.12624971

food industry workers of /ck/: Have you ever seen empoloyees have sex?

>> No.12625110

it happens, depends on the age of the employees

>> No.12625157

>And mind you, I SAW some shit that makes me never want to eat fast food again, but not spitting in food.

then tell us what you saw, anon

>> No.12625163

Worst ive seen is shaking up a soda or barely cutting a pizza so the customer would have to rip it apart.

>> No.12625187

I worked at Burger King for years. There's always the one nigger who wants "extra crispy bacon". They cook the fucking bacon in the morning and afternoon. That shit us already cooked. If you ask for crispy bacon then they're just throwing it in the microwave.

>> No.12625190

Was Pizza driver for 5 years. We weren't even allowed to draw shit on the pizza boxes when leddit niggers requested it to negate any possibility of food tampering allegations.

>> No.12625203

I've worked in food service for 10 years, still here, and seen a lot of disgusting shit but only saw spit happen once, and that was at a Pizza Hut, where you basically deserve whatever you get for ordering god damn Pizza Hut.

Anyway, enough people in food service don't wash their hands before touching your food without gloves that I still don't eat in restaurants. Spit would almost be better.
If you're a rude customer and pick a fight with employees before you get your food, I think it's most likely they'll drop stuff on the floor and give it to you.

Once, delivering pizzas, an old lady was so rude to me and wasted so much of my time while I stood on her doorstep in the rain that I violently shook the pizza in the box before giving it to her. She called and complained & I had my manager put her address on the DO NOT DELIVER list.
>based cracked out PH manager did whatever you told him to

>> No.12625212

Not personally, but I've been regaled with stories of it happening.
I've seen customers fucking, though.

>> No.12625237

t. fastfood tendie that eats spit burgers on the reg

>> No.12625263

Ironic thing is, the people who fuck with cops are the same type of people who would abuse their power if the roles were reversed.

>> No.12625289

No. It sounds stupid. But the minimal effort it takes to fuck with someone's food isn't worth it.

>> No.12625373

ive had about 10 jobs since i started working at 14, about 3/4 of which were in various food industry positions. ive never seen anyone spit in food, and personally a customer has never gotten me angry enough to take that big of a risk. only co workers have got me remotely close to angry enough. but at that point id rather take it outside of work completely.

however, and this is what somewhat makes me want to believe in op's conspiracy theory, almost EVERY kitchen ive seen is guilty of being dirty and reeeeally pushing expiration dates and holding dates and shit. i get you can stretch it a little bit but im talkin a bit more than that. the problem is these GM's are basically responsible for keeping costs low and thats almost the only thing they have to show for their work. anyone in that position with some drive would be naturally inclined to use some less than perfect ingredients. usually if itll pass visually, theyll use it in most sub-michelin environments unless it just really really fuckin stinks

>> No.12625382

i said i never seen anyone fuck with food in my work history, i forgot about cops. people will literally put their balls on your food if you eat in your uniform and you fuckin deserve it you pig. american cops atleast. theyre fucking awful

>> No.12625383

>ive never seen anyone spit in food, and personally a customer has never gotten me angry enough to take that big of a risk. only co workers have got me remotely close to angry enough. but at that point id rather take it outside of work completely.

You never seen it because everyone knew that you were the outsider autist that would snitch on everyone. It happened behind your back.

>> No.12625399

based quads. as a food service industry worker i have no quarrels with sweat in my food, i never order ready made shit anyways. it is entirely unpreventable and as someone who understands how hard the work is, all i can hope is it happened before it got cooked. i mean literally what are you gonna do? if they wipe the sweat on a rag all day they have to wash every time they touch the rag, atleast to not entirely defeat the purpose of doing anything about it. so fuck it

>> No.12625403

any reason cottage cheese specifically? i get itd probably be frustrating to work there so i understand

>> No.12625449

If you lived in Fairborn you'd know how degenerate we are.

>> No.12625460

used to work at a mom n pop taco joint as a senior in hs as dish/prep and sometimes line fill. fucked another senior chick that took the orders, really wasnt attracted to her much and it wasnt the best sex. loser ass 60 y.o manager found out and made jokes about it until she quit and went to red lobster and until the day i quit for football. didnt bother me much but she was cheating on her bf and it wasnt like it was a great memory for either of us so it was torture for her. only thing that really bothered me about it was it ruined my chances with the other register bitch who was about to go off to college. now she was pretty fuckin hot. wish i wouldnt have fucked the other one and just went after her lol.

if youre wondering why it was bad sex, not only was she like a 7 on a good day, but she had just busted the fuck out of her chin and had a scab on it and also was the first girl to tell me to nut in her which was insanely unnerving to me. now i realize the power of birth control and shoulda just sent her home to her bf with a fresh pie.

>> No.12625466

kek, ive never snitched to a boss or a cop in my life. that is exactly the thing i was talking about when i said only co workers have made me mad enough to come close to it. that shit happened today actually. bitch told on me for taking smoke breaks even tho shes a new employee. bold fuckin move

>> No.12625484

>We weren't even allowed to draw shit on the pizza boxes when leddit niggers requested it to negate any possibility of food tampering allegations.
thats the most reddit fuckin thing ive ever heard anyone accuse reddit of

>hey guys! i put "draw a giraffe" in the special instructions, check out what le epic pizza bro drew on the box!

>> No.12625497

id fuck with cops and im not a felon, i could become a cop if i wasnt entirely morally opposed. you're not wrong however, I would indeed abuse a position of power. but if im not willing to pursue that, who's really the bad guy? ponder that one

>> No.12625503

>things that never happened

>> No.12625512

>ive never had sex in highschool so nobody else does
cope virgin

>> No.12625519

Has anyone ever told you that you talk like a fag and your shit's all retarded?

>> No.12625529

nah the only time i ever tampered with food was like three months into my job i was running the floor because managers walked out and i wasn't qualified and no other higher management was there so i took over

this one bitch came through the drive-thru and complained about a thirty cent price increase

i dealt with her but we didn't have any sweet tea in the kitchen to finish her order off so i filled half of it with unsweet tea knowing goddamned well we probably had some in the lobby

i've seen people do fucked up shit to food out of neglect AKA trailer trash opening things with their mouths or foreigners not understanding how you should wash your hands between handling raw and cooked product, but that's just not thinking

nobody ever did anything out of spite

>> No.12625537

i contributed to the thread, you repeated a meme. how many times have you been told you're a nigger today?

>> No.12625547

>writing a poorly written novel in response to a meme
>not even on topic

Fucking retard.

>> No.12625548

Do you step outside for one cigarette when the store is dead and head straight back in when there's business, or are you the faggot who disappears for forty minutes and leaves her and whoever else was around to deal with a big rush? If you're the latter good on the new kid.

>> No.12625552

I've spit in someone's food once

the cunt that got it was my coworker tho

>> No.12625559

check your reading comprehension you fucking incel, he asked if we've ever seen anyone have sex with co workers, i literally HAD sex with co workers. how more on topic does it get with that? go back to /b/ you fucking 12 year old.

>> No.12625564

who the fuck just disappears during a rush? literally who would do that and not get fired

>> No.12625566

The kind of autist that posts on 4chan, hence my skepticism.

>> No.12625571

Knew a fag that did this when I worked at Sears. Acted like he was hot shit but spent literally all his time hiding in dressing rooms to avoid work, but then would lecture OTHER people if he saw them not working hard enough to pick up his slack. Only guy who ever got fired from that place without having broken any laws.

>> No.12625576

i cant argue that point. my restaurant is in an airport and she probably had to make an order or two on my behalf because people trickle in at random ass times. nothing i haven't done for her plenty of times already in her few weeks of employment while she goes and takes a 20 min shit and tampon change. this is why i fucking hate being dependent on female co workers. if it was just bros around wed be doing tag team breaks during the entire slow period. but no bitches gotta get their fuckin panties in a twist having to move even slightly more than the bare minimum theyre expected to.

>> No.12625585

>he asked if we've ever seen anyone have sex with co workers
He posted a meme and he was asking if you've seen employees have sex, retard. As in on the job. No one cares about the fact that you fucked a scuzzy coworker decades ago lol. You're such a tryhard that I doubt you've ever actually had sex.

>> No.12625589

VERY cool head canon

>> No.12625594
File: 55 KB, 700x1045, a0QjVgB_700b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>being this mad someone talked about sex
the first few times are pretty good but after that, its really pretty casual for adults. youll figure it out some day buddy.

>> No.12625608

back when I was doing barista non-sense we had only one machine
so the chubbygirl I was working with took an order from an absolutely beautiful slim girl who I couldn't keep my eyes off of while smiling like a retard
she'd ordered a skim milk latte and stressed that it be skim milk a couple times, so chubby loads get the fuck up with a heavy cream latte because 'fuck skinny bitches like that', she'd done this sort of thing before so I wasn't that surprised
Too bad that this cost chubby her job this time, because it turned out to be a dietary restriction, slim girl sat down with her latte and quite literally ended up shitting herself in her seat and was crying

>> No.12625657

Rare to see a western NC bro

I never saw any tampering even with cops at my restaurant, partially because most of the kitchen was visible to customers and there were cameras everywhere. The nastiest things were the drink machine nozzles, sometimes they were just rinsed off and the lazy night manager wouldn't fully clean the tea urn.

>> No.12625693

>everything was allowed

>> No.12625751

>implying a cop would ever save you from anything in a timely manner and 911 isn't only useful for medical attention/fire

>> No.12625875

No need to. I just reheat it or slightly change the presentation and 90% of the time, theyre happy. People come to power trip. They aint even hungry, theyre paying a fee to abuse wait staff and feel in control of their fleeting, useless, mundane lives. One time I had a single burger sent back 3 or 4 times even though it was to specification, so i cooked a new one in a pool of the excess juice from our raw chicken. That was the only time, the servers knew them by name and said they were always fucking complaining, and I wanted to make sure they didnt come back. I usually dont sweat it otherwise because these faggots will follow you to any kitchen.

Basically I give you 3 strikes. I dont think they knew what they were ordering, which is okay, but if you treat our servers like shit, my patience runs thin along with theirs. Theyre trying to seat tables and make money, so we gotta keep this train wreck rolling. Cant serve some asshole that probably isnt gonna tip anyway for an hour.

And I dont see it really at all from other line cooks. I ask them all about that when I enter a new kitchen and its actually pretty clean.

>> No.12625893

>that leddit spacing
cope harder you leddit nigger

>> No.12625898

Can't a store just refuse business to a annoying repeat customer like the german restaurant lady?

>> No.12625903

>Midwestern depressioncore esthetic
Will be using this from now on. Thank you.

>> No.12625907

The only thing I saw was people using old ingredients.
They should have known better, but didn't.

>> No.12625910


Why though? They kill pavement apes and that seems pretty based to me.

>> No.12625913

Had a nig complain about her pizza one day. Co worker spit on it after he topped it before putting in the oven. After which I told him the heat would cook it off.
So he spits on the middle of it and rubs it around with the spatula after he cut it. Then joyfully handed the boxed pizza to her.

Have also seen the same kid drop chicken wings on the floor and use his bare hand to pick them up and place them in the bowl. He only does this to nigs, oddly enough.

>> No.12625915

I hate americans and dark people

>> No.12625917

>implying Muhammad doesn’t rub your basket of chips on his crusty nutsack before serving them to you.
Whatever you say Nigel

>> No.12625935

not what that word means

>> No.12626032
File: 7 KB, 316x202, 1552720022831.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>this nigger pressed enter!

>> No.12626038

if you arent in the good ole boys club theyll fuck with you even if youre white

>> No.12626047

Unlike in the civilized UK, where they serve freshly roasted young girls in kebab restaurants

Yeah that really happened you fucking british savages

>> No.12626083

I work at Subway, we ain't even allowed to blink without being forced to wash our hands.

>> No.12626110

>I was expediting, and of course I took it and threw it away, and told him to make a new one

>> No.12626139

Well yeah, that works. You did good.

>> No.12626144

You don’t even know those people, they could be alright apart from being cops

>> No.12626150

I'm a weak weak person and once rolled my eyes at a customer who didn't deserve it. I still feel bad.

>> No.12626381

Used to work as a dishwasher and at least at our restaurant we washed all trays and everything that came off the buffet. Was pretty easy since the restaurant had extra trays so I'd soak them in hot water scrub them and send them through the dishwasher all the water was scalding hot so I never worried for any customers that ate there since everything got cleaned pretty fucking throughly.

>> No.12626691

I'm mixed when I hear stories like this, because any reasonable person wouldn't be an asshole to staff and the customer had it coming yet it still perturbs me that they're willing to do it even to assholes

>> No.12626710

If you go to a shit restaurant, you can be sure they don't follow food safety standards. Decent restaurants are strict.

>> No.12626746

>Decent restaurants are strict
*know how to get away with it

>> No.12626752

One time a burrito roller at a deli said to me "burrito for el mujero" referring to my long hair, and the asshole next to him started cackling

I think of burning the place down everyday

>> No.12626793

When i was young I worked at a pizza place with a guy who routinely spit in food when we'd get flooded with orders during rush hour and the boss would harp on him to speed it up. He'd grab a pizza and let a huge pool of spit pour out, then he'd sauce it and mix it real well so you couldn't see the bubbles.

He hated his job with a passion. I should have turned him in, but back then I didn't give a shit plus he'd let me take hits off his pinch-hitter under the oven hood.

I saw another guy do it and a whole bunch of other fucked up stuff which is why I hardly ever eat fast food and if they fuck up my order i NEVER send it back, i just ask for a refund and go somewhere else to eat.

>> No.12626807

Dude you're full of shit or never worked in fast food. Every single fast food place I have ever worked cops would get their food spit in, as a general rule.

Not saying I condone it, but I've seen it so many times it's not even funny. Even saw an assistant manager ash his cigarette in a cop's chili fries once.

>> No.12626821

I used to work at Carl's.

There was maybe one time when a burger that was still fully wrapped, fell on the floor. For me that wouldn't have been a big deal, but we knew a customer wouldn't have been too happy about that. My coworker put it in the bag anyway.

>> No.12626830

The last thing you want in your burger is foot fungus. But as it turns out, that might be what you gEt.

>> No.12626874

I worked at a gas station and never saw it happen, the worst was dropping frozen food on the floor and then just saying fuck it and putting it in the oven and selling it anyway

>> No.12626876

>gas station
OP said food industry, gas station """"food"""" doesn't count

>> No.12626894

>messing with men in uniform
Let me guess, you're a nigger or spic

>> No.12626896

>general rule
This is why ghetto neighborhoods stay ghetto and why cops don't bother trying to save them. If all you people died, good riddance.

>> No.12626921

anon i think its the cop part that bothers him

>> No.12626922

No one ever fucked with food at the place I worked at. There was a lot of unprofessional shit going on, employees getting high, literally fucking in the staff bathroom or offices etc. but food was never messed around with.

>> No.12626925

damn that place sounds lit as fuck

>> No.12626937

So everyone ive worked with agrees if they saw that shit theyll throw hands. Heres a crazy tale. One guy i knew growing up working at taco bell actually tried to shit in the bean mix . My homie worked with him there and called the cops. Saw the video in kitchen.Dude is getting his shit pushed in prison for sure.

>> No.12626971

I've been in the industry for like 8 years. Never seen anyone do anything worse than 'hockey puck' a burger. Which is someone says a burger isn't well-done enough you just torch the mother fucker. Funny thing is, that makes the customer happy 98% of the time.

>> No.12627001

How do you expect to get away with peeing on eggs?

>> No.12627007
File: 27 KB, 456x810, 1553564590738.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how did you believe that story

>> No.12627020

An Indian guy I worked with at a McDonald's was filthy as fuck. One time he dropped a 4:1 beef patty onto the floor by accident. Cheeky cunt picked it up and just placed it into the burger as if nothing had happened then smiled at me.

>> No.12627136


>> No.12627153

yea thats a felony.
Also thats pretty based of you to have him make another one. Whenever I was on expo I never let them serve old food. I knew I was making a lot of people mad but IDGAF NIGGERS. Plus when you have to be the one to hand it out Im not going to put my face on shit food.

>> No.12627158


>> No.12627162

don't believe you but based.

>> No.12627164

A 4channer uploaded himself AnOnAMuSsLy standing in a plastic bin of

>> No.12627471
File: 3.01 MB, 2448x3264, IMG_20180910_154435.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, you freeze it and break it into shards and usw it to decorate dessert

>> No.12627473

Me too, one time she licked the back of my hand and I nearly got a boner

>> No.12627479

you licked the same spot when she wasnt looking huh

i wouldve

>> No.12627488


>> No.12627950

After working at Cheesecake Factory I will never, ever, eat at a restaurant again and it’s the entire reason I learned how to cook.

>> No.12628710

how does that boot taste anon?

>> No.12629553

>Also there was no time to wash hands so cross contamination was a big issue. You should worry about those kinds of things which are ubiquitous in any restaurant during busy periods.
I've never fucked with anyone's food or drinks intentionally, but I do admit that when busy hours are at hand.. well, I try to be more conscious about not letting myself slip but I do tend to be more lax with that kind of stuff when time is of the essence, but sometimes you just can't be too stiff about it.

>> No.12629638

>but sometimes you just can't be too stiff about it.
I rephrase:
*Sometimes it happens that you, in the heat of the moment, choose to be less text-booky, but you should always TRY to be as sanitarian as possible to your best ability.

>> No.12629992

Many years ago a friend of a friend worked for pizza restaurant, they had a regular customer that was a complete asshole.
When they made his pizza they would pull out pubic hair, armpit hair, you name it and put it in his food.
True story.

>> No.12631114

Almost 18 years as a line cook here. I have yet to see someone spit or anything like that in your food. HOWEVER If a restaurant is being swarmed by you cock suckers what makes you think they somehow have the time to wash their hands and sanitize their station? Cooks will do things like use disposable gloves instead of stopping to wash their hands, because they literally have no fucking time at all to do it the right way.

>> No.12631143

Not where I am. Open kitchen.

And there's cameras on every line in the industry now, if you fuck with product you will get fired.

>> No.12631168

He seems like a cool dude, it's fun and getting work done. Hope he's chill

>> No.12631184

Never messed with food but a coworker told me she was serving this absolute cunt before and licked the rim of her coffee cup while she had a cold then served her coffee in it.

>> No.12631264

At my all my past jobs, no.
But where I'm at now, there's a fat woman at the food court who if she bends over, you can see her ass and everything. No decency to wear sweat pants or pants that fit at least and she's touching your food. Needless to say, I do not eat there.

>> No.12631269

I've worked in several kitchens and fast food places, and never seen it once. However, I was fucking a girl who said her coworker once put a bunch of floor sweepings into the bottom of someone's Dr. Pepper once. She framed the story like he was a total badass sticking it to a bad customer. I stopped talking to her after that. The sex wasn't even that good.

>> No.12631278

I've never done it because I don't even have time to even really think about doing it. I also think messing with food itself is just chaotic evil levels of mean especially if you don't even know who's getting the dish.

I'm also too proud of my food and making something someone will enjoy rather than being obsessed with taking a hot dookie shit on someone's plate because its so le epic XD

>> No.12631625

I would never work at a ghetto restaurant. I'm White and mostly worked in majority-White middle-class urban areas.

>> No.12631692
File: 151 KB, 657x657, 1551620554211.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ahah can you imagine how funny it would be if the skinny girl was just ordering it to save on calories?
And maybe she finds the "skim milk latte" from the store so good that she keeps going, and over time she becomes chubbier and chubbier from the tampered lattes, confused as to why, despite all her dieting, she keeps packing on the chub.
And maybe, just maybe, to make this story even funnier, the chubby girl from the counter could grope the ex-skinny girl's tummy after bringing her her order, taunting her for having become as chubby as herself ahah

>> No.12631705
File: 191 KB, 498x370, shitposting.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I bet that all you employees are a bunch of junkies that use some kind of drug like marijuana or metha. That's why they hate so much cops.

>> No.12631713

all the while shitting herself repeatedly hahaa that would be pretty funny imagine the smell hahaha

>> No.12631743

I used to work in the kitchen of a movie theatre that had a "fancy" side with a lounge and in-seat service. I never did anything to a customer's food, however, there was an employee named Nick that everyone despised, and every single shift he worked he would get chicken strips and fries with an employee discount. For two years straight we would fry up his chicken strips and drop them on the disgusting, seldom-mopped kitchen floor and serve them to him. We called them Nicken strips and would joke with him about the name we coined for them. When he quit, we told him about what we'd been doing the whole time and he lost his mind, but amazingly didn't talk to management and get us all fired.

>> No.12631888

Yea, he can be a cunt and is drinking too much but we all kinda

>> No.12631906

when I drove pizza and got a cops order (yes we know you're a cop no matter how hard you try to hide it) I would always take my sweet ass time with the box wide open and blast the ac or open the windows during winter to insure it was an ice cold pizza. shined my flashlight in their face as I approached the door but was always polite and wished them a nice day/night at end of our exchange. fuck cops.

>> No.12631928

Fuck off, weeab.

>> No.12632399

I'll have to add "shot+foodservice+worker+spitting" to my news bot.
I'll be looking forward to this one.

And what profession are you in now, Anon?

>a guy who routinely spit in food
>he'd let me take hits off his pinch-hitter
So, the difference here is what? informed consent?

>> No.12632975

>Do employees really spit in/mess with food?
I worked for Jack in the Box and Little Caesars for years, and no, no one ever did.

We were unironically too busy to even consider it or just didn't care enough.
I'd sooner just speed up your order by putting it together shitly to get you out of the building than mess with it in any way.

>> No.12633111

>And what profession are you in now, Anon?
I've worked in manufacturing ever since I turned 18. Factory grunt work sucks ass but it pays more.

>> No.12633130

Nice trips.

>> No.12633139
File: 41 KB, 707x490, 050C9A9C-9C0D-497F-B379-135F7F460E67.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12633167
File: 46 KB, 500x500, 1553979791424.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>working at eegees when i was 21
>18 yr dumb whore was trying to make a salted cheese pretzle for a customer
>typically these are made by spraying it with water from the sink then throwing salt and a provolone slice on it
>the spray bottle is always labled water
>Before she prayed the water on i stopped her
>told her the water bottle wasnt labled at all
>asked her if she knew for sure if it was water
>she said it was okay because it was where the water bottle always was
>i take it and smell inside
>smells like fucking bleach
>ask her to smell it
>she ssays she doesnt smell anything and sprays it on her shirt and shrugs her shoulers
>i take it from her and givwe here a new bottle with water
>she makes the pretzle with the water i gave her and gives it to the customer
>later in the shift i see the original pretzle water bottle floating in the sink in the back
> i see her wearing the same shirt next week with a bleach spot exactly where she sprayed herself
>dumb bitch couldve killed someone

>> No.12633268

one of my coworkers saw me fucking another coworker outside of a whole foods where we all cook together

>> No.12633541

I try to preach non violence and not wishing bad upon other people but an owner of a pizza bragging about putting visine in pizzas of people that don't tip the underpaid workers he is personally underpaying, should get fucking stomped to death.

>> No.12633712

God I miss eegees, I need a grinder

>> No.12633723

I have two stories actually.
First I worked at Chick-Fil-A, and the absolute worst I saw, was an accidental head hair in the on someones nuggets. It was a black womans hair though, so it kind of looked like a pube :/.
Other than that no one messed with the food.

But while working their something fucked happened to me personally. One day I had a sprite on standby that I would sip every once in a while, I put it on the top shelf, in which their were only like 3 other drinks. 50 or so minutes later, I go back to drink my sprite, and its fucking slimey. I sprint to the bathroom to puke, and find out the sprite wasn't mine, but some chick with braces drink instead. I don't fucking know what the slime was, most likely snot or spit, either way I got a mouthful of the stuff. Disgusting.
Any way, years later I dated a (completely different) girl who told me she spit and blew her nose into her coworkers drink, a week before the date. A chastised her and told her never to touch another persons food ever again.

>> No.12633735
File: 244 KB, 904x573, Bueno.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That cheese smooching lad needs to be recognized for his love of the craft.

>> No.12633778
File: 150 KB, 960x960, 0lbvt2iybk831.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Chill out, guys.

>> No.12633784

I've been working in a middle class restaurant for seven years. Generally, if you're an asshole, we don't care if your food falls on the ground, we'll brush it off and give it to you. Your soda doesn't taste right and you're a dick about it? We'll pour a fresh one, take a drink, of it's good we'll bring it out to you. You order an expensive cocktail and refuse to accept it because it has ice in it? Well, cheap fuck, we'll grab that ice out and fill it back up with cheap mixer and some water. Want a discount because your food "isn't good enough"? We'll take your plate, make you watch your friends eat, and put a gratuity on your bill. If you're a regular and never tip, gratuity on your tab. If you're a regular and never tip but it's just one or two people with you, you're getting less attention, smaller portions sizes, and lazier service.

On the other hand, if you're polite, don't do shit like what was mentioned above, and tip at least somewhat decent, you'll get everything you want and more. Hell, we give free shit without them asking to people who are friendly, tip at least decently, and are regulars. Just don't be a dick, and your server/bartender/chef will enjoy seeing you. If youre a dick, they wont enjoy it, and at that point it's up to the discretion of the person serving you, what they do to you.

>> No.12633798


>> No.12633804

Shout out to my fellow North Carolinian's.

Got a few Ingles near me. They get better as you go north DESU.

>> No.12633812

it shouldn't be this popular, but yes I have accidedently handled your food wrongly. Not intentionally disgusting though.

>> No.12633817

He probably went home, and masturbated to it.

>> No.12633826
File: 402 KB, 1199x496, 1559273895491.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Adolf Hitler warned us about this

>> No.12633848
File: 107 KB, 960x960, lbbei9czrm531.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

God I formatted that awfully.
>Well anyway my brother currently works for Whole Foods as a butcher, and usually helps people. Meats not to his liking? Discounted. He feels like its not enough meat? He'll tack on more.
>But when people are dicks to him, he has ways of recourse. Usually additional pricing, sometimes he puts his fingers on his side of the scale so the price goes up. If people are being dicks and want their food prepped by him, usually chicken, he will mince bones into the incredibly small small chicken chunks.

>> No.12633877


>> No.12633929

First of all if that's true, you're a faggot. Secondly, I think you're lying which makes you even more of a faggot.

>> No.12633964

Curious. What do you consider a decent tip. I usually keep it around 10%-15% standard, 20% if I felt the service was better than average and exactly $0.01 if the server was rude and then never go back.

>> No.12634012

I was a teenager back then and there were no cameras in the taco bell that I worked at. What can I say--I found it hilarious when the crew could watch fat, obnoxious tendies like you eat our spit and pube burritos down to the last bite. Sometimes we fucked with food just for the lulz.

>> No.12634041

Actually, I take that back. I think there were cameras at the registers but definitely not in the prep areas. This was 15 years ago so my memory is hazy.

>> No.12634353

Christ, retard /ck/ neets simply btfo
Sad, many such cases!

>> No.12634974

>Also, all uniformed cops had their food fucked with no exceptions.


>> No.12635215

>fucking cops I'll spit in burger
*gets robbed*
Inb4 bootlicker

>> No.12635380
File: 999 KB, 500x243, i-dont-tip.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fucking piece of trash. This is why I refuse to tip at restaurants. It just perpetuates this bribery.You don't like your fucking pay? Boo fucking hoo. Maybe you should get another job, I couldn't care less personally. Or maybe you can stand out there with the bums, i think they are making about 40 USD per hour begging on the street.

I'm one of the few people ion the USA against a federal minimum wage of any caliber. The market pays what it should for people, and your work is evidently not valued enough for your employer to pay you a living wage, so i am socially expected to subsidize it? That's rich.

>> No.12635438

>your work is evidently not valued enough for your employer to pay you a living wage, so i am socially expected to subsidize it?
Are you really so entitled as to think that you should receive the service that their employer pays for exclusively?
>The market pays what it should for people
And you'll get paid in labor what you're willing to pay in tips. I'd shit in your food too.

You don't like your fucking service? Boo fucking hoo. Maybe you should eat at another cafe.

>> No.12635463

And what do you do for a living, scumbag?

>> No.12635493

He thinks he deserves special treatment, would have no problem abusing authority to get what he wants, and is severely triggered by this thread. Obviously the scumbag's gonna be a cop.

>> No.12635622
File: 10 KB, 388x256, American-psycho-patrick-bateman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Are you really so entitled as to think that you should receive the service that their employer pays for exclusively?

No, dipshit, I think I should pay what is listed out on the fucking bill. If you want to charge a gratuity, fine, but don't ever expect me to fucking pay if you do not include it. I'm not legally required to pay if it is not on the bill, so I don't.

>And you'll get paid in labor what you're willing to pay in tips. I'd shit in your food too.

Yeah, I bet you fantasize about that every single day you spineless fuck.

Unironically work in a large investment firm, so basically pic related.

I don't think I deserve special treatment, I just refuse to tip waiters and waitresses because of some ridiculous expectation that they are somehow entitled to 20 percent of the bill because they filled my water and brought my food. I'd rather tip the chef, honestly, but even that is morally appealing to me. The fact that you signed an employment contract to be a waiter or waitress is your own fucking fault and your fucking choice, and if you want to make more money, go and get another job, or get educated and find another job that pays more.

>> No.12635667

Actually now that I think about it...
>Boo fucking hoo. Maybe you should get another job
Sounds like a person who didn't originally intend on having authority, but won't let go now that he's got it.
>40 USD
Intentionally and deliberately capitalized, despite otherwise missing multiple necessary spacing and capitalizations.
>The market
Favorite words of bureaucracy, but lacking in compassion, so not a social worker
>stand out there with the bums, i think they are making about 40
Despite having issues with food service workers, presumably because of their laziness... he doesn't seem to have the same intensity of dislike for homeless people... who are largely veterans.

Ex-military. Probably made it to E-5, currently low to middle management and misses being in an organization where people think importance directly correlates to income.

>> No.12635670

The worst thing I ever did to "fuck with" someones food was I put a massive glob of butter in their sandwich.

>> No.12635695

How mature were you when you were a teenager? Could you restrain yourself from doing something like that? How about your friends? What percentage of them would spit in someone's food (knowing they'd never get caught) if they pissed them off? Think about it.

>> No.12635729

>I'd shit in your food too
No you wouldn't, you'd say "thanks, have a nice day" like a little bitch then complain about it on tumblr that night.
Waiters are the most entitled fucking people on the planet.

>> No.12635806

I'm not a waiter, it was a hypothetical.
I'm programmer/tech. I'm strictly self employed and make it clear to clients that I don't work for them and if they're disrespectful towards me it voids my service obligation in the work order.

I learned a long time ago that I wasn't going to put up with shit from people thinking they're better than me, after coming to me because they couldn't figure shit out themselves. Restaurants are no different. Some prick like >>12635622 gets seated at a table to ask for help because he's either too tired or too incompetent to feed himself, and then has the gall to think he's above the people that are actually making it happen.

So yeah, I'd shit in his server. That make it better?

>> No.12635848

waiter/expo/busser here. the most I've ever fucked with anyone's food is leaving under the heat lamps for a bit longer. my money is all tips and I'd be fucked if I did something to lose that, no matter how awful the customer.

>> No.12635950

Most cured/cooked meats do have enhanced resistance to spoilage which was a reason it was done historically.

>> No.12636105

based based based

>> No.12636137

I used to work in a cafe and a bar. I enjoyed being a pleasant civilized server, but any customers with hostile/abusive attitudes had their food/drinks fucked with. I would never tell any of the other staff, it was my secret. Police would automatically get a massive chunk of booger in their coffee.

>> No.12636149


>> No.12636150

>as a teenager
so last week then?

>> No.12636154

t. dookie eating fast food tendie

>> No.12636162

Nicest person you’ll ever meet. Twisted fucking psychopath.

>> No.12636163

i don't eat fast food for that very reason you tard

>> No.12636189

>Do employees really spit in/mess with food. Have you done this/anyone you worked with done this?
No, we just give less portions

>Is it used solely on people that slight the workers (through not tipping or being rude) or just anyone they feel like fucking with?
Just people who are jerks or are being general creeps.

>> No.12636192

As soon as I saw police walking towards the cafe, I started collecting a mouthful of spot, then go out back to 'restock' the takeaway coffee cups. I'd grab a stack of cups and take the top two off, divide the saved spit between, and hurk up a few more chunks. Then I put them back on top of the stack, take the stack out from, unload the spit cups and make the coffee. I always got a kick watching these swaggering dipshits swallow down my boogers

>> No.12636200

>.t junkie

Are you having fun earning minimum wage?

>> No.12636416

>This post violates United States law.

>> No.12636427


>> No.12636435

These fucks live off quotas that rob civilians of cash and possibly opportunity while lying through their teeth. Only thing separating them from the ones they lock up is a badge that reads Uncle Sam's bitch. These trigger-happy, literal highway robbers can barely do their fucking jobs right. Won't face the slightest notion of danger without backup and a spray of bullets like fucking untrained monkeys. If those fucks can't handle the responsibility and sacrifice, they shouldn't have the power that comes with it. They can and will eat literal shit. Not by my doing, but kudos to the ones that make this happen.

>> No.12636485

A few months before I quit, there was a prom rush and a bunch of the shitty jocks were being obnoxious with the crew. I was on line prep duty that night (in charge of re-hydrating the beans, keeping the line stocked, dropping the frozen meat bags in 180 degree water to heat it up, doing the dishes, etc) and when I went to re-hydrate another batch of re-fried beans, I set the tub out of sight from the rest of the crew near the dish washer. My buddy (who also tampered with food in the past) was back there and grabbed a nasty ass bottle of old baja sauce that had been sitting in steaming hot dish water for hours and squirted the remainder in the pot of beans while saying, "Bon appétit!" I put the beans back on the line and they fed the entire two+ school buses filled with loud jocks and stacies. "Bon Appétit" became an inside joke for us during the remainder of my tenure.

>> No.12636498

lmao imagine being this triggered and cheap

>> No.12636646

realistically, most people that would probably be working at fast food that cant work at other places because they were imprisoned for non-violent crimes have every right to fuck with cops food desu

>> No.12636777

No. I'm only a week old new employee at a local Timmies but I haven't had much hours of formation at the computer to learn better all the stuff there is (like only 2 hrs). There was an angry old man at me today and I can't sleep and get it out of my head. Because to me, I think that when people ask for 'Cappucino' they ask for the iced capp but I had not learned yet about 'hot' Cappucino so the old man basically called me a retard for not knowing everything on the menu. I almost threw up at around 5pm when I was supposed to finish at 6pm but we were constantly in 'rush' mode because weekend and it was a terrible day.

>> No.12637040
File: 27 KB, 400x300, brickbanana.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

when dealing with shitty customers just be brick
everything is okay when you're brick

>> No.12637054 [DELETED] 

Lol this anon doesn't like to have fun. FUCK YOU BITCH I HOEP YOU FASDJKF:QDK:LASDFCJLKASDjfa'ksdhfihfaswdFUYCKJUJBN GBUGGER



>> No.12637070

please, don’t stop there. give us the rest of your life story while you’re at it

>> No.12637128

This. When I worked at a university dining hall, the managers were so strict there was no way someone could have messed with food. They would fire people just for trying to take home bananas or ice tea.

>> No.12637170

Imagine getting so mad, you get a stroke and go insane

>> No.12637185

Best advice ever.

>> No.12637321
File: 10 KB, 264x191, 10gusd9087t1083402tgf34087f2034g234f27g34gf2034rtf20834gf03f098f2g34f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

a paragraph response
>oh yah? what do YOU do? HUH?!

THE FUCK OUTTA. Tipping is social peer pressure, utter bullshit and a waste of money on a waste of effort. it's not that hard to be a good person. You dillweeds can make 200$ a weekend at even the lowliest of restaurants yet you would still stand behind 5-star restaurant waiters in defense of tipping. then you look at another country where tipping is seen as a polite recommendation to work on one's service, but still. FUCK YOU. you fucking losers. get a fucking life.

>> No.12637326

>it's not that hard to be a good person.
Apparently, it is for you. Practice what you preach, buddy.

>> No.12637329


>> No.12637346

You first.

>> No.12637349

>a paragraph response
It was 3 sentences, you illiterate mongoloid. Your retarded ass typed more. How stupid could you possibly be?

>> No.12637352


>> No.12637353

Sure are a lot of people not killing themselves in here.

>> No.12637360

Damn, I was just about to, but now I don't wanna.

>> No.12637361

should be. most genuinely 'good' people think about the good of 'most' people, not just those with similar interests

>> No.12637366
File: 30 KB, 570x483, 69420.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

now, SHOO. you can make your money and attention elsewhere

>> No.12637377

that's not assault.

t. lawyer

>> No.12637410

Pizza chain veteran here, I won't say witch one.
I've been a GM, driver etc seen it all, and I can tell you that I have never personally fucked with any customer's food, but then I'm one of the good ones that has standards
I've heard of drivers who had cunt customers opening their boxes on the drive to make their food cold.
Obv I've heard of worse but I can attest that I personally never fucked with a person's food, that honestly just goes against common decentcy
Despite all the shit I've taken in the food industry over the past 20 years, I don't have it in me to fuck with someone's food
I may kill myself one day though

>> No.12637417

Shitheads ruin their food on purpose as is. I once served a special order of fucking RANCH ENCHILADAS. These boomer bitches then complained that they weren't very good like no shit, you had me change mole for fucking ranch dressing.
Also consider people who unironically order burgers with no tomato.

>> No.12637427

Fucking THIS.

>> No.12637447
File: 99 KB, 1100x750, papa-johns.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

my community college had a kitchen/cafeteria that sold Papa John's pizza and cheese sticks. only a single middle aged Mexican dude working there. one day I ordered the cheese sticks, and when I sat down and opened up the box it was covered in some green ink/paint of some sort. it was really strange and disgusting, so I went up to the counter and requested a replacement. after waiting about 10 min they give me a new one. open it up and it's the same one with the green ink, except they threw it back in the oven and burnt it to try and hide the green crap. this time I had to go back and yell at them for a refund. wanted to throw that shit in that asshole's face

>> No.12637776

>This post violates United States law.
That post is protected by United States Law (US Bill of Rights, Article 1)
Violations and discussions about previous violations aren't the same thing.

>How stupid could you possibly be?
I'm pretty sure he was drunk to cope with the fact that he got BTFO'd by us losers here on 4chan.
Really, how much of a failure does a person have to be to look bad in comparison to the average Anon?

>> No.12637995

When I was working at a restaurant, our head cook literally jizzed on the food for a customer that mistreated one of the waitresses. She was hot and cute, and the cook was a beta orbiter autist. Needless to say that I reported him and quit immediately. Can't tolerate that shit. It was a nice restaurant too, what the fuck.

>> No.12637998

He gives a new meaning to "white" knight lol

>> No.12638005

i've never intentionally tampered with someones food in a way that makes it inedible by conventional standards.

however, aggressively picky vegetarians get their food cooked in pork fat 100% of the time

"those were the best sprouts i've ever had....."

>> No.12638009

Top lel

>> No.12638037

How do I get the qt waitresses to fuck with my food and drinks? I just want every single thing to have some mysterious bodily fluids in it or for it to be stomped on.

>> No.12638049

Just ask and offer to tip extra. Best part is, because of cameras and shit, she'll know that the only way she won't get in trouble for it is because it was a request, and the only way to prove that is by doing it right in front of you.

That's fucking weird by the way.

>> No.12638102

Never called your morality into question. There's value in knowing that you'd abuse power, i would too. Problem is theres more people out there that abuse any ounce of power they get. Be it spitting on a burger or shooting an innocent man. Obviously the consequences are very different but i think actions like that come from the same emotions. Anger, spite, fear, jealosy etc...

>> No.12638108

This. The health inspector was in so often we'd get shutdown plus it's a shittt thing to do. We took donations for charities but many employees just pocketed most of it at the end of the shift. This was like 10 years ago

>> No.12638166

>acts like a nigger
>tells people not to act like dicks
kill yourself anon

>> No.12638193

How was an employee smoking inside a restaurant? On the line? Oh, youre lying. That or there was plexiglass between the lobby and kitchen and no one in their right mind would eat there to begin with.

>> No.12638218

Have been in the food industry for more than 5 years and I have never seen or heard of anyone actually doing such a scummy thing. Worst we used to do was neglect to tell douchebag clients that their plates are rediculously hot.

>> No.12638234

I always hated the lazy dick drawing. If you're gunnar draw a dick, make it look so good even a straight guy points and says "that's a good looking dick"

>> No.12638299

It really wasn't that long ago that it was common for diners to have ashtrays at every table and for cooks to smoke on the line rather than take breaks outside and fall behind.

The fact that you don't remember that, tells me you're too young to be on this site.

>> No.12638302

You're a stupid faggot. I worked in fast food during the early 2000s and we could smoke in the break area right next to the fucking line.

>> No.12638317

>told him to make a new one
ur a good boi anon

>> No.12638629
File: 66 KB, 675x663, 1562153686364.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Worked at a jimmyjohns for a year, the worst I saw was dropped bread. We had a customer that came in 2-3 times a week, and ordered 3 double tuna with extra mayo and oil, cut 3-4 times and by the time I'd wrap his sandwich it would be leaking all over but I guess that's how he wanted them. The running joke was that he brings dinner for his nigglets at home by giving them partial sandwiches

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